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Thriller, Fantasy, Horror
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Tony Kern
Kay Tong Lim as Agent Sin
Jeremy Meyer as Derek Tor
Adeline Pang as Yasmin
Esther Low as Dead Woman
Marcus Lee as Agent Won
Mike Kasem as Harrison
Michael Kwah as Rylee
Sheena Chan as Celina
Pamelyn Chee as Agent Zi
Keagan Kang as Agent Wilkinson
Yu Beng Lim as Agent Chai
Storyline: A group of film students burn paper effigy cameras for the wandering spirits during the ghost month in Singapore and receive a collection of horror movies in return. The first film received, GHOST POOL LEG, revolves around Chinese superstition in which ghosts are believed to pull swimmers legs to drown them. The second movie, XIAO BAO BAO, focuses on a young woman's haunting experience after taking a postmortem photograph of a suicide jumper. The third movie, SKIN DEEP, finds a group of shoppers stuck in a mall elevator with a mysterious and beautiful woman who holds a terrible secret. The fourth film, REKINDLING, features a heartbroken hawker, a missing China bride, and the mysterious ring she left behind. The final film comes with a price.
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Will Singapore made horror movie Afterimages leave you with with positive or negative afterthoughts??? Read our review to find out!!!
Maximum Extreme was invited to the gala premiere of Afterimages, a Singapore made horror flick featuring 5 short stories based on various local folktales and superstitions. Five of our lucky readers were also able to attend the premiere thanks to our awesome ticket giveaway.

The premise is that a bunch of friends burn paper effigies as offerings to the dead during the local Hungry Ghost festival. You can send the deceased pretty much anything by burning a paper version of the item, iPhone, house, TV, car.

The friends burn a paper camera but in a strange twist of fate, they get something back from the other side.

Each day after the students burn their offerings, they find a movie reel in the ashes. Invariably these curious cats decide to go ahead and watch whatever is on these movie reels. What they discover is 5 spooky tales that intertwine with their own fate.

Do they make it out alive or does curiosity kill these cats?? You'll have to watch to find out. This of course leads to the burning question, is this movie worth your money and time?

Well, it's a decent effort. The tales are pretty creepy and the movie plods along at a good pace leaving little time to get bored.

I quite liked the premise behind the various tales but while they may be creepy, they never actually become scary.

What I didn't like about the movie was the sub-standard special effects and more importantly, the poor acting that was frequently on display. To be honest, some of the acting really is terrible which makes me wonder how those actors ever got past the audition stages??

These poor performances really push the movie into comedy territory at times.

The best performance comes from veteran actor Vincent Tee whose chicken rice tale is probably one of the better short stories on offer. We were fortunate to have had the chance to chat with Vincent after the screening and he's clearly a really decent bloke.

Bottom line is that this movie will pass a couple of hours, you will be entertained, but it's ultimately very forgettable and if you're looking for a pre-Halloween scare then this is definitely not gonna do the job.

Unique and very good
If you are looking for something a little different, this is a well done Malaysian movie. Main characters offer something to the spirits and surprisingly get something back...that is the general plot summed up but it is far deeper than that and exceptionally well done. They offer a camera and get a creepy movie in return.

Not "scary" if you are looking for something that is full of heart pounding edge of your seat moments, but there are a few here and it is generally "creepy" and conceptually and psychologically it is quite a good thriller.

Generally a good pace and you are kept going through the whole movie with many good twist and turns right up until the end.

The acting is pretty good and the plot is good and it is something that I have not seen before and I watch a LOT of horror. I put this on the top of the genre and really enjoyed it and highly recommend it to people looking for something enjoyable to watch.
Good Tie Ins
This was a cool horror flick that takes place during the Hungry Ghost Festival were you place money or an item (usually a picture on paper or fake hell money) as an offering to the deceased, in a bowl, then burnt to be used in the afterlife. Some film students discover one bowl produces films from the ashes the next morning, every time they burn a camera or a facsimile of one. Each time it is in a different format and each time the film is more horrific than the last.

I thought this was a unique way of slapping together an anthology film and having it all link together for a film within a film. Kudos to the writers. The effects are awesome in this as well. I was surprised that the acting wasn't cheesy. If you get a chance watch this one. All the stories were entertaining.
characters were not really developed properly to give the audience an impact.
First of all, many thanks to Mythopolis for the premiere invite and the success of the event. I guess this is the first movie where I have so many friends acting in it. It was not easy for me, albeit interesting to be reviewing a film where I know so many of the actors.

Ghost Pool Leg (鬼拉脚) This is a very common practice in Singapore – not to swim at night, and especially so during the lunar seventh month. This is the most perfect story of the five. Richard Wylie (Robert Warnock) a character who challenged the lunar seventh month myth by swimming at night, is the perfect example for most parents to show their children and warn them against the swimming at night. The swimming scene done by the midnight swimmers were taken beautifully, so beautiful that it was easily to scare the audience as we would forget to brace ourselves for the scare. Veteran actor Laurence Pang took the role of the security guard, left me an impression with his last scene

Xiao Bao Bao (小宝宝) Xiao Bao Bao is a "logical" story where the witness of a suicide might get nightmares and trauma. Aside from the unnecessary scene where Amy break off with her boyfriend, the whole story was pretty smooth and well-taken. I like the part where the camera (Go-Pro?) was placed on the rotating fan to build the suspense. There were two things which me and my friend highlighted after watching the film: Why did the "ghost" scare Amy with the bloodied face if she wanted Amy to do her favour (this reminded me of the Ghost Whisperer), while I don't understand why she continued staying at home after being scared by the spirits. Won't it be our first instinct to get out of the house?

Skin Deep I was once scared by a CCTV clip which went viral on Facebook, thus when the story started with the CCTV video, I was actually scared. But things go a bit awry later on. Skin Deep focused on a mysterious woman Yasmin (Adeline Pang) who hide a secret, despite the great acting from her (as well as the lift passengers Harrison (Mike Kasem), Helen (Susan Tordoff) and Henry (Daniel Jenkins)), the way the story of the bomoh needles was brought into the picture was a tad too forced. Telling secrets so dark that most will bring to their deathbeds to strangers is just so weird, not to say how it took an asthmatic girl with an overly aggressive friend to get the story going. I was disappointed how it had no direct link to the CCTV (and wondered where the mobile video Romesh (Sylvester Pillay) secretly took went).

Kudos to the scene where Yasmin had to cut her own face to dig out the golden needle (but I was wondering where the blood went ). I really like Adeline Pang's acting, but I wonder if the two stories will be any different if she had exchanged her role with Melissa Yeo to become Amy Tan in Xiao Bao Bao, as Adeline will most probably be able to bring out that role well and Melissa (somehow) fit the role of "beautiful + mysterious" lady more.

Rekindling Rekindling is, by far, the story with the best cast. Veteran actor Vincent Tee played the role of guilty and sad Hok Leng to a T. The strong contrast of sullen Hok Leng (Vincent Tee) and cheerful yet sarcastic Lee Seng (Gim Goh) made the popular murder story enjoyable. With his slight Singaporean accent, Lee Seng (Gim Goh) is most probably many people's favourite character in Afterimages (Yes, including me!). Together with the China wife "Anna Mei" (Julie Ng), both of them provided the audience with some comic relief from all the sudden scaring and ghostly images. I was hoping the ghost will be acted by the same person, but I guess it will be more funny than scary if it's "Anna Mei" acting

Burnt Offerings The five students Derrick (Jeremy Meyer), Tess Ling (Caren Utino), Deuce (Kevin Lagrange), Cameron (Olivia Stiefel) and Rylee (Michael Kwah) aka aspiring film makers were the characters used to frame and link the various stories together. I overheard some audience commenting how the film could easily do away with the characters and it would be nicer without the redundant final story. I had to admit that I was a little disappointed with the characters' emotional transition. There were choppy parts here and there, with one of the girls behaving weirdly (possessed?) in the middle of the film, and suddenly finding some stuff in the house they were staying in and suddenly informing the rest normally. The fearless and almost brainless dabble with supernatural beings made me wonder if they were really aspiring film makers. I believe every film maker should have the common decency to show respect to the unknown.

The 5 characters were not really developed properly to give the audience an impact. There was a part where one of the five suddenly went missing, and I was like, erm, how did he look like again? Similarly, for the two girls Tess Ling and Cameron, they look somewhat similar with different hairstyles. The filler scenes in between stories become repetitive after a while. I guess what spoiled the final story was the poorly done "fire" and "breaking of the doors".

Shooting style Despite the nit-picking, I like how the director used various shooting angles and styles for each story, portraying each story (as well as the Singapore cityscape) in a different light....

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