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Action, Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Paolo Bertola
Gino Barzacchi as Major Murra
Riccardo Serventi Longhi as Colonel Monti
Crisula Stafida as Dr. Sarti
Gabriel Cash as lieutenant Kolman
Storyline: The L9 Commando is a task force composed of 6 of the best soldiers from different Special Forces Units. After a successful drug operation take-down, they are are called on for an important mission that brings them to Albania where they discover a sinister plan that could destroy everything.
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A shoestring joke
ARACHNICIDE is an absolutely dreadful TV movie, made in Italy and dubbed into English for western release. It's about a squad of special forces soldiers who are sent to Albania and discover the results of a sinister experiment that has terrifying consequences for them all. It's one of those films where the DVD cover art is actually better than the film, this is so cheap and awful.

There's no characterisation here, not even much in the way of dialogue, just incessant low rent action. The opening sniper sequences do promise a little but the film quickly falls flat with endless dark and boring inaction. The CGI effects are appropriately awful, but the spiders don't appear until the second half and until then the film is near unwatchable. Then the spiders do finally show up, it just becomes very silly and largely pointless. I'm surprised the budget was as big as is listed because this looks like nothing more than a shoestring joke.
Arachnicide! But where were the spiders?...
I found the cover/poster for "Arachnicide" to be alluring, and I must admit that I am a sucker for movies that include monstrous or gargantuan versions of creatures of any kind. So naturally I sat down to watch "Arachnicide", especially since there is just something fascinating about huge spiders.

But often it turns out that creature features tend to be questionable and cheesy. "Arachnicide", whether it was one of those movies, I can't really say. Why? Well, because I just managed to sit through 26 minutes into this ordeal. I gave up out of sheer and utter boredom, and also because in all that time there had been no indication or viewing of any kind of spiders.

The movie turned out to be boring and pointless, to be brutally honest and frank. And as I gave up, I can honestly say that I have no intention whatsoever to return to "Arachnicide" to view the rest of the movie.

From what I saw in terms of acting during the 26 minutes I managed to sit through, just color me unimpressed. You know exactly what you will get here, especially for a movie such as this.

Now, I didn't see any special effects from what I sat through, and that was also a deal breaker, because a creature feature should have good effects to make it convincing and realistic. But of course, that would also require that you had actually seen some creatures - which hadn't been there for those 26 minutes.

"Arachnicide" scores 2 out of 10 stars from me, managing to rise above a rating of 1 solely because there are worse movies out there.
There's 100's of them!
A group of soldiers operating around the world using sophisticated drone and spy satellites are taking cocaine growing locations. These locations are using seeds soaked in "Solution 500" which accelerates growth. In order to fight back, the drug dealers set a trap using the solution on Atrax robustus, an aggressive venomous spider found near Sydney. The last 40 minutes of the film consists of the troops firing automatic weapons at a cluster of spiders with the occasional death.

The film started out fine until one of the "actors" spoke and you realized the film is horribly dubbed. Mildly campy with some attempts at cute and clever dialogue that falls short of great entertainment.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
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