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Drama, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Michael Bonomo
Bill Oberst Jr. as Hargraves
Dove Meir as Tommy
Stephen Katz as Walter
David Pesta as Christopher
Storyline: Life changed for Chris that Thursday evening. The brutal murder of his ex-girlfriend has left him shaken. More than that, he is haunted by the face of a man he doesn't know, just a stranger Chris saw walking down the street moments before he opened the door to his ex-girlfriend's apartment; moments before his world came crashing down. And it's not about to get better.
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Download Drama, Thriller, Action Assassins movie USA with english subtitles DVD-rip mpeg4 avi & mp4, download Assassins (2014) 1080p h264 mkv, iPhone xvid mov & mpeg4 mp4, Bill Oberst Jr., Bridgette Campbell, Dove Meir, Tristan James Butler, Katie Molinaro, Stephen Katz, Andre Tenerelli, David Pesta, Vincente DiSanti.