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Black Mountain Side
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Nick Szostakiwskyj
Michael Dickson as Professor Piers Olsen
Steve Bradley as Steven Wells
Kelvin Bonneau as Navaron
Nathaniel Gordon as Creature (voice)
Timothy Lyle as Drew McNaughton
Andrew Moxham as Dr. Richard Andervs
Shane Twerdun as Jensen
Carl Toftfelt as Francis MÃ¥nro
Marc Anthony Williams as Robert Michael Giles
Storyline: Black Mountain Side follows a group of archaeologists after they uncover a strange structure in Northern Canada, dating over ten thousand years before the present. The team finds themselves isolated when their communication systems fail and it is not long before they begin to feel the effects of the solitude.
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Not Worth Watching
A non-existent dark force that plays on the mind till insanity, this movie isn't help by slow plot development and the lack of dramatic tension. The self-mutilation or killings are at best random but not enough consideration is given to increase the fear of the audience. Finally, the viewers are left unsatisfied by a movie that is lacking in finesse or any climatic development at the end. It is a waste of time watching this project.

It is a pity because the title nuanced something sinister, suspense thrilling and haunting when pitted against a small group of workers and researchers in the middle of nowhere.

Finally, is it just me that Shaun Twerdun has some resemblance to Noah Wyle from the Falling Skies fame? Shaun's role was supposedly leadership but he did nothing throughout the show that makes him non-impressionable.
"I can seeee you Jensen..."
For some reason I find this movie amusing and quite interesting. The buildup with the amazing north Canadian landscape backdrop is similar to that of The Thing. Both films has cold remote locations where strange things slowly begin to happen. In this film what "The being/it", is left unexplained and it's up to you to figure it out. It is not as gory as The Thing but it has some moments that made it hard for me to go to sleep the night I watched it. It has something to do with that Deer 'Thing' that's making several appearances and utters some really corny lines but nevertheless is an eerie apparition to see in the dark. The film is filled with goofs, loose ends and a lot of unanswered questions. Some actors stands out and some are not so good. But mostly they are doing a good job capturing the paranoia and cabin fever'ish mood. Stupid goofs like, "we have two weeks worth of supply and gas for the generator" Why not conserve it? no use generator even during daylight. It's "50 below outside" yet we see a clear thawing :-D What happened to the squid infested arm that was chopped off? No explanation or examinations of that arm, why? And Why was the cat sacrificed? By whom? And finally, what was the deer "thing"?! A god? An alien? A manifestation of cabin fever ?

I watched this on Bluray, and it really gives the beautiful cold landscape it's own right.

Can recommend this. If you watch it with low expectations you might find it has a moment or two.
Slow,long and extremely time wasting.
Even the opening scene was boring,a bunch of blokes playing poker around a table,there was a cat though....I should have turned off in the first ten minutes when absolutely nothing happened,but the premise sounded good.My partner went to bed after the cat was 'sacarificed',he hates animals dying in movies,plus the cat did nothing wrong.Anyway,we never do find out who,why or what killed puss.SLOWLY,and I mean SLOWLY the movie gains momentum,actually no,that's a lie it NEVER gains momentum.After over an hour of watching the cast 'self harm',shoot and amputate each other for no reason other than they have somehow contracted a long dead 'virus' that turns them insane,you now have the story line.Now throw in a 'scary'deer monster that tells the remaining crew to kill each other,and you basically have the rest of the movie.Finally, after almost two hours it ends abruptly leaving me totally underwhelmed and with more questions than answers as to what this movie was about....Fascinating stuff!!!
Have you seen 'The Thing'? then don't go near this film. Do you value your time? Then don't go near this film.

I tried so hard to find something positive about this... The snow was nice.

A few things disturbed me about this and none of things were things the makers intended. There was 5 or 6 Archaologists on site along with 5 Native helpers, yet when the first 'exciting' event occurred and three of the Natives apparently fled, all work on the dig stopped...These guys were archaeologists, right? I don't see what was to stop them from rolling up their sleeves and continuing the dig. That is only one aspect of this film which makes little sense, the other aspects are the rest of the film. Why was it made? Who decided to attempt a rip off of 'The Thing'? and Why was it made? It all made very little sense and to be honest it didn't bother me because it really was just that bad. Just an awful film with a poor attempt at an ambiguous ending which came across like they'd literally run out of ideas and money.
Falls just short, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a shot.
I am a ten plus year super fan of John Carpenter's The Thing (1982). As such, this review and my opinion of the movie each reflect that fact. As fellow fans of The Thing know, any time you see the words isolated, paranoia, snow and horror, you get a little bit excited by the potential. This movie is one of the few that lived up to the potential of its all-time great setting. Other movies, like Thaw, Blood Glacier, The Last Winter and more fall short either from atrocious acting, poor conception, poor realization of a good pitch, poor effects or poor plotting. Sometimes they fail at every such level. Black Mountain Side did not fail. The acting is uneven, even poor at times. The dialogue feels forced and subpar at times, especially in the first thirty minutes. Certainly, however, it's not bad enough to completely destroy the movie. It gets a pass there. A narrow pass, but a pass. The real treasure of the movie is in its buildup. It doesn't resort to cheap tricks and jump scares to hold your attention early on. It takes its good time presenting the story and building the tension and suspense, and it keeps patient viewers wondering, but with enough subtle hints so as not to be a snooze fest. The premise is solid, the location is solid, the pacing is solid and the allusions to Lovecraft are solid. It hits all the marks and tropes of Lovecraftian horror marred only by subpar acting and dialogue. There are no stupid character decisions, no forced plot points and no movie-ruining political statements. It's just horror. Good, cosmic, Lovecraftian horror. So put on your acting blinders (they don't even have to be too big) and enjoy this slow-burning love letter to Lovecraft and The Thing. Unfortunately, as far as the rating goes, I can't give it a 7/10 as a whole. With stronger acting and a stronger script, it would have been a 7/10, but the acting and script weren't quite up to par as the concept and story. Still, this movie is going to get neglected because of those things when it really shouldn't be. If you're in the mood for wintery cabin/isolation horror, give this one a shot.
Could have been better
This movie had so much going for it but left with an unsatisfying ending.

First, I gotta give props to a horror movie that doesn't rely on jump scares. There's maybe 1 jump scare, if it can even be considered that but the rest is all tension and general creepiness. (Now that I can really respect in an age where people think jump scares are the only form of horror.) Yes, I even thought the deer was creepy, although there could have been more creative thought put into it to make it creepier but the voice for it makes up for that. And I like the lack of music in the movie as well. The stale silence increases the creepiness factor and fits well for an isolated environment like that.

It was an interesting premise, but I had seen something very similar in The Last Winter (2006). But the archaeological site made it stand out from that movie. I wish we got to see more of it and delve deep into the mythology and culture of that area. The beginning was a little slow but the archaeological stuff kept my attention long enough to get into the good stuff.

Finally, the major problem was the ending. The "Deer God's" intentions and motives were very vague but maybe it was just meant to be up for interpretation? But there is no overall feeling of the movie "ending", let alone being wrapped up. We don't get to see if the guy survives or not and that too may be up for interpretation but it just leaves the movie hanging.

Overall: it has all the creepiness and tension I look for in horror movies so it's so unfortunate that the ending is unsatisfying and there's too many things left unanswered. I hate when director's do that; as if leaving things vague and unclear makes your movie "deep" and "thoughtful" but it doesn't. If you're looking for a good horror movie that doesn't rely on jump-scares you'll really enjoy it but the ending may leave you very frustrated.
Took 3 days to get through 50 mins
I suffer from terrible insomnia. But after 15 mins the first night...I was dead asleep...decided to try again the next night...same result..someone previously in the reviews compared it to 'the thing' with Kurt Russell..loved I was determined to give it a shot...besides I was 30 mins had to get better...NOT!!! after 10 mins on the third night I was nodding off ....but my nose kinda itched and I discovered my nose hairs was kinda protruding so I plucked one out. It bought tears to my eyes..but I plucked out another...I kept going until there was none left...I could hardly breathe....don't know what happened with the rest of the movie but plucking out the nose hairs was more entertaining and less painful.

I had never reviewed a movie before but just had to let you know how great this one was....for doing anything else
A tense but flawed slice of cosmic horror
In remote northern Canada a team of archaeologists uncover a mysterious structure so old it threatens to rewrite human history and in turn unleash am ancient horror on themselves. This lo-fi Canadian indie is like something straight from a HP Lovecraft novel - scientists uncover hidden past- hidden past screws with scientists and it's not a bad thing. The setting is beautifully rendered as a remote and alien landscape and despite its low budget effects do a decent job in creating a very tense and hallucinatory atmosphere. There are flaws - some of the dialogue is very clunky as are some of the performances and the ending will irritate many but if you're a fan of lovecraftian horror who isn't expecting cgi monsters or big Hollywood production values then you'll enjoy this trip into the mountains.
Worth a watch if you like weird horror...and don't mind an slightly indie flavor
Movie starts out with beautiful cinematography, believable dialogue, believable characters, and the kind of pacing I prefer in a 'psychological horror' film. I watch enough movies to recognize a smaller budget film, so I usually prepare for the worst when I see the markers for an indie flick, but early on, the unfamiliar actors and lack of orchestral soundtrack did not bother me. In fact, I liked the absence of music. Helped set a cold, uninviting mood.

Then about halfway through, when the big events start unfolding, the acting doesn't keep pace with the drama and frankly, distracts from a few of the scenes. Also, I'll be careful not to spoil anything, but on the big reveal, I really hoped for something different. Thought the choice they made there really hurt the mood they'd built so effectively. Went from 8 stars to 7 stars because I just couldn't take that part seriously.

To summarize, I liked the premise, (though this isn't the first time I've seen's one of my favorite premises for a horror film), and I liked the general dialogue, the action, and resolution. I have a feeling they didn't have a huge budget, but they made a very solid, often bizarre, and at times creepy, horror film. Would really like to see what the writer/director/cinematographer could do with a bigger budget and more experienced cast.

Also, bravo to the filmmakers for not writing a bunch of fake reviews here. Seems a common trick lately, so thank you for letting the film stand on its own!
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