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Blade Runner 2049
USA, UK, Canada, Hungary
Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Denis Villeneuve
Robin Wright Penn as Lieutenant Joshi
Tómas Lemarquis as File Clerk
Mackenzie Davis as Mariette
Sallie Harmsen as Female Replicant
Dave Batista as Sapper Morton
Mark Arnold as Interviewer
Wood Harris as Nandez
Hiam Abbass as Freysa
Jared Leto as Niander Wallace
Storyline: Thirty years after the events of the first film, a new blade runner, LAPD Officer K (Ryan Gosling), unearths a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what's left of society into chaos. K's discovery leads him on a quest to find Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), a former LAPD blade runner who has been missing for 30 years.
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Give Us A Film Please Not A Franchise/Universe/Prequel
My boyfriend and I watched Blade Runner 2049 the sequel to Blade Runner (1982) on Friday morning at the local cinema. Perhaps we should have opted to watch it in 3D because the shots were wide and there was quite a bit of scenery that was a work of art.

With that said, I felt as if Blade Runner is trying to create a sequel for itself more than offer the viewer a film. There are more questions created than answers are given. The 'bad guy' is still out there, his scheme is still intact and on the other side an army has amassed and is ready to strike. We are told about the army, but nothing has happened yet.

Problem is I paid to watch a film and I want a beginning, middle and an end. I didn't at for the director to tell me I have to come back next year.

Again, the images on the screen were rich and I wish I can satisfy my boyfriend like Luv and Joi can, but otherwise we are a little tired of Marvel universe, Star Wars remakes and Batman sequels. Please give us a good film.
What a disappointment.
I am one of the biggest Blade Runner fans on the planet. My license plate reflects that. I had no intention of watching another "Blade Runner" movie, since, well, it was done. But when I found out Harrison Ford was attached to the project, I knew it had to be something special. He had vowed he would never reprise that role. I wish he hadn't. This movie is a lot like the book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep". Things randomly happen for no apparent reason. It is completely disjointed. It played like a script by committee. I was going to wait to buy a DVD box set until this was added. I won't anymore. This will never be be a classic. 3 hours of my life I will never get back. It was pointless.
Good Atmosphere, but not a good movie.
Blade runner was not an enjoyable movie for me. People are praising the atmosphere. They are correct to do so, however there is more to a movie then atmosphere.

The movie was really slow, even boring. I think it really comes down to three things. The atmosphere was dark and depressing, the plot was very slow to develop, the main character was unemotional. Any one of those things, or even two and it could still have worked, but with all three makes the movie slow and plodding. And that is besides the fact that the thing the bad guy was after just did not make sense, and they covered it up by making him not wholly rational even though he was a CEO of one of the largest companies on Earth.

The original movie was good in large part because of the gray, because of the unknowns in it. Were Replicants machines or not? Was Decker a Replicant or not? Was what he was doing right or not? The new one has a more cookie cutter plot, there are bad guys and good guys and they make clear early on that the Replicants are human.
Lame Runner 2000&late What a fail.
I came I saw I yawned... wait no.. I cried... =/

Blederuner was originally spat on and became a cult classic because it was(and still is: visionary!) So they thought: If we try to make something look like it.... it will be just as good. Not..

But I really tried to like it.. at a certain point I was even desperately trying to convince myself that it might not be as bad and I should get of the stool and get the noose off, just don't think of it as a blade runner sequel I thought.... didn't work.

Harisson Ford is the actual Decker, he brings his game. 1 point for him. The, far too short, appearance of Mr. Edward J. Olmos makes it connect. 1 point for him. Some of the music fits because its from the ol' classic. 1 point.

Whatshisname.... o yeah Ryan Goshling is as bad as he is in: "The Driver" or worse.. if that is possible. no skills.. nothing.. If you think that might make him a good replicant..perhaps.. just not any good to watch.. if he played a beverage dispenser somewhere.. perhaps.. probably not.

A lot/too much of very pretentious cinematography with extermely drawn out scenes that add absolutely nothing and last way too long... A scene that resembles the never ending story sphinx scene is possibly one of the worst. The entire movie could be a great short, if edited to the relevant 20 minutes. The rest is utter crap. There is a very old game I bet you can still find online with VGA graphics that you will enjoy 1000X more than this attempted cash cow.

You ass-wipes! Shame on you. Mac
A real disappointment
I loved original but I have to say I really hated this one. From movie music score to plot and cinematography - everything was a disappointment. The music score (loud noise) and cinematography was especially heavy handed in trying to force drama when it was not warranted by plot. Instead of so much CGI producers should have spent some $ on a better script and director. A bad movie should not be this long, people walked out at my showing.
Simply boring
This film tells the story of a modified, manufactured man who hunts down and kill old versions of manufactured men. The discovery of a secret makes him re- evaluate his life and values.

It is unfortunate that"Blade Runner 2049" is so desperate to impressed with great lighting, to the point that it ignores the story. Scenes drag on several times the length needed to tell a story, making the film overly long. The first hour already felt like eternity, and the next 100 minutes were even longer. People in the cinema were restless, head resting on hands or just looked at the ground because it was so boring. The story was thin, and could have been told in a short time. Even the drowning scene had no sense of thrill, urgency or threat. It is simply plain boring.
So Much About This Reminds One Of The Force Awakens (Star Wars)
The title says it. Here goes: Prior to release the critiques are overwhelmingly positive and make out the sequel to be the second coming! It turns out there is either payola going on or the studio has photos of some people.

The day before and on the day of release IMDb fills up with perfect 'viewer' reviews of said film propelling the sequel to IMDb 250 list. All these, er, reviewers believe this film is perfection with not even a speck of imperfection. 10/10 i.e. nothing at all could be in any way better! The sequel was in actuality unrequested and unwanted.

The sequel sets itself up for even more sequels with unresolved or cliff hanger plots.

I do have to confess that I found the actresses in 2049 sexy and worth fantasizing about. Those were the real tens here and so I cannot give BR2049 a mere 1, which is something TFA deserves. Obviously Ridley and Villeneuve are better crew than JJ Abrams and whoever Disney hires, but it has to be said that BR2049 was a disappointment and I wish it were not made. The bar was set so high to begin with.
Anticlimactic and over-complicated in some places, generally boring.

The plot made up entirely on excuses after excuses.

It's more visual experience rather than sensual.

And that visuals is pretty superficial and not entirely fits into built up environment so it feels very inconsistent. From that type of visual concept development and detailed design you definitely expect something more, than movie offers you.

Overall, it's pretty mediocre and disappointing experience for me.
A remedy against sleepless nights
Are you seeking a remedy against sleepless nights? You won't need any prescriptions to solve your problem. You simply need to watch Blade Runner 2049. Almost everything that could be wrong with a movie is wrong with this one. To start on a positive note, the visual effects are faithful to the original film, the directing is precise and doesn't feature any annoying contemporary shaky camera passages and the last third of the movie quickens up the pace and is at least slightly interesting. These three positive elements explain my rating but I really had to think very hard to find these reasons.

Let's talk about this movie's massive problems. First of all, the film is way too long and takes nearly three hours to tell a story that would have justified a length under a hour and a half. The original movie wasn't the most fast-paced genre film ever made but it was bearable with a length just below the two-hour mark.

Secondly, the plot is quite tiresome and can be summarized in three sentences. When things finally could start to get interesting, the film actually ends without a resolution. This makes me fear the worst. It's quite probable that there will be a sequel to this sequel which means that even those who haven't appreciated Blade Runner 2049 might feel forced to watch the sequel to know how the story actually ends. If you don't want to go through that dilemma, don't watch Blade Runner 2049 in the first place. While the original film is overrated in my book and doesn't do Philip K. Dick's novel justice, it had at least a coherent plot diagram featuring an exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution.

Thirdly, the movie tries to be overtly atmospheric but ends up being pretentious. There are numerous shots when characters walk through decayed landscapes in slow-motion. This idea might work every now and then to emphasize on the dystopian future that serves as setting but the idea is overused and prevents any momentum or pace to build up. The original film was slow as well but also had a few emotional and vivid sequences that contrasted the bleak vision of the future.

Fourthly, the soundtrack of this movie is awful despite being written by renowned composer Hans Zimmer. Whenever the movie is dragging on and showing the main character walking through empty buildings for five minutes, the soundtrack suddenly gets louder for no apparent reason but to keep the bored audience awake. This surprising effect got my attention in the beginning but after it was used for a third time in a row, this strategy became laughably predictable. The present soundtrack tries to capture the essence of Vangelis' gloomy compositions for the original film but doesn't even manage to be a rough blueprint of the original score.

Fifthly, aside of Harrison Ford's character who returns in the last third of the film when the pace quickens up a little bit, most of the other characters are quite pale. Especially Ryan Gosling's characters is so faceless that you won't care about his destiny at all. Jared Leto's villain character seems to be stolen from a weak episode of a science-fiction television series of the late sixties at best. The few interesting side characters such as Carla Juri's are underdeveloped and only have a few minutes of screen time despite the film's epic length. It's quite ironic that the most interesting character is the main character's holographic girlfriend played by Ana de Armas. The original film had several memorable performances by less talented actors like Rutger Hauer who were pushed by a great director while this film doesn't have that chemistry despite the skilled personnel involved.

It was a pain to sit through the entire movie. I felt like walking out of cinema numerous times but I stayed because I had paid for it and because I was expecting a surprising ending. Now I know that I should have walked out. Despite the great director involved, several outstanding actors and actresses on board and even one of the best soundtrack composers in the history of cinema, Blade Runner 2049 is boring, hollow and uninspired. The original film was overrated in my book but this sequel is plain horrible. It's a mystery why this film got such a solid critical acclaim but hundreds of negative reviews prove that I'm not the only one who disliked this vapid flick. For me, Blade Runner 2049 even beats the shallow Kong: Skull Island in terms of negativity and is what I consider the worst film of the year. My suggestion for you is to read Philip K. Dick's novel instead of spending any money on this disaster.
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