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Breaking the Bank
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Vadim Jean
Kelsey Grammer as Charles
Julie Dray as Sophie
Dilyana Bouklieva as Business woman
Richard Cordery as Bournville
Joelle Koissi as City Trader
Susan Fordham as Banker's party guest
Andrew Sachs as Jenkins
Tamsin Greig as Penelope
Mathew Horne as Nick
Doon Mackichan as Caroline
Togo Igawa as Nakamura
John Michael Higgins as Richard Grinding
Storyline: With ruthless US and Japanese investment banks circling Tuftons, a struggling two-hundred-year-old, family-run British bank, can its bumbling, incompetent chairman, Sir Charles Bunbury, fend off the onslaught and save the bank?
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Broken. Just broken.
After all his years on 'Cheers' and 'Frasier' you'd think that Kelsey Grammar would know a good script from a bad one. Obviously not because he has popped up in this poor film, that after a very brief cinema outing has gone straight to DVD here in the UK.

And quite rightly so. Grammar may be the best thing in it by a mile, but come on, this is as weak as it gets. The plot is daft, the jokes silly - I think I lasted about half an hour and then gave up.

What is quite funny though is the 'making of' documentary, in which the writer and producer seem to be of the belief that they've come up with a British comedy that will rival the output of Richard Curtis and the Ealing comedies of days gone by. Sorry fellas, you weren't even close.

I can see why Grammar wants to make it on the big screen, but this isn't the film in which he'll do it.
I want dinner and I want to spend all your money
Charles (Kelsey Grammar) is the figure head of Tufton Bank, a prestigious British bank filled with tradition. He inherited the position from his father-in-law. He surrounds himself with knowledgeable people. His daughter Annabel (Sonya Cassidy) is a staunch anti-capitalist who lives with "freegans" people who live out of dumpsters. His wife Penelope (Tamsin Greig) is controlling. Charles remarks to his wife, "I'm trying to forget my mistakes. No sense in two of us remembering the same thing." Because of a combination of the real estate bubble and bad trades, Charles causes the bank to go into the red as his wife is unforgiving and he contemplates ending it all. His ledger is "nothing right on the left and nothing left on the right." At this point the formula of dry humor that worked do well changes as the film enters into a combination of "Life Stinks" and the more familiar "Trading Places." What was unfortunate was that they were able to come up with good one-liners and a cast who were great at delivery, but resorted to a silly formula ending that felt rushed and confused.

Guide: No swearing. Implied sex. No nudity.
A Gentle Family Comedy
Due to quaint English customs and archaic class rules, Sir Charles Bunbury (Kelsey Grammar), by dint of marriage to the only would be heir of Tuftons bank, Penelope (a wonderfully caustic Tamsin Greig) who cannot take on the role, because she is a woman, is chairman of Tuftons bank.

Having literally married into money, Charles has not the slightest inkling as to what he is supposed to do as chairman, nor how banking works. Though a stable institution, Tuftons is seen as ripe for a takeover by smarmy US businessman Richard Grinding (John Michael Higgins) and there is also interest from an honourable Japanese bank, led by the ambitious Nakamura (Togo Igawa).

When Charles supposed right hand man, the slick trader Nick (Matthew Horne) advises him to invest in 'a sure thing' oil stock, Charles, seeing an easy way to ease pressure on the bank and himself, ignores caution and better advise from the quantitative analyst Graham (Danny Morgan) and goes ahead, buying heavily. Unsurprisingly, things do not go well. Not only does he break the bank, but in trying to impress his long suffering wife with his banking acumen, he manages to lose her money as well. Charles finds himself not only ousted from the bank, but his now estranged wife, throws him out. Their daughter, Annabel (Sonya Cassidy), who has turned her bank on her family wealth and lives in a squat with her boyfriend Twig (Gabriel Freilich), does not want anything to do with him either.

Seeing no point in going on, Charles stands on the wall of the Embankment, looking to the Thames river, ready to end his life. He is interrupted by Oscar (Pearce Quigley), a vagrant, who points out that him committing suicide in that area would be bad for his 'patch'. Not completely committed to ending his life at that moment, Charles and Oscar become friends.

In Charles' absence, Richard, having taken control of Tuftons, makes moves on Penelope. With a full on charm offensive, he tries to persuade her to join him in a capacity at the bank, the price of her joining would be her shares in the bank, thus giving him the controlling interest. Learning of Richard's plan, Charles determines to not only thwart his plan, but also to regain control of the bank and his life.

Breaking The Bank is a nicely paced and well acted comedy. Kelsey Grammar as the bumbling Sir Charles is perfectly cast, believable as the inept chairman, who somehow lucked his way into a privileged life. Tamsin Greig as Penelope gets most of the best lines in the film, especially at the expense of the scheming Richard Grinding, whom John Michael Higgins keeps the right side of hammy. An ever reliable comedic actor, she manages to combine anger, apathy, disdain and fear, whilst still staying on the right side of funny. Pearce Quigley, as Oscar, is the other prominent character in the film, the down-on-his-luck vagrant, whose sharp mind is obscured by muddle ranting of claims to have invented the most random of things.

This threesome make up the heart of the film, ably supported by a great cast and easy to follow story. Breaking The Bank is an enjoyable romp worth one hundred minutes of your time.
Dire !
I saw a private preview of this film with some friends. In my opinion we all thought this was one of the worst films we'd ever seen ! Kelsey Grammar, what possessed you, with all your millions and your outstanding comic performances in Frasier to appear in this Z film ? Beyond me ! We had to stay until the end of the film as obviously as an invited audience one could not leave, when the credits came up I looked round and my friend was already at the exit ! When I saw the plug for this film on The Graham Norton Show that this film had actually been released I was in shock ! A vague memory of the plot escapes me, the main thing was watching Kelsy Grammar in a really cringeworthy film.

A truly dire film.
Lame Comedy
Sorry to say, I found this movie to be a terribly lame comedy, which didn't work for me on any level.

Kelsey Grammar stars as Charles Bunbury, a dullard of a bank chairman, whose wife Penelope (Tamsin Greig) is the principal shareholder of the 200-year-old venerable institution, and whose family has passed down control of the bank from one generation to the next.

When Charles is set-up to pour an enormous amount of the bank's and Penelope's money into a worthless investment, it will set off a chain of events that will lead to ruination for many. I won't bore you the rest of the plot details other than to say they get more and more absurd and nonsensical. For me, it became a slog to watch it to the end, all the way to its predictable conclusion.

Overall, I thought the comedic elements in this film just fell "flat as a pancake", and I would suggest trying something else.
Funny For Nothing
I recently saw this film on Sky Cinema. I'd not heard of it before and became quickly engrossed in it till the end. I thoroughly enjoyed it and, I thought Tamsin Greig, Kesley Grammar, and, Mathew Horne were all superb. It reminded me a little of Trading Places. I found Oscar a little annoying, it was good to see Andrew Sachs in it and, I thought the location filming in London was impressive. It's ironic that a film about making money, didn't actually make any money at the box office. It's a shame. Then, modest productions like these can't compete with the big budget productions even, if the big budget films are not very good.
Oh dear!!
Kelsey Grammar is, to my mind, a genius of a comic actor. This is based , of course, on his bravura performance on what was possibly the best ever sitcom - Frasier. However he just does not seem to work on the big screen. Breaking the Bank is awful in almost every respect. The combination of American and English humour just does not work. The cast of the movie are seasoned performers with good work in their CV's but this film is not a good addition to them. Tamsin Grieg, Matthew Horne can be great but seem to be phoning it in here. Kelsey Grammar is the best thing in the film but with such a lousy script he is given little chance to show what he can do. Kelsey seems bound to be tied to the small screen - Cheers, Frasier and Boss were all successful ventures - Frasier is legendary, but his large screen outings seem all to have been failures, apart from his Toy Story voiceovers.
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