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City of Dead Men
USA, Colombia
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Kirk Sullivan
Ana Maria Perez as Manuela
Ana Sofia Perez Rios as Pigtail Girl
Samuel Mendez Garcia as Patient #4
Laura Garcia as Waitress
Andres Duque Giraldo as Lead Skater
Camilo Calvo as Pauly
Sebastian Diaz as Cristian
Maria Mesa as Melody
Humberto Dorado as Hector
Storyline: Michael (21 years old), a young American, arrives moneyless to Medellin after having traveled all through South America as a backpacker. In Medellin, Michael meets a beautiful exotic girl named Melody (20 years old) who introduces him to her friends, a group of young misfits who call themselves "The Dead Men" and live in an old and abandoned psychiatric hospital. This group of radical youths live their lives without fear or regrets; as if they were going to die at any time. By living crazy experiences full of adrenaline, extreme sports and electronic music, Michael's life changes completely.
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City of Dead Men: Absolute dumpster fire
Do not be fooled by the ghoulish cover of this horror, it's simply not that interesting.

Revolving around a young homeless American in Colombia who becomes involved with a criminal crowd that lives in an abandoned mental asylum.

It starts interesting enough but quickly descends into a drug addled mess with no redeeming features.

Terrible cinematography, a lifeless cast and a dreadful plot are all that await you in this absolute mess of a feature.

The Good:

Deeply creepy opening scene

The Bad:

Ridiculously bad plot

Poorly made

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

When a CGI stag beetle out acts the cast you know there is a problem
Please Stay Away from this
The worst movie I have ever seen and I have seen a lot of them. The exotic girl has the worst acting ever. The story of "misfits" and the acts they do does not make sense. I wish I could rate it 0. Better watch some movie again but not this. I just made the IMDb account so that I can rate and warn other people about this movie. So the protagonist beats up some guy in order to fit with the misfits. In the end he gets killed by the same guy when he is about to leave the group. They make him feel that he does not fear death by making him stand in front of fast approaching bikes. The bikes quietly pass by his side and his expression of feeling invincible is totally laughable.
The films being made today by some studios must have substance abusers as writers and directors. I mean seriously,you have to be on some sort self medicating derivative to produce this type of garbage. From the beginning to the very god awful ending, this was by far one of the worst films I have very burnt my time on, and I've seen some real crap this year alone. The acting made my stomach turn, no one in the film gave any commanding presence, just a bunch of nobody actors making nonsensical points with a script from someone who must've ran away from home, when they were young and put to together a group of substance abusing misfits. Avoid this crap at all cost!
It was okay
I don't know why people are giving this 1/10 ratings. Yeah it wasn't the best movie ever made but it had potential. For a lower budget film it had decent effects and a okay story. The actors weren't the best for sure but it's not as bad as some of these other reviews are making it out to be. It had its ups and downs but overall it was worth it. I've seen a lot worst😂
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