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Cry Now
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Alberto Barboza
Sal Lopez as Lobo
John Bazz as Dog House Lords Band Member 2
Pablo De La Puente as Border Patrol Agent
Bill Bateman as Dog House Lords Band Member
Alejandro Barboza as Monster 1
Luis Aldana as Johnny Trece
Ella North as Celestina (as Elia Saldana)
Esperanza America as Receptionist (as Esperanza Ibarra)
Mina Olivera as Sofia
Iliana Carter as Luzy Rodriguez
Miguel Angel Caballero as Vincent Esquivel
Toshiya Agata as Hiroki
Alex Meraz as Eric
Lupe Ontiveros as Rosario
Storyline: Cry Now follows the electrifying sexy encounters between Vincent, a street poster artist, and Luzy, a tattoo designer. But Sofia, Vincent's obsessive ex-girlfriend, is not ready to let go.
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Smile later
This is a Latino love story that takes place in L.A. The title is explained in the opening monologue as artist/delivery boy Vincent Esquivel (Miguel Angel Caballero) opposes the idea of "smile now, cry later." If you feel it, do it and so goes the film. Vincent meets Luzy (Iliana Carter) a tattoo artist. There was a mutual attraction. However, this isn't a jump right into bed love story. It is slow developing. Luzy has a police officer boyfriend Pete (Rick Quintero) who she owes $20,000 and Vincent has an open relationship with the equally pretty Sophia (Mina Olivera). Neither partner is eager to end their relationship to someone they see as inferior to themselves. But as Keira Knightley once said in a movie (Collateral Beauty) "We don't get to choose who we love." The film centers mostly on Vincent, and not her feelings which is a change for a film that resembles a "chick flick." The film was beautifully done and might be good for date night fodder, but was not something you will remember for very long.

Guide: F-word. Brief Sex. No nudity.
What is Alberto Barboza trying to do?
This is his first directorial debut, and its the bad one. Honestly, this movie caught my interest because of its beautiful cast. Every Latina girl in this movie is so gorgeous and hot. He got every beautiful girl in the world in his movie, but too bad he don't have any beautiful story to tell.

This movie is about Vincent, a street poster artist, a weird job actually because he must paste his poster illegally while dress like a vigilante at night and he also live in a nice house with this job. Love at first sight happen when he met the beautiful tattoo artist, Luzy who already have a cop as a boyfriend and Vincent also already have the gorgeous "obsessed" ex-girlfriend, Sofia.

We don't really understand his job, and we really don't understand how both start fall in love because its just happen without any logical development. Then, we really don't understand why both must broke up with their love because this movie never show any bad thing about their ex. They just a normal couple, fall in love with other people and just broke up for new love. Simple as that.

This movie try to build the mood by playing some classic Latin song but cultural difference maybe, it doesn't really help this movie. Maybe Latin people will like it. So, to be honest its just some simple, slow romance movie and I don't think its really worth to enjoy even just for the beautiful cast. Because we don't even know what every character in this movie trying to do for the whole time.
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