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Dark Space
IMDB rating:
Emmett Callinan
Jose Rosete as Extra Terrestrial 2
Freddie Johnson as Soldier 1
Tim Martin as Soldier 2
Marcus Jordan as Extra Terrestrial 3
Francisco Espalliat as Extra Terrestrial 1
Blake Edgerton as Soldier 3
Alana Dietze as Shelly
Sharlene Brown as Spaceport Attendant
Avital Ash as Kristy
Keith Reay as Devin
Joseph Darden as Shaun (as Joe Darden)
Tonya Kay as Flower
Preston James Hillier as EVS Commander Mahoney
Steve West as Jack
Storyline: When their shuttle is damaged on the way to Centari Five, six friends are forced to crash land on the surface of a mysterious alien planet. Stranded with little hope of rescue, it soon becomes clear that they are not alone. Hunted by the planet's ferocious inhabitants and targeted by heavily-armed forces, they will have to struggle just to survive.
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A fun B flick
A fun "Campy" low budget B sci-fi flick reminiscent of classic B sci-fi movies appealing to youth such as the original "Blob" and other films of the 50's-70's

Young people will find this fun because it's fun watching other young people do dumb things and the foreshadowing is within reach of a teen.

This is a better movie than many "A" Studio sci-fi flicks and "bad science" is forgivable in B movies if they're fun.

Considering the low budget the effects were well done... Good direction, adequate acting.

Refreshingly politically INcorrect. Even more refreshing are people who are upset by this aspect of the movie. har har har.
Movies like this make me question the intelligence of others
It's not worth writing a long review for this atrocious movie. Simply put, why and how are movies like this produced and released to the public?! Better yet, how did 3/4 of a million bucks ever find it's way into the hands of people who decided it was a good idea to produce this film? Most terrible movies have one thing in common, and that is, characters that lack any intelligence. It seems the only way that terrible writers are able to move their plot along is by having the characters do things that are so unintelligent, that nobody over the age of 10 would ever consider doing.. or anyone not locked up in an insane asylum would ever partake in doing.
For crying out loud other reviewers, don't take yourselves so seriously! Have you heard of CAMPY, "B" rate. This movie fills the spot and is worth the watch. Not an Oscar nominee, but wasn't trying to be from what I see. Acting was definitely the weakest point, from my perspective, but I was able to laugh at the moments when appropriate and if you pay attention there is actually some full circle, human introspection at the end. This is better than a lot of big budget movies. Yes, low budget, yes, not-so-great acting, but also yes, entertaining. Looks like a first attempt, and I would say, better than I could do on a first attempt.
Ship of fools
A bunch of irresponsible and immature --oh yeah-- and "dumb" young men and women make an interplanetary journey from earth to Centari Five for a vacation. As soon as they board ship there is hard-driving rock music, pot-smoking and beer-swilling. If they were doing this in a suped-up SUV on a highway on earth it would be irresponsible. In a space ship traveling from one planet to another? --Well one of them starts to complain about how slow the ship is moving ("My grandmother flies faster than 10X"). They come into agreement and convince the resident nerd/geek to fiddle with the ship's mechanics; specifically the part that regulates speed. Once this is done the speed indeed gets amped up but the ship goes off course and the young drunkards wind up somewhere getting bumped by asteroids. At this point, one of the young women, sitting in some kind of meditation-pose, chimes "The Universe will take care of us". This is the same young woman who did most of the squealing in the movie. Apparently at this point the pot she was smoking was no longer circulating in her brain. Anyway, their oxygen supply is threatened by damage to the ship and they are forced to land on a "earth-like" planet.

After an ungraceful landing, 4 of them go out to explore the planet and see if they can get help while 2 of them stay behind (resident nerd and Miss "universe will take care of us"). The thing that stood out the most, and what really annoyed me, was how naive and even stupid these people were. Realistically, most people would not behave the way they did. What would YOU do reader, and how would you act if you crash-landed on an alien planet far away from what is familiar to you? --Never mind that it looks like earth with air you can breathe. If you are responsible and sensible, you operate with caution. You are wary and alert. Even an animal suddenly thrust into an unfamiliar environment has enough sense to do this. Well, reader, not this group. From the way they behaved you would think that they were just out hiking in one of the nation's national parks. Who knows, maybe that's where they filmed this thing. They even stopped to do some skinny-dipping. I remind you this is an "alien planet" whose lifeforms (except the earth-like vegetation) is yet unknown. What might, for example, live in the water? --Or what natural phenomenon may be in operation under the placid surface that could be life threatening? For that matter, how do they even know that it's water as we know it on earth just because it "looks like it"?

In this movie when anyone thought they heard or saw something they said "Hello?" Are you f!!cking kidding me? Is that what you would say, reader? Personally, I would shut the f!!ck up and be as quiet as I could be. And if there was a place where I could hide, wait, watch and assess I would go there. I would not stand out in the open talking about "Hello?" They did this repeatedly. The resident nerd/geek did it while he was on the ship trying to repair it. He thought he heard something and said "Hello?" You would think this guy was in his home responding to a noise he heard in his backyard. THEN IT WOULD BE APPROPRIATE. You are on an alien planet dumbo. Lifeforms unknown. He even had the door to the ship wide open. Supposedly, until the ship was repaired, it was the only way to get oxygen. In that case why not keep the door open only a crack? This way you could get your air and peek thru if you hear something and be safe. No, folks, this idiot had the door wide open as if he was getting ready to throw a "Everyone is Welcome" party.

Finally, the acting could have been better in some instances but the writing and directing is what screwed this movie as I have described above. The characters were so stupid they didn't even have animal instincts. It was a good idea in general and I can only wonder what a better writer and director would have done with it. No doubt it would have earned this movie at least 2 or maybe even 3 more stars from me. Love, Boloxxxi.
Worse than terrible!
Routine hole-ridden, awful script, adolescent dialog, dull and immature acting, special effects at about the level of 1990 video games.

There is so little plot to "spoil" that I don't mind spoiling it in the hope of saving a lot of people the disappointment of wasting their time on this trash.

In the future, six college kids take a vacation trip to a vacation planet. They talk and act like 13-year-olds. They rent a shuttle to take them to their destination. The shuttle speed is slow, so the whiz kid among them tinkers with the speed limiting device, and lo and behold the shuttle turns into an interstellar hot rod, able to jump to warp speed and go where (almost) no one has gone before. Like renting a Fiat and turning it into a Maserati by removing a regulator on the throttle. They end up at an uncharted planet. They run through an asteroid belt on the way in, but the asteroids mostly bounce off causing only minor damage. They crash on the planet. The shuttle has no seat belts, only living room couches bolted to the floor, so our heroes and heroines (three each) are thrown around when the shuttle skids to a landing amidst trees.

Remarkably, the landing is about 50 feet long. Despite the implied incredible deceleration and no seat belts, only one person is seriously injured. She has a compound fracture of her lower leg. One of her friends grabs her leg, pulls it straight, and snaps the bone pieces back together, where they conveniently stay with only a rag wrapped around the cut. Four of the six intrepid heroes then venture out to look for help, leaving behind the injured colleague and the whiz kid. Whenever they hear a strange noise, they shout, "Hello? Who's there? I know you are watching us," and so on. One of the four is self-described lady-killer with all the sex appeal of an amoeba - no brains, no personality, no looks, no physique. He continues to make passes at his two female companions and to talk like a 13-year old even though his group is lost on an unknown alien planet, their friend has a broken leg, and their ship is ruined. He takes a break to go skinny-dipping in a lake. The water's fine, but there are aliens watching. Gripping. We know it's gripping because the tedious background music says so.

Soon the four intrepids meet the aliens who have been hunting them, but just in time our heroes are miraculously saved (sort of) by the miraculous appearance of a horde of soldiers who blast away at the aliens. This horde is trying to colonize the planet but must exterminate the natives because it is illegal to colonize any world that already has intelligent life on it. They blast everything and then burn large swaths of territory to "hide" the evidence. Nobody later is going to notice the huge burned-out areas over an entire planet or find any traces of the intelligent former-lives that were there. The baddies don't want any witnesses, so they decide to fry our friends. They succeed in killing one, but like all baddies they cannot hit the broad side of a barn from the inside, so the others get away. In the race back to the ship, the remaining three intrepids are reduced to one, who reaches the ship.

Ship? Oh, yes. Its computer was broken, its hull badly damaged, and its oxygen tanks ripped open. The two heroes who stayed behind fix the computer. They have some encounters with the aliens. The one with the broken leg gamely hops around to evade one alien. The whiz kid says her leg is infected. The infection will kill her if it reaches her brain! She must take some tranquilizers to slow the spread of the infection! Apparently both bacteria and tranquilizers of the future have evolved from our day and can do amazing things. Once fixed, the computer makes innumerable announcements that function as a narrator. "Warning. Electrical failure." "Hull integrity at 5%." "Object blocking door. Opening door. Object removed." Too bad the object blocking the door was the whiz kid who was being dragged out of the ship by an alien. The partly-closed door was holding the whiz kid. When the computer opens the door, the alien drags away the object, i.e., the whiz kid. The computer declares in a self-satisfied tone that the object has been cleared. The broken-leg heroine, now alone, fights off and kill a baddie who shows up. She also fixes the ship enough to make it fly despite its 5% hull integrity (5% of what, by the way?). Apparently all you do in the future is tell the computer to fix things, and it does it. How it can wield a blow-torch to repair torn metal and so on is left unexplained.

The broken-leg heroine somehow makes the ship fly and then somehow finds her single remaining friend wandering around outside. They set off a distress beacon. That attracts a baddie ship. Conveniently, this baddie ship has only one crew member. He enters the intrepids' ship and gets blasted by one of the intrepids, using the ray gun dropped by the baddie whom the broken-legged heroine killed previously. All this is just what our heroines had planned. Our two remaining heroines then take the baddie's ship and leave for home.

Garbage like this gives sci-fi a bad name.
So sincere, quirky and original.
Okay, what's up with the low ratings? I was browsing and usually skip movies with low ratings but took a chance because of the description. I just found it more and more charming. I was totally drawn in as things progressed, partly because of the aura and body language of the actors - I believed them! Special effects were more than good enough for what I need. The ending was not overly explained to us which I loved - it was assumed that we the audience understood what was going on. It dawned on me that often the biggest Hollywood sci-fi movies are rife with formula and sickening self-consciousness albeit impressive special effects. I learned a valuable lesson today - that some lesser known and lesser rated movies could end up being the best you ever saw - beautiful, heartfelt and unforgettable!
B movie? Impressed.
I feel like this movie wont get the credit it deserves because it was a budget film. In all my years of B rated movies this one has definitely raised the bar on twenty-first century budget movies. Not expecting much, in the beginning this movie kept my attention even though it was a bit ruff in the beginning. To sum it up, the graphics and costume design was great, the story line was good and it was a pretty good movie. I look forward to a sequel that links to the first and also movie replicas(I would love some movie replicas). If you had a part in this movie and you just so happened to read this I would like to say it was a great movie and I hope you continue to succeed(and contact me I want replicas), good luck and keep working hard.
Credible space environment
Given the low budget, the space suits and the shuttle craft are credible, and the special effects are fine, I'd say better than those seen in other Sci-Fi movies spending millions.

However, I'm certain the background idea can be better developed and the uncharted planet be given a far more alien look; that Earth-like aspect is something not to be expected and must be ruled out.

The characters must all be changed, since they become annoying stereotypes of a terrible performance; the writing was unsatisfactory as well.

This movie deserves a second chance; nonetheless, I'd suggest re-writing the script in most parts and gather a completely new set of actors and, finally, give it a more space exploration spirit.
This is why indie films are not respected
*****Might contain spoilers******

First off, I gave this movie two stars because A, the plot was actually had potential and B, because some actors actually TRIED to do their best. I won't name names but it's only a couple out of the whole cast!

This movie should not have been made the way it is.

The script, whoever this Emmett guy is, has no idea about dialogue, character development or anything else, really. Not a single technical term was used, only pre-school talk onboard the ship. ("Lower the nose of the ship" etc. of course they wrote it in a way that that's what they would need, Yoohoo! no one will notice!) They also have no idea about relationships or real people. Every character was a cliché, went nowhere and didn't have any substance.

The director didn't see the holes in the script and the bad writing? He just said, OK, great plot, let's get a production company involved? Is he insane? Oh, no! He's not! He wrote it! Yaaaay, he's a genius! Everything he does must be purrrfect. Maybe I should end this review right here and blame the whole thing on him? Seems like it kind of is because he must've done the casting as well because there is no casting director listed. No wonder! All the pieces of the puzzle fall into place!

The casting was sooo horrible, I really cannot believe it! Give good actors a bad script and they might make it work, give a badly written script to bad actors and what do you get? DARK SPACE! Some acting students could've done better than this cast. So many great talents lost to these folk?? Give me a break. What were the auditions like?? Hey! read your favorite fairytale for us. Yes, the actors didn't have much to go on, since the dialogue ducked lumpers! But that doesn't necessitate not doing what you're supposed to do with what you got, i.e. always do your best! Most of them didn't even try.

The CGI, the cheap effects, all that stuff would've been totally OK if the first three things were in place. If the script was well-written, it was well-directed and there would've been a good casting director attached who knows what real acting is and knows when he/she sees it!

This is why indie films get a bad rep. Movies like this, $750, 000 wasted on something like this! I don't believe it. When they could've gone and made a much better movie with much less money! Does the name of Robert Rodriguez's first film, El Mariachi say anything to anyone anymore? Or Christopher Nolan's first film, Following??? With just a few thousand bucks, these people actually made watchable movies!!!!

This is why good indie actors don't get a chance in a movie like this with high potential exposure ("Oh, we don't need a casting director, I'm sooo good with spotting good actors!!"), this is why most indie films go nowhere. And this is why people don't want to see any more 'indie films'. And all of this was OK'd by the Production Company. I'm sure he's the president of that production company too, Geez, I give up...

As an actor/writer, I feel really sad about the fact that this movie was ever made and it's a shame to the whole industry.
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