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Escape Plan
Thriller, Action, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Mikael Håfström
Alec Rayme as Pilot
Christian Stokes as Babcock
Caitriona Balfe as Jessica Miller
David Joseph Martinez as Captain Newal Beradah
Sam Neill as Dr. Kyrie
James Caviezel as Hobbes
Matt Gerald as Roag
Faran Tahir as Javed
Amy Ryan as Abigail
50 Cent as Hush (as Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson)
Vinnie Jones as Drake
Vincent D'Onofrio as Lester Clark
Storyline: Ray Breslin is the world's foremost authority on structural security. After analyzing every high security prison and learning a vast array of survival skills so he can design escape-proof prisons, his skills are put to the test. He's framed and incarcerated in a master prison he designed himself. He needs to escape and find the person who put him behind bars.
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How to get out
"Escape Plan" is the story of an expert hired to find a way out of high security prisons to test their security level. When he gets a special offer from the government he feels challenged at first but soon has to learn that something is terribly wrong this time.

The movie delivers a solid escape plot mixed with some typical action sequences and a very.. interesting choice of cast. Surely its popularity originates mainly from actors like Schwarzenegger or Stallone but in my opinion, the actual strong part of the film is really the element of tactics and mystery. In fact with a little less focus on action and a few more plot twists, the movie would have been even better. Nevertheless I have to say that the production was very carefully and even though you find some well-known weaknesses this one was way better than I had feared before.

All in all I was pleased. What you see is pretty much what you get but it is a solid film and surely an evening of entertainment. Don't judge too hard on this one.
Better than I though.
Escape plan is a movie than you can see in your living room with friends and have fun, while doing it and see both Stallone and Schwatcheneger act for ones like regular persons is a breath of fresh air after the Expentables franchise and the over the top characters that even a kid couldn't take them seriously. Although for more , you will love it after you get drunk.

So the flick follows Stallone playing a expert in escaping from prisons, who's job is to find the weak point of prisons and then inform the crew there to make the need it changes. But after ,naturally, a contract goes rogue and he is stranded in to a ultra max prison he must ally with Schwatcheneger in order to get out. Don't wait much more than ,some nice plans and respectable action scenes, because you won't get it ,think it as a dinner with the extended family if it went good and you found company to pass nicely your time.

I don't know were to put in the films of these actions legends who still try to be in faction in their seventies (tragic) ,but if you compare it with the majority of their works in the past decade and a half is in the best, so recommended I guess. At the very least is better than Terminator Genisys, Expentables and similar projects!

In the end for the action pump lovers is fine for the rest ,enjoyable pass time.
Smart start. Good action. Lost points for the clichés.
Overall I enjoyed this movie. I put off watching it after it bombed in the theaters. The other night I was wanting an action movie so revisited thee IMDb site and saw some stellar (10 out of 10) reviews and sad let's give this a shot. Stallone actually acting is one of his better roles in this one. Not on par with Cop Land or Rocky but up there. He balances the tough guy with intelligence with an even easy flow that's believable. Arnold on the other hand, who has never really been known as a great actor even though I think he did his best real acting in Maggie, seems to just walk through his lines and rest on the fact that he's n action movie icon so why put in the effort. Jim Caviezel playing out of character playing a Bond type villain with a bit of corniness, and I say that as a compliment, as he did so very well. THe premise of the movie is great. The attempt at being a smart action movie almost works. Thee were times it just decided to become a cliché of your typical brainless action movie. I like some of those. Stallone's Expendables being one. If this would have stayed on the path of that intelligent action movie this could've been a box office hit and a memorable film. Most people I have mentioned this movie to never even head of it or forgot it totally and they are fans of the genre, Stallones, and/or Arnold's. Sadly, This is an easily forgettable movie. Watch it for the entertainment and quality but don't expect much.
Escape Plan is an entertaining action film
I really appreciated the intention co-screenwriters Miles Chapman and Jason Keller and director Mikael Håfström had of making Escape Plan a film with an unmistakable '80s taste, where its main actors feel comfortable repeating their classic characters of tough guys with a golden heart. Sure, that was back in the '80s, and that might be the reason why Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger feel more passive and measured in Escape Plan, but their challenging attitudes keep being untouchable, as well as the cunning sense of humor with which they say their lines. Unfortunately, the screenplay from Escape Plan has the same fails as the ones from those '80s movies. I'm not saying that action films nowadays are particularly intelligent, but they generally have acquired a sophistication Escape Plan rejoices in rejecting. Examples: the ridiculously refined villain played by Jim Caviezel, the arbitrary changes of attitude in the characters when the screenplay requires so, and the hilarious shootout in which hundreds of bullets are shot and none of them hits on the hero. In spite of that, I found Escape Plan entertaining because of its agile rhythm, imaginative production design and the perfect interaction between Stallone and Schwarzenegger. So, Escape Plan could have been more ingenious, and it might not totally fulfill with the expectations we had of an epic collaboration between two icons of the action cinema... but it works properly as a competent B-movie, and I think that makes it worthy of a moderate recommendation.
"Escape Plan" is a great pairing of legendary action stars, but falls a little short in its story-telling.
Here's a movie with a great title, a great movie poster, a great trailer and a great pairing of legendary action stars. The two "Escape Plan" (R, 1:56) co-stars have made (as of 2013) a combined total of over 100 films. This movie is perfectly named because it tells you what the story is about without revealing whether the setup results in a successful conclusion for its protagonists. You may think that you know how this movie will end, but nothing is guaranteed in this intricate and twisty action thriller.

Sylvester Stallone stars as Ray Breslin, a man who makes his living breaking out of maximum security prisons to show prison officials the flaws in their designs, procedures, personnel or some combination thereof. Breslin is the best at what he does. He wrote the book on prison security – literally. As the film opens, Breslin is executing his latest escape plan by making a series of very curious preparations. When he's out and his boss (Vincent D'Onofrio, playing nicely against type) tells the prison's warden why Breslin was really there and allows Breslin to explain how he escaped, the payoff is clever and impressive. All this leads to his most challenging (and lucrative) assignment yet – testing the security of a new type of prison, one designed for individuals who various governments around the world want… disappeared. Breslin's ego and greed lead him to take the job, but he soon finds out that he's got more than he bargained for and he may not be there for the reasons that he was told when he was hired.

The warden is played by Jim Caviezel who makes a deliciously dry villain. (It's also a fun bit of casting, considering that his first starring role was in 2002's underrated "The Count of Monte Cristo", in which he plays a man unjustly sent to a remote prison by people who want HIM disappeared.) Breslin is soon befriended by Arnold Schwarzenegger's character, Emil Rottmayer, an inmate who has some information that the warden seems determined to get out of him (ironically, similar to the situation we see with a prisoner who befriends Jim Caviezel's innocent man in "Monte Cristo".) It's not long before Rottmayer is using his considerable strength and knowledge of the prison to help Breslin engineer his escape, in exchange for Breslin's promise to take him along. Meanwhile, Amy Ryan, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Sam Neill and Vinnie Jones lend their considerable talents in important supporting roles.

This is a thinking person's action thriller… for the most part. The prison that Breslin finds himself stuck in is uniquely designed and looks to be impossible to escape, and the reveal of its location is pretty wild. Breslin is brilliant and resourceful (call him the MacGyver of prison breaks), while Rottmayer is an indispensable ally with an intriguing level of mystery to him. Breslin's plans and tricks are highly original and fun to watch play out. This is the best film and some of the best acting that I've seen out of both Stallone and Schwarzenegger is many years. Unfortunately, towards the end, the movie falls back on well-worn action film tropes that are very familiar to long-time fans of Stallone and Schwarzenegger, and the story's resolution feels a bit cheesy and similarly reminiscent of the two stars' heyday. In addition, some of the questions the film raises about the main character's backgrounds aren't as clearly answered as they should have been. As great as most of this film was, as a whole, "Escape Plan" is only able to make off with a "B+" from me.
Lots of action, not much else
This was probably one of dumbest films I've seen in a while. Stallone is a professional who goes into prison to try and figure out how to escape so that the prison can then tighten up security, etc.. This job makes no sense. Why not just inspect it and make recommendations; why risk death by being in the prison. Anyway, he is paid to enter a particularly secure prison for the worst of the worst. When he gets there he finds out he has been double crossed. He befriends the Governator (former), who has tried to take down the banking system with software. The Governator is a criminal with a heart of gold, or something like that and they become friends. I suppose because he's hurting the banking system, the producers figure he'll be seen as a heroic criminal, so its OK if he goes free. I don't want to give away too much of the story (not much of a story to give away anyway) but in the end Stallone escapes, but surely in killing guards while escaping he is no longer an innocent professional, but just a run of the mill criminal. Oh well, such details are usually ignored in Hollywood films. If you like pointless action, this is the film for you. If you like implausible escapes and miraculous shot outs where the hero somehow survives... then you'll love this one. If you are looking for drama, good acting, a rational plot, or a meaningful theme then this is probably not what you are looking for.
Geeky Randy's summary
Ugh. Sylvester Stallone is supposed to be this talented escape artist who works for a firm that is hired by the Federal Bureau of Prisons to break out of prisons in order to test the reliability of the facilities' security. Oh yeah, and 50 Cent plays an IT wiz. You don't even want to know how senseless this plot gets when we meet Schwarzenegger in a high-tech prison run by Caviezel. While the concept is utter nonsense, it could've been passable if they stuck with the escape plan (no pun) instead of degrading to shootouts and blowups. Sam Neill's bit role is one of many lazy plot devices. Vincent D'Onofrio and his side-story add nothing. Disgraceful to a GREAT ESCAPE fan.

*½ (out of four)
The Italian Stalion and The Governator team up!
"You hit like a vegetarian."

I was surprised that I actually ended up enjoying this film so much considering I was expecting this to be another Expendables 2 fiasco. Directed by Mikael Hafstrom (1408, The Rite), Escape Plan had an interesting premise, but the truth of the matter is I was drawn to it because I wanted to see the Italian Stalion and the Governator sharing leading roles for the first time. If this film would've taken place in the 80's or early 90's it would've been a box office hit and an instant classic. I'm sure that I at least would've given this film a much higher rating considering I was a huge fan of these cheesy and brainless shoot-em-up films during the 90's, but now my taste for this genre has cooled down and I found several flaws within the story. Despite those flaws, I still had a great time watching these two legends play off each other sharing some great chemistry and charisma together. My enjoyment of Escape Plan might be influenced by a high degree of nostalgia, but I'd still recommend this film.

The screenplay written by Miles Chapman centers on an eminent authority on structural security, Ray Breslin (Sylvester Stallone), who enters hundreds of prisons as an undercover prisoner and uses his skills to escape from it unveiling its flaws in the process. After accepting his next assignment he's framed and sent to a maximum security prison run by the warden Hobbes (Jim Caviezel) which has been designed based on Ray's own recommendations. Ray teams up with another prisoner named Emit Rottmayer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and together they begin searching for flaws in the system in order to escape, but Hobbes keeps a close watch on them once he realizes who Ray really is. It won't be an easy task, but Ray has managed to find flaws in every system and he will need to do it once more if he wants to leave this place.

In general prison break movies appeal to me (I was a huge fan of the first two seasons of Prison Break) so this film presented an interesting premise. There were several flaws and twists that didn't work, but in general I had a good time with this suspenseful thriller (and when I say suspenseful I don't mean it in the way Paul Greengrass delivers tension, but in a much lighter but enjoyable way). The film does reach a point where it begins to feel overlong and a bit ridiculous (mostly around the third act), but I still thought it was worth it and that Arnie stole the show with his usual gags and one liners. The villains were underdeveloped and a bit over the top, but I was still glad to see Caviezel back in an important role. Escape Plan is an entertaining film that will quickly be forgotten, but works as an escapism from a dull and boring day.
Everything you might want action movie
Let's not look for something that was never supposed to be there and doesn't need to be there anyway! Some people complaining about this and that.... get a life, people! This is a brilliant action movie with two masters in it! I enjoyed it big time! It's got everything I would want from an action movie (an interesting idea, brilliant execution, fast action, lots of muscle, some humour, no spring chicken but still looking GREAT men) and it's got the best combination of leading actors - S. & S. - you are the best, guys! I enjoyed Mr Schwarzenegger and Mr Stallone in their other attempts at acting craft too, but we all know what they are best at, and this is it!
Cool Hand Luke Was So Much Cooler
If you like action films than how can you go wrong with this film which stars two of the biggest major motion picture action stars of the last 40 years in Sylvester Stallone and former governor and Mr Universe, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Well maybe if this movie would have been made in the 70's rather than in 2013, there may have been a bit more action and a little bit less reliance on a suspenseful musical score and a story line that was pretty simple.

I enjoy a film that has stars that just pop with a fresh character portrayal and bravado, and based on this film, I think both Stallone and Schwarzenegger are well past their BEST BEFORE freshness date.

The story line evolves around a professional escape artist (Sylvester Stallone) who is hired by the government to identify any weaknesses in the prisons that he is deliberately incarcerated in under an alias. Of course he is always able to break out of the prisons he is sent to and identify some significant flaws in the prisons security system(s), so the investors and architects of the super secure prisons felt it was time to put Sylvester behind bars permanently to shut him up for good and teach this Houdini a lesson he was never expecting, life in prison without parole.

Arnold plays a prisoner who befriends Sylvester and who wants to break out with him when the opportunity presents itself. The Warden of the prison is played by Jim Caviezel. Well of course this action genre needs the standard prison fight scenes, guns a blazing, and a hero who just won't quit. Well Sylvester, if I was you I suggest you do quit, because this action film and lack of plot just isn't cutting it.

I gave it a 4 out of 10
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