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Gallows Hill
Thriller, Mystery, Horror
IMDB rating:
Víctor García
Peter Facinelli as David Reynolds
Tatiana Renteria as Marcela Reynolds
Juan Pablo Gamboa as Capitan Morales
Sophia Myles as Lauren
Nathalia Ramos as Jill Reynolds
Storyline: In Bogota, Colombia, the widow American David Reynolds is ready to travel back to America with his fiancée Lauren and his daughter Jill to get married after the death of his wife Marcela. However Jill has left her passport in the house of her aunt Gina and they travel in a car with Gina and Jill's boyfriend Ramon to the town where Gina lives. They drive through a shortcut but they are stopped on the road by Capitan Morales that warns them that the road is flooded and is too dangerous to drive along, but Gina decides to continue. They have an accident and the car overturns and Lauren breaks two ribs in the middle of nowhere. They decide to walk and find an old hotel that has been closed since 1978. The owner Felipe is reluctant to let them in, but he decides to lodge the group. While bringing some wood for the fireplace, the snoopy Jill and her boyfriend Ramon leaves the room and Jill overhears a cry. They seek out and find the girl Ana Maria padlocked in a wooden box. When Felipe ...
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Good Flick:Think Relative
Starting a few millenniums back, science; i.e., facts, began a battle with religion; i.e., superstition. Those who believe in the supernatural, miracles, extra-terrestials, etc., are unaware science has won. As such horror and sci-fi movies, long ago limited to genre, are measurable by HOW it's done, with limitations on what CAN is done. This film (on Netflix as GALLOWS HILL) is creative on the CAN as it's stars are not lost or partying kids or paranormal sleuths. The creativity on character relations is done with useful effect. Its setting is not the USA and the film usefully employs the language barrier. Okay, it is stuck inside a house and borrows some gimmicks. The actors, photography, dialog and editing are professional. Restraint is employed regarding gratuitous nudity and special effects and the opening and closing "narrative" is minimal enough to avoid the preachy manure many films of this budget use. In sum, in relation to the tons of horror films out there, this one is pretty good. The makers might think what I'm going to say is faint praise: GALLOWS HILL, a/k/a THE DAMNED, didn't make me feel like an idiot for watching it until the end. For a grouch like me, that's praise indeed.
I'll be damned
This goes by two different titles the very first title is Gallows Hill, it was changed to the name The Damned, for its distribution. This plays on the idea of possession. These movies seem to be running rampant this day and age. This one has a family who ends up in a storm. Their car is turned over because of a flash flood, they end up going to little Motel, where an old man lives. The old man almost refuses to let them in but then he realizes they are a family. He lets them in. What they discover is a little girl locked up in a basement, chained and bolted inside a room. They take it upon themselves to free the little girl unbeknownst to them the little girl has a secret. The old man has a secret and the place has a secret.

This is an interesting possession horror film with great little spooked moments, that play with the viewer's mind. This is a good film to watch in the dark with no lights and the television volume way up so that you can experience all the ultimate spooky reality. Now with that said it's not meant to mean a fantastic film because it's not. This plays out like a direct to video b-grade horror film.

The movie takes place in Columbia. Your main character is David. He is a widow and about to remarry. He comes to Columbia to collect his daughter who is staying with her aunt. David wants his daughter at his marriage. David's daughter does not like his new main squeeze basically stating all she is, is a money hungry whore.

The character of David is played by who I have always thought was an underrated actor and often overlooked and always seems to capture his characters in vivid ways and displays them emotionally accurate, Peter Facinelli. I first got wind of his amazing acting talent in the wonderful TV film The Price of Love (1995). He is most famous for the character of Dr. Cullen in the Twilight film series.
Gallows Hill
Gallows Hill has an intriguing premise with pretty much opportunities to generate horror, paranoia and suspense; unfortunately, the irregular rhythm and slips of the screenplay betray the potential of the premise, making the intervals between murders and demonic manifestations a bit frustrating. On the positive side, during those cruel moments, the blood flows freely and it's well combined with subtle special effects. On the other hand, the characters tend to make the most absurd mistakes whenever the screenplay doesn't find a logical way to continue the story. The actors make a decent work in their roles, highlighting Sophia Myles as the stepmother who tries to keep her false family united and Julieta Salazar, who is able to bring an appropriately terrifying attitude to her character. In conclusion, Gallows Hill is a mediocre but moderately entertaining horror film. I will probably erase it from my memory in a few days, but it didn't bore me, and I can give it a slight recommendation because of that.
Nothing original here
This might be the worst horror movie I've ever come across and I've seen my fair share of bad horror flicks. There is nothing here you haven't seen before and is done far worse then anything I've ever seen before. The acting is horrendous, the decision making of the characters is ridiculous and feels really out of this world stupendous. There are some really cheesy, decades old horror clichés here which are totally misplaced. The dialogue is ridiculous and David, the main protagonist, is really the most dumbass, idiotic character there is. Seriously, save your time and your money, because this movie is really not worth it. I gave it 2 stars because the location they filmed it in was pretty neat, but that's all there is to it.
a bit tame and too much CGI
Released in 2013 and in the European shops in 2015, it should had to ring a bell but it didn't and I picked it up. Was it good, no therefore it wasn't scary enough and had too much of CGI but it wasn't that bad also because towards the end the horror really comes in.

I just had mixed feelings towards this flick because some things do work like the possession but it's the CGI done to make their faces creepy that didn't work for me. BUt I can say that teenagers could have their scary moments watching it but for me it was a bit too soft on that part. But somehow I kept watching it to see how it would end because the ghost moves from body to body. There isn't that much blood or even say gore to catch but for the Kleenex abusers there's a tittie to see from the prettiest chick in The Damned.

Mediocre for me but I grew up in the slasher heydays but for newcomers it is a must see.

Gore 1/5 Nudity 0,5/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5
The very definition of predictable
The main problem with this movie is that before you start watching the movie you already know the whole story.

I'm going to click the spoilers button now. Though it is quite obvious.

1/ Family or group of people have an accident in a storm.

2/ Family or group seek refuge/help.

3/ Family or group discover girl captive in basement and free girl.

4/ Previously mentioned Girl is possessed and freeing her was a mistake.

Okay that's really about it. By looking at the synopsis of the movie you've basically gotten the whole thing. I really probably did not need to click the spoiler button because I only reiterated the storyline content in IMDb but in a way I did because there is nothing else.

This is the very definition of predictable. It follows all the latest horror clichés as well as offering nothing that isn't in the synopsis.
Prepare to be annoyed!
The ratings for this "horror movie" are going to be dropping really fast! This was a dreadful attempt of making a scary movie and really an insult to all fans of horror movies, even the B and C horror movies out there.

Cheap jump scares and the really bad effects just adds to the poorest decision making made by everyone involved in this project. There are simply to many annoying things to bring up here that I won't even get into them - suffice it to say that if you do decide to watch this movie - hide all sharp objects around you cause you are going to want to stab yourself repeatedly for making one of the worst decisions in your life by watching this! There is really NO redeeming qualities in this pile of "¤"!* and in NO way does it the deserve the 1 star rating I had to give! Be warned!
A Pretty Lackluster Horror
The Damned is unfortunately one of those films that promises more in the trailers than it actually does for the full film as the whole event was quite a bit of a let down. The film as a whole isn't really THAT bad, and I've definitely seen much worse, but it is a below average horror that falls short of delivering much in the way of any decent excitement, thrills, or tension.

The story for the film has been done a thousand times before, so there's obviously nothing that original being done here (it's very rare these days to actually find a good original horror story that's not been done in some way before in all honesty), but that doesn't make the film unwatchable. It's also pretty predictable, so you're not really in for any twists or surprises, but like I say, it's not all that original so as long as you're not expecting too much then you should be OK.

The film's cast was decent as well and nothing more. If I'm being honest, however, I don't think there was really one likable character apart from maybe Peter Facinelli as luckless father David Reynolds and Juan Pablo Gamboa as the unfortunate Capitan Morales. The rest were pretty annoying more than anything, especially Reynolds' two daughters Jill & Gina.

There are other movies I've seen where the young actor playing the role of a possessed/evil child has been very good/excellent (Linda Blair as Regan MacNeil in The Exorcist, Daveigh Chase as Samara in The Ring, and Macauley Culkin as Henry Evans in The Good Son), but Julieta Salazar as Ana Maria wasn't really all that convincing in her part, and that added to the lack of suspense for me. Factor that in with the other annoying characters then you do struggle to find any plus points for that side of the film as well.

On the whole, The Damned is watchable as I said earlier, and as long as you're not expecting much then you shouldn't be disappointed. Much.
I liked this to start with. It's conventional, but I think they set it up well for a ride into the depths of horror.

So that should have picked up speed right after the witch was released. There was some spooky ghosting around the house, but ... the little girl was not scary. We even had the closing the fridge door jump - if they have to resort to that then something's gone wrong.

But don't worry - there were other versions of the beast to come. And I think that's the problem: they didn't have to focus on one character, so all characters became a bit bland when it was their turn, and you never got the essence of the original beast.

Then you've got the back story, which they returned to a few times with an unnecessary complication involving the relatives of the persecutors. Then they threw in a dose of guilt from each character's life. And it all got a bit cluttered, losing focus on the original elements.

Think of the Blair witch - you get some sketchy exposition at the start, the audience fills in the details, we go to a lonely place, all the elements are in place, and bit by bit the witch simply shows what she can do, raising the stakes steadily without once appearing on screen.

The final insult was some dreadful dialogue between father and daughter as they cowered in the basement. And oh - there was another bloody twist after that too.

Keep it simple!
Worth watching for the atmosphere and Carolina Guerra
After a car crash a group of people take sanctuary in an old hotel, only to find a girl in a basement that is not all she seems.

Gallows Hill A.K.A The Damned is packed with atmosphere and wonderfully shot by Richard D'Ovidio. As a creepy tale in a large decrypted hotel it works well but as horror piece it falls short. Sophia Myles (when not possessed) is on fine form and Carolina Guerra is simply outstanding as Gina leaving her co-stars in her wake.

There's blood, shootings, twisted heads and fantastic settings but unfortunately the well trodden Exorcist and Evil Dead style demonic voices fail to give big scares. This offering is debatably not as strong as some atmospheric horrors Livid, REC, The Beckoning (2009), or The Orphanage to name a few.

That said, The Damned is still worth watching for its eerie ambiance created in the first half and Carolina Guerra performance.
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