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Green Lantern
Thriller, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance
IMDB rating:
Martin Campbell
Tim Robbins as Senator Hammond
Mike Doyle as Jack Jordan
Temuera Morrison as Abin Sur
Jon Tenney as Martin Jordan
Taika Waititi as Tom Kalmaku
Jenna Craig as Carol Ferris at 11
Dylan James as Jason Jordan
Leanne Cochran as Janice Jordan
John Larroquette as Tomar-Re (voice)
Dennis Haysbert as Kilowog (voice)
Gattlin Griffith as Young Hal
Mark Strong as Sinestro
Jay O. Sanders as Carl Ferris
Angela Bassett as Dr. Amanda Waller
Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan / Green Lantern
Blake Lively as Carol Ferris
Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond
Nick Jandl as Jim Jordan
Storyline: In a mysterious universe, the Green Lantern Corps, an elite defense force of peace and justice have existed for centuries. Reckless test pilot Hal Jordan acquires superhuman powers when he is chosen by the Ring, the willpower-fed source of power. Reluctantly at first, he takes on the challenge after the death of Abin Sur, the finest Green Lantern. Putting his self-doubts aside, and spurred on by his sense of duty and love for his beautiful, intellectually equal, colleague, Carol Ferris, he is soon called to defend mankind from Parallax, a powerful, evil being who feeds on fear. Hal Jordan is the universe's last chance, as many Green Lanterns have been killed and the Corps is weakened. And he might just be the right Green Lantern for the duty of keeping the world safe from harm. Written by Production
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Don't listen to the critics
I love it when you hear a movie sucks then watch it yourself and realize that there are some really whiny people out there. This was a good movie, but I'm not about to say great because there were problems. Namely, the editing was not good. I have heard that the theater version was the studio cut and not Martin Campbell's, so I think that the extended cut coming out on Blu-ray should fix allot of these problems. Also the plot seemed like there where some holes in it(and supposedly the extended cut might fix this). Also, the training and last fight scenes were short. But once again, the extended cut it is supposed to make these scenes much longer (with multiple lanterns instead of just Hal Jordan in the final fight scene). That being said this movie had so much more to love than hate. Ryan Reynolds did a near-perfect Hal Jordan and Strong did a perfect Sinestro. The CGI was kinda cartoony but its supposed to be so I didn't mind. I did not watch it in 3-D (cuz I hate 3-D), but the 2-D visuals looked beautiful. I really don't see why this movie got all the hate that it has other than that I think people were expecting a sci-fi Dark Knight and got Green Lantern. I would put it on par with the first Spider-man and X-men movies. So just go in with an open mind and have fun. Also, this is a good movie for kids cuz its no more violent than Star Wars but it may be a little scarier.
The critics are talking s*** (Spoiler Alert)
Green Lantern is a great film it so didn't deserve the critical thrashing that it got I loved it not the best film of the year but non the less great. The performances were OK Mark Strong as Sinestro was a fantastic as ever his performance reminded me of his performance in Sherlock Holmes as Lord Blackwood which is a great thing Ryan Renyolds did better than expected as Hal Jordan but Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond was down right awful whenever he was on screen it detracted from the experience and which is why I can't give this film any more than 8/10 i'm just glad he dies so he cant be in the next one. Oh and by the way if you stay after the film has finished there is an extra bit which strongly hints towards a sequel so watch out for that.
It's Not Easy Being Green.....
I went to see Green Lantern because a friend of mine was boycotting DC for such a long time because there has been no release of a Green Lantern movie. Sure, there were plenty reincarnations of Batman and Superman, but where's Green Lantern? Someone out there listened to his plea, and the result is this.....

A mess.

I will go on record to say that it's at least enjoyable. Even though the movie seems to be everywhere in its storytelling, with characters being underdeveloped and random things just happening. I would say that during this movie, I had a hard time finding a bathroom break. I was at least interested to see where the movie is going.

Let me try to explain this movie: There is this elite group of Green Lanterns led by Sinestro (well played by Mark Strong) who are having a hard time beating this giant alien in the Milky Way called The Parallax. So when their alien friend who's name I cannot remember falls to earth and dies, his ring is sent out to choose a new victim, and somehow it chooses Ryan Reynolds. Mr. Reynolds discovers that he has a new ability, and that he is the earth's only hope, but he can't handle that until the end of the movie. Not only that, but some doctor guy turns into an evil alien which, I guess, is controlled by Parallax, and Ryan has to stop him too.

I must say that I was intrigued by the doctor subplot where he is not accepted by his father (Tim Robbins) and slowly goes insane until he turns into John Travolta from Battlefield: Earth. I also liked seeing Ryan Reynolds in the movie because he brings energy to what could otherwise be a boring movie, and I was enjoying both stories that were coming along. The problem is that the whole movie felt disjointed, and not only did scenes felt random, but events turn random too.

Like the scene where Reynolds is chosen by the ring. It just happens out of nowhere. One minute he's talking to this kid (which never served much purpose to the film) and then all of a sudden he's walking and gets carried away in green light to that dying alien dude. This happened in more than one occasion. Also the CGI was all over the place, even on Reynold's outfit, and it's rather distracting. It's very vibrant and colorful (which is good), but it looked very cartoonish and took me out of the film. I also mentioned that the characters are underdeveloped, which goes a lot to Sinestro and that Parallax thing they are trying to fight. Heck, even the love interest felt underdeveloped. By the end of the film, I felt like I barely knew the characters, with just a likable performance by Ryan Reynolds.

However, Green Lantern isn't boring, just purely average. I think the reason why I sort of liked this film was that I went into it not expecting much. I already had groups of people telling me that this film is awful before its release, so I ended up getting a little more than I expected. Just a little. It was still entertaining, to say the least.
I think we have a new superhero franchise
All I can say is that I was extremely impressed with this film. Based on the trailers, I was expecting this film to be mediocre, I was wrong. In my opinion, for a superhero film to work, it all narrows down to special effects and the acting. For this movie, both are great. This movie may not have been as good as X-men: First Class or The Dark Knight, but it is an above average superhero movie. Ryan Reynolds is good as always and Mark Strong delivered a strong performance as well. This movie is heavy on special effects and they are SPECTACULAR. The dialogue is nothing new but don't expect it to be excellent given the fact that its a superhero movie. Overall, this movie was very well done and I liked it a whole lot more than I thought it would. Hopefully this may be the first of many Green Lantern movies because this has the potential to become a great movie franchise.
An immensely enjoyable....
The powerful but arrogant warrior, A decent comic book adaptation of the DC comic book character Green Lantern.

It's certainly not as bad as some critics have made it out to be.

It's fun, the action sequences are flashy and exciting. The acting is

all top notch and the humor is done really well. It's fun, the action

sequences are flashy and exciting. The acting is all top notch and the humor is done really well.

Now let me begin by saying this film is not an amazing film. It is definitely not an awful film, like most critics are saying. I think critics might have raised their expectations due to Thor and X-Men: First Class. They should not compare the Green Lantern with those films. It is ranked now 24% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is way too low. It would probably be in the high 60s, if it was released before Thor and X-Men: First Class.

keenly waiting for second part...
A True Green Lantern Fan with More Than a High School Education!
I just have to do it, I just have to correct all the haters out there...

No summary, no spoilers, just points on what makes a movie.

Storyline: 8/10 Was it award winning? No, but what super hero movie is? The becoming a Green Lantern of Hal Jordan follows the original comics perfectly. If you know the comics, you know the beginning. If you never read them, then you learn a lot real fast. The story introduces only characters necessary to the plot and nothing more. Hal, Carol, Senestro, Parallax, the Guardians, Abin Sur, Tomar-Re, and Kilowog. They easily could have introduced way too many guardians, way too fast, but they didn't. Parallax's origins are changed a little but it works out for the better, remember not everything that works in a book works on screen. All in all, storyline was good, it kept a good pace. Always remember it is an origins story so the 2 hours isn't completely filled with action but neither Casee nor I got bored.

Acting: 8/10 No Ryan R. did not screw up Hal Jordan. Alright, I'll admit Hal may not be as witty as Ryan played him but Hal was sure as hell a smart ace in the comics. I thought it fit. I went in thinking, "This is going to be great, or really going to suck." Luckily, casting was very well done. Carol: Blake did a fine job. I do agree with another review that said they wished someone a little more intellectual/mature would play Carol, but in the long scheme of things, Blake didn't get a terrible amount of screen time to prove herself. Maybe as Star Sapphire she may pull out. Lantern Corp: Sinestro 10/10 Tomar-Re: 10/10 Kilowog: 10/10 Abin Sur: 10/10 I can't say much else besides that these characters lived up to the comics perfectly. I loved them all.

Graphics/CGI: 8/10 Why 8? Eh, there were a few, just a few I tell you, parts where the graphics pulled the cartoon look of Spiderman 3. PLEASE! don't be afraid by this, all in all the graphics were awesome. Oa was beautiful, just a couple notches below Asgard in Thor. Green Lantern Ring effects were great, all around solid.

Costumes/sets: 9/10 First, short and sweet. Live action sets: average. Skylines just like any other city, Ferris Airforce Base: good enough. Nothing spectacular but it wasn't the center of the movie. Costumes: STOP HATING ON THE CGI COSTUMES!!!!!!! Even the the comics the suits were made from energy and that is what the movie did. A powerful ring of willpower isn't going to POOF put anyone in spandex or rubber armor. The mask appears when the identity of a Lantern needs to be protected and eye color changes as well. PERFECT to me.

Length: 7/10 Although, as I said before there were a few slow parts, I would have liked to see the movie for a few minutes longer. Towards the end, yes, a little rushed but it didn't ruin the whole movie. 10-15 minutes longer to put it just at the 2 hour mark would have been perfect for an origins story to me. Took off a couple points here.

Overall: 8/10 By all means it is not as bad as Catwoman or Daredevil as some are writing. Those who make that comment are probably the ones who think Transformers is somehow an epic movie. Anyways, it is a good solid super hero movie. Maybe, not one of the greats like Batman Begins, Dark Knight, and Thor, but still a great movie that wouldn't be bad to take the mature enough younger kids. Parallax is a little scary and there are a few curse words, but by all means, this is not a racy film.

Remember: Stay after the credits...
It wasn't that bad, why the hate?
I saw Green Lantern with my son because it looked safe enough and I used to collect the comic books when I was a kid. I felt like I was the only guy over 20 at the theater, which I guess isn't surprising anymore. Did think there would be more adults, however, because the Green Lantern was something we read in my generation. Not sure if it's even around anymore. Being a fan of the comic book I had to go see it, and I was intrigued with the movie. After I got home I jumped on the computer and read the reviews. I was very disappointed with the professional reviews that cast stones at it, while at the same time, regular folk like myself thought it was a pretty good stab at the DC comic book version. I guess I look for something different when I go to the movies. I go to unwind and enjoy myself for a couple of hours, and Green Lantern worked for me.
Green Lantern: Loved It. But Were Our Expectations Too High?
Green Lantern is one of DC comics' most popular characters, and its role in the DC universe is prominent enough that it is considered by DC as its space epic. So, the anticipation for GREEN LANTERN is so much high that satisfactory is not good enough.

The story begins with the death of Abin Sur, who is a Green Lantern, a warrior entrusted with a power ring in order to protect his sector in the universe, from the wickedness of evil. Abin Sur's ship crashed to Earth, and there he let his ring choose his successor. The ring chose pilot Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) to become the new Green Lantern. But Hal's assumption of Abin Sur's ring could not have come in a worst time as an entity known as Parallax is set out to destroy the Green Lanterns, specifically the one who bears the ring that once defeated it: Hal Jordan.

I love the universe of the Green Lantern as created by DC comics, and I did love the movie. But inasmuch as I wanted this to be flawlessly good and wished to be blinded by love for this movie, I could sadly point out that it was far from the perfect movie I wanted it to be.

It is also noted that the director of this movie Martin Campbell rejuvenated the James Bond franchise twice by directing the first Pierce Brosnan Bond movie "Goldeneye" and the first Daniel Craig Bond movie "Casino Royale" not to mention that he directed "The Mask of Zorro" so it played with all expectations. It made me wish that I never knew this, because even though that I did love the movie, I could clearly point out its many flaws.

The characterization and the explanation of the villain Parallax, for instance, was not given sufficient detail and clarity. Even though there was a flashback about him, it was still unclear as to what this creature is and what its true motive is. It quickly becomes this one-dimension cardboard character that generates very little impact. The scenes in Oa, and the process of getting to know the aliens felt rushed and gravely insufficient.

The universe of the Green Lantern storyline is indeed complex, but not impossible to capsulate and explain with sufficient clarity within a few scenes. I think the shortcoming of the film was its failure to ensure that its audience flawlessly understood the world it tries to create in the film. What is more surprising is that it did not invest on a long running time. Epic summer movies of late have been gradually standardizing the practice of extending the running time of movies well beyond the less than two hours a regular feature film has. It was sad that Green Lantern did not do this, as it could possibly have made the overall film better.

It suffers from the same flaw as the Transformers movies had; that which it gives too much weight on the human focus and less on the alien aspects, but that human focus was not compelling enough, impressive enough, or worthy enough to waste too much time on. On the other hand, the Transformers movies are too extreme as a lousy example. But I do dread to admit that the animated movie "Green Lantern: First Flight" tells a better Green Lantern origin than this.

In this movie, the story dwells too much on Hal Jordan's self-pain and lack of self-confidence to become the hero that is expected of him. The movie dwells on his feeling of failure, of his painful memory of his father's death, and his romantic relationship with Carol Ferris (Blake Lively). It was difficult to appreciate Reynold's performance as Hal Jordan because I felt that he was not funny when he intends to be, and whenever he is serious, I am not sure if he's kidding around. I still think he was gravely miscast for this role (and believe that he's more fit for The Flash).

Despite Reynolds as usually a great performer and Campbell as a potentially efficient director, the characterization failed to be impressive and emotionally effective. The failure was more on the script and the sequences of the story. While the movie starts strong, somewhere in the middle it felt like it got messy and awkward. There were sequences that felt like they should have been cut off the movie and there were also instances that felt like it needed several missing sequences. An example of that is when Hal went to speak to the Guardians; a scene which felt like Hal was in an entirely different character mindset from the scene directly before it.

On the other hand, I did love the movie despite its shortcomings. It is the magnificent visuals that make this movie shine like the Green Lantern that it supposed to be; the aliens, the backgrounds, the overall visuals that surely blow audiences, especially ones that are not yet familiar with the Green Lantern mythology. I may have enumerated things that make this movie less than perfect, but there's no denying that I still am going to watch it again.

Additional Note: Yes, there is an extra scene in the middle of the end credits
Jumbled, confused, dim and threadbare. Really, it's just stupid.
This film is "inoffensive" in a way. Nothing hateful or terribly gross or upsetting about it. But it does have at least two major problems that had I known fully what they were beforehand, I would have saved myself a bit of money and my time, and done something else.

One, this is yet another in the tiresome line of uninspired movies based on a comic book. You'd think the collective hearts and minds of what we call "Hollywood" could come up with an original idea. Spending $150 million on a gimicky re-working of some other person's idea (that is, ripping off the comic book writers) really seems stupid. There are many talented artists out there whose work not only deserves to be funded, but whose work would be a lot more interesting. Maybe even exciting! And maybe, in at least a few cases, uplifting or inspiring in some way that actually contributes something to all of us--- which is the true purpose of art anyway, right?

And two, this wasn't very carefully thought out or written. You've heard criticisms of previous special FX movies where the reviewer bemoans all the slam-bam frenetic FX shots, one after another. I promise that if you are unfortunate enough to sit through this movie your jaw will drop at the sheer amount of literally non-stop whiz-bang FX- not even one after another so much as one continuous blast of the CGI cartoonist's most hectic product.

The plot points were not self-evident, at least not to me. Jet races were followed by jump cuts to kitchen scenes and then inter-galactic scenes, then space, then what appeared to be Hell, then "mysterioso" councils of wizened old cartoon "yoda" types, etc. A virtually indestructible space warrior (we find out later he was the strongest, bravest, most clever, the final hope of the Universe, etc.--- yet he somehow got shot in the shoulder and is in the process of flying his broken spaceship around earth, looking for a place to crash and die. Oh wait- he doesn't die until he tells his green ring to "choose well," and then somehow Ryan Reynolds shows up ready to be amazed and enlisted.

One question--- if the magic green ring is clever enough to find Ryan Reynolds amidst all of earth, and not just ID him but go get him, place him in a protective green bubble then whisk him 100 miles to the dying space warrior in instant--- why couldn't such a nifty ring fix a wounded shoulder?

Scenes reminiscent of the covers of 1950s sci-fi paperback books showed vague and ill-defined landscapes of rocks and cliffs and rubble. That kind of thing is OK, and might fit into some stories--- but nothing was explained, nothing was set-up, nothing was logical. Not even "artistically" logical.

I like Ryan Reynolds. Tim Robbins has always been a sturdy enough character actor, and a few of the other secondary characters here were played by good actors as well. But dang- I had no idea what they were doing. What's with that creepy doctor guy? What is the evident long-term relationship between him and Ryan Reynolds? What was he doing in the movie anyway, except to turn physically hideous and provide a bit of senseless peril to the Pretty Girl? I don't know- none of that was established.

Bottom line- this was just plain stupid. And not because it was "fantastical" or weird or sci-fi. Rather, because it was simply not good work.
This movie is what I've been waiting for my entire comic life!
I have been reading the comic for over 40 years and I was blown away by this. I understand that they can't make the movie exactly like the comic and I am fine with that. I want to say that the entire cast was superb, except for the part of Hector Hammond (the growing forehead was just a bit too nasty for me). Mark Strong as Sinestro was a perfect choice! Ryan Reynolds was also superbly cast. I think that the special effects for the movie were done very well and I applaud the movie makers for making the aliens seem very lifelike. Too many times they seem to get lazy with this or give the aliens very poor makeup. Do not go in with a closed mind on this. Give it a chance and I believe you will be well rewarded. I like the concept for this movie and thoroughly applaud the effort.
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