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In Time
Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Andrew Niccol
Cillian Murphy as Timekeeper Raymond Leon
Will Harris as Ulysse
Rachel Roberts as Carrera
Aaron Perilo as Bell
Elena Satine as Jasmine
Alex Pettyfer as Fortis
William Peltz as Pierre
Ethan Peck as Constantin
Colin McGurk as Citizen
Justin Timberlake as Will Salas
Toby Hemingway as Timekeeper Kors
Amanda Seyfried as Sylvia Weis
Matthew Bomer as Henry Hamilton (as Matthew Bomer)
Olivia Wilde as Rachel Salas
Vincent Kartheiser as Philippe Weis
Bella Heathcote as Michele Weis
Ray Santiago as Victa
Yaya DaCosta as Greta
Storyline: Welcome to a world where time has become the ultimate currency. You stop aging at 25, but there's a catch: you're genetically-engineered to live only one more year, unless you can buy your way out of it. The rich "earn" decades at a time (remaining at age 25), becoming essentially immortal, while the rest beg, borrow or steal enough hours to make it through the day. When a man from the wrong side of the tracks is falsely accused of murder, he is forced to go on the run with a beautiful hostage. Living minute to minute, the duo's love becomes a powerful tool in their war against the system.
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Great film

I loved this film. I have never seen a film like it... the story was awesome.

In this film, there is no money... you buy everything with time. Everyone has a clock in their arm which they can see. The time just keeps ticking down and if the counter gets to zero, you are dead. You work for time... to get paid you have to put your arm in a machine that adds time to your clock... to buy things you have to use the time you have to buy it.

The story really did appeal to me... i thought it was a great idea.

It has got Justin Timberlake in it... Now, I don't like Justin much, but the more films I see him in the more I like him as an actor.

He does a great job. The main actress in it is Amanda Seyfried. She does a good job too... the film also stars Cillian Murphy.

There were 2 things in this movie I was not really impressed with. Firstly, there was a scene where a car crashes and falls down a hill before crashing to a halt at the bottom... the effects were terrible. You could clearly see the car was computer simulated. It didn't fall like a car would. Secondly, in the film people could fight for time... I liked the idea of this, but Justin had a way of winning these fights... but his way of winning was weak... i just didn't get how he could win the way he does. Watch it... you will know what I mean.

All in all this film is great. I really enjoyed it.

I will give it 8 out of 10.

Justins best film so far.

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Beter than imagined. Stronger than not!
Damn fine little movie that gives a new perspective on currency and trade. It keeps a decent tension throughout while offering slightly more than an above par 'B'+ movie, yet with added twists that pervade the film. Damned original in how it approaches the subject of universal exchange and certainly well executed from a cinematic perspective. Much as I don't care for Justin Timberlake, he always impresses me in film. It's truly an emotional ride in many ways by way of an improbable future, 'Logan's Run' being an obvious inspiration to this visage. I do recommend it for its ease of delivery and entertainment, as well as the current, socio-reality aspects alone.
dragged down by empowerment-obsessives
Although with a protagonistic-enough premise, and some genuine intent to realize a sci-fi setting,

this movie takes too much from who's-got-the-power film traditions mostly from the USA Italy/similar cinema, with far too much time spent with wanting to prove a point at the end of a gun chit-chat 'patient' with otherwise-mortal, enemies.

if that's enough to turn you off, don't bother, you'll find that unnecessary and getting in the way of plot progression and more in depth character-development, or similar.

if you've more patience to see it through, there is more character than the worst of such movies of the last decade or so - it does do better than many, when there being a consistent enough motivation-background, for you to not need to appreciate every minor point about the characters' perspectives / opportunities , to see things through their eyes, to be able to find it a good stimulation of the edge of acceptabilities, of many of the impositional/societal -themes portrayed in it.

Unfortunately, there are also some unnecessary simplifications OF CHOICE, and only-absolute-isms of-choice, that could've been written better, although to its credit, they were probably in the original novel/story.

One in particular, simplified for off-screen purposes, a absolute-ism that would be false were such a choice upon us. in one scene near the end, a clashing of forces behind the reasons of the two main characters, and the father of one of them, (the father a conspirator/willing collaborator with the system dominating human life in the setting , a truly hated character) ,..

...doesn't really nail the more clearly self-interested , or vampiric nature of the situation, or reasons for one policy compared to another-slightly-different, and one that would be much more believable, that makes the setting and plot a little silly to begin with, (but given the choice of the writers, to make it absolute with it's money-parallel dynamic, actually works well if you don't OVER-think it).

so i don't mind doing a spoiler. Sphhhhhhtt! :)

basically, there is MEANT to be a argued prevention-argument for the tech in the forced situation, but at this particular scene, the father makes it quite clear that this system is for "a few", to live forever, become immortal, etc.

Although these are valid themes or language used to describe living indefinitely, the writing was sloppy and less actually discerning than it might have been, were people in such a situation truly aware of what really mattered in the inequality.

whether or not a person would use the word immortal, SPECIFICALLY/divine, etc, seemed inserted.

more important, than the inequality, that is meant to be intrinsically a part of the mechanism of HOW, the imposed-system works.

instead, they went with the high-ER sensitivity value, and the question of agelessness -opportunity compared to mortality, was BLURRED.


instead of making the two ideas separate ( agelessness , and immortality (when agelessness does NOT have to mean immortality from being killed, accidents, etc...) ) , they were on ONLY one side of the two arguing-parties arguments, instead of STILL on both.

that simplification, avoids somewhat clumsily, the question of agelessness/things like wisdom / awareness of the need for cooperation and balance, that the elder get, when speaking of what society SHOULD.

BEFORE, thinking about policy/measures UPON, oneself/one's own, etc.

that's not to say, that the word/subject, sacrifice, should not, have been used or anything- quite the contrary, if i sound like someone who avoids ALL religious terms.

Im trying to say that although concepts like no-immortality WERE used from a perspective of risk in our history, agelessness, UNlike the money-parallel dependency in this movie, should not be misnomer-ed.

when it could do a lot of good. for instance, the ageless, could be bound to a lot of constraints - limits on ANY kind of asset ownership or wealth; OR access to no Al Capone access-to friends-assets; children -limit; to have to remain inoculated and checked for any contagious diseases etc.

and THEN,.. be reliable where their freedoms were limited, but they could choose to exist perpetually, eventually, inevitably realizing the greater potentials for co-operation/constructivism, compared to destruction.


a BROADER base of a plot like that, makes for a much more believable plot and less seeming fudged, blurred, RANGE of dynamics in it, instead of a false pretense of only one issue or only one dynamic, etc.

"which plot mechanism, do you think was the most motivating, in this movie, children?", one might ask, without stopping and thinking, what's the point in asking them to choose ONLY one?


Motivations work in concordance, or in harmony, or in at least motivation-parallels.

the money-parallel, was a good one - it worked well, in this movie.


if they'd tried being more CLASS WARFARE about it, instead of 'PERSONAL', then everyone wanting to personally ASSERT themselves, needing a gun to be able to...

it would not have ended up the dolling up / action-manning up, of two characters that could've had more, mmmm,

emotional-conflicts, rather than 'RELIABLE' moral-motivations.

especially the female main character. dolled up would be putting it mildly. that's all she needs?

neo french-chic / Russian-doll platform wearing secret agent rubbish, one might say. the character, as was supposed to be a SENSITIVE, emotionally responsive, adult?

too much was on the main male character, whose motivations and emotions were much more determined / clear-cut.

with the much greater potential for her character's conflicts, to be in the spotlight, instead of the spoilt-child-fashion-nightmare, she was a wasted opportunity.
Not pushed far enough
In the future, science has stopped aging at 25. Everybody is allowed one more year. However there is the ability to transfer your time. Your life becomes currency and you work to earn time. In that way, society has divided into people who live day to day and people who are basically immortal. Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) lives day to day in the ghetto. Rachel Salas (Olivia Wilde) is his mother. One day he rescues a rich Henry Hamilton (Matt Bomer) who is tired of life and leaves him 116 years of time.

This is a great sci-fi concept. It's awkward to try to keep track who are older and everybody's relationships. However I feel there's something missing. The concept wasn't exploited enough. Half the time it's trying to explain the world rather than showing you the world. And the 'ghetto' isn't as rough as it ought to be. When the clock ticks down to zero, I can't believe that people aren't going crazy robbing everybody that they can. The idea of an apocalyptic world isn't pushed far enough.
Excellent movie, concept too simplistic
The concept of the underlying idea is excellent. I am not very picky, there may be some minor flaws in the execution. Like woman running very fast with high heel shoes, or people swimming in deep water without never touching the ocean in their life. I can cope with these little issues with no problem. As long as there is no major absurdity that contradict the main theme.

What I find as a flaw, and this is just my personal opinion, is that the concept is too simplistic. I find unrealistic that the "poor" people in such a society could be that law abiding. These "poor" people are more civilized than most of the richest men on Earth today! With real human behaviour, a country like that will actually turn into chaos in no time.
Good idea poorly executed
What else can i say? The main problem with this story is that first we get the promise of a Sci-Fi thriller that sadly ended being just a Bonnie&Clyde love story arc with Justin Timberlake kicking everybody ass.

All the Sci-Fi elements become really pointless at the end of the movie and its sad cause (again) at the beginning it looks like a really good story.
Such an Intriguing Idea Gone (for the most part) to Waste
What an intriguing idea. This is the type of SC-FI that I usually tend to like over just another film with space battles. SC-Fi films that make you think and make parallels to real life. Once I saw the previews to this film I thought this film would be something special. Not only did the film have an intriguing idea but only draw from mythic arc types like Robin Hood and numinous of great themes but the film falls short on such a great idea with a failure to really understand what type of scope there really could have been with this story along with a less than stellar cast the film is entertaining but only a footnote of what it could have been.

The film's concept is a future where humans have been genetically engineered to stop ageing after age 25 but after that you have only one more year to live. Time is the currency of the time, no such thing as money. You work to get more time but it is a bleak future where the rich have all the power and all the time. Meanwhile the rest live in the ghettos where almost everyone has only has 24 hours to live and they live by the clock.

While the story opens with a man in the ghetto named Will Salas is given the gift of time from a man who doesn't care to live anymore from the rich-infected lifestyle. Will is then accused of murder and on the run from a police force known as "timekeepers." With a rich man's daughter at his side he hopes to effect change in the system.

The film's story should have been one of the best of the decade. I mean the idea is so good it feels awful that it was a bit wasted. The film story does a good job on laying out the ground rules of the universe they live in. This was great about it a short speech in the beginning and then you are trusted into the life of Will Salas. You get a pretty good picture on how he lives just from the first 10 min. You learn a lot about the world and the film starts to set up some story lines but that's where a lot of the film's really strong points end.

The film starts up several story lines and just never delivers. Some just seems abandoned by the end and others that kept building and never got the final "crescendo" or pay off. It seems like not only that with these great ideas and scary parallels to real life class warfare the idea could have been bigger than it ended up being, It hard to say exactly what it was missing. I feel like the film could have been even bigger with its ideas and themes. It fact with this idea the film could have been a great long SC-FI epic. Maybe my expectations for the film was just too high but I feel I was let down by story because of the potential it had and that's just aside from the plot holes and incompletion of certain story lines. There were also some scenes I honestly thought could make for some classic scenes like when we finally get to see what "a fighter" is and how they fight. The scene was too short and was a number of others felt a little short in fact the film overall felt a bit short without a real good conclusion.

The film seems to leave the possibility of having a strong story oriented film instead opting for an action fueled story. The film has no shortage of action sequences and that is properly the saving grace to the film. It does keep the viewer entertained and it does keep the story moving. Without this factor the film would unsalvageable. There are some good car crashes and also on foot chases. A good number of gun battles to be boot. Even with the PG-13 rating it is able to have some real action and violence. However I think I could have done without a couple of these so we would have a stronger story.

The acting is also questionable. I would have made different choices. Justin Timberlake stars a Will Salas and Justin is good here for the action sequences but he isn't the greatest with the dramatic scenes. This is a shame because I thought he would because I really liked his performance in The Social Network (2010). Amanda Seyfried's performance falls flat in my eyes even though she had some nice chemistry with Justin. Cillian Murphy is amazing as the timekeeper Raymond Leon. This is an outstanding performance from Murphy as he usually delivers. The rest are decent but nothing special. Shyloh Oostwald is okay; I liked Johnny Galecki as Borel. I didn't love Olivia Wilde even if she didn't have a big part. Alex Pettyfer is finally getting better roles since his role in Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker (2006). He is good here as Fortis the "minutemen" which a "gangster of the future."

Andrew Niccol is a great talent behind the camera and I don't doubt that either. His look to the film to perfect for this film. Also his of practical effects over CGI heavy effects is defiantly noticeable in a good way. The music by Craig Armstrong fits perfectly.

Really with this type of idea it really could have been something special. The acting hurt the film a bit with the exception of Cillian Murphy. But with a talented director behind the camera and talent behind the scenes also with some really entertaining action sequences makes the film watchable but you can't help but feel it could be so much more. If there was a film that I would like to see remade, this would be it.

Final Score

Very Good "LOGAN'S RUN" Reimagining WITH A MESSAGE
"In Time" surprised me! Justine Timberlake does a good job here, Amanda Seyfried is adorable & feisty & Cillian Murphy continues to be a presence in film.

But can I just take a second to congratulate OLIVIA WILDE (from TV's "House" & "Tron") as she's excellent here and has a scene which is truly heartbreaking & proves she's not just a pretty face...EXCELLENT Job Olivia.

The story is very 'Logan's Run' (Limited Life Span) but it's set in a different time & scenario, there are no flash special effects, no robots, no sanctuary, no big cityscape but the twist put on it is EXCELLENT.

Time is Money...The Rich get richer & live longer...The Poor remain poor and die young...The Government is corrupt & has everything in order that is until Timberlake is given a gift which he tries to use to change things for the majority rather than the minority.

The story is pretty basic but the MESSAGE is a good one... Life is precious and much can be achieved in JUST 1 DAY A Sci-Fi Drama that holds the attention and plays out well. It may not be Logan's Run but that's a good thing as it asks questions Logan's didn't.

RocketeerFlyer says..A POSSIBLE FUTURE 'CULT' MOVIE FAVOURITE & gets an Up Up & Away 8/10 from me.
Surprisingly new
This is a movie surprisingly refreshing. Not only the idea (some reviewers pointed out that that's not quite new; regardless, it's certainly new in a movie, and here works superbly), but the movie itself. Without aiming too high (still much more than average though), this movie really works - at all levels.

The last one to make you think (as to new ideas into play) in the last 15 years or so (Inception) failed - was too full of itself (see my review on that one). This one on the other hand, works differently (more than average on everything: acting, camera work, music etc. and especially the story), and guess what? It works. You won't see any cool FX here, but what you'll see is far from cheap too.

On the other hand, it's also low on violence, swearing, and sexual content (without which, apparently, you can't make a movie nowadays) - which means your entire family can enjoy it - as long as they had already jump-started their brains.

So don't expect the cool FX from Matrix, but not the diluted and full of holes story from Equilibrium either. Rounded, surprising little gem, worth seeing more than twice. I had already planned to buy the DVD - and haven't bought one in several years, which should tell you something. These are not the days you build up a collection. Unfortunately, these are the days you rent your 2 hrs. entertainment, then immediately forget it (the dose to make you run another day - how cheap we have become).

Its real value is at a solid 8, but I give it a full 9 only for the (courage and) novelty of being novel.

Highly recommended.
In time is worth the time
I suppose there are hard core science fiction fans who may pick apart some of the premises in this movie, I don't think it would be hard to do so, but, just accept the idea and enjoy the ride. The concept is interesting enough and the story is compelling enough to keep most of us entertained.

I have been quite critical of Justin Timberlake in some of his recent performances, but he is credible here, perhaps just one step away from a serious lead role. In fact, most of the acting is up to par. The movie is true to itself in that it is guided by the concept and not by what they think the audience expects. This is made clear in a scene in a hotel room where I expected the obligatory sexual encounter, despite the fact that the two lead characters were in danger all the time. However, adherence to realism triumphed over audience expectations and, perhaps, even higher ratings. The director deserves some credit for this.

In short, this is a film worth watching that will give you much to think about in the process.
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