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USA, Canada
Crime, Thriller, Mystery, Horror
IMDB rating:
Peter Spierig , Michael Spierig
Callum Keith Rennie as Detective Halloran
Shaquan Lewis as Officer Solomon
Sam Koules as Melissa
Josiah Black as Edgar Munsen
Hannah Emily Anderson as Eleanor Bonneville
Matt Passmore as Logan Nelson
Michael Boisvert as Lee James
Clé Bennett as Detective Keith Hunt
Tobin Bell as Jigsaw / John Kramer
Storyline: Bodies are turning up around the city, each having met a uniquely gruesome demise. As the investigation proceeds, evidence points to one suspect: John Kramer, the man known as Jigsaw, who has been dead for ten years.
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Feels more like a reboot to me, a terrible one.
I should mention that my review doesn't really have any spoilers, but when I go into the logic of the situation where people are at the barn might be considered as such, so I put spoiler tag just in case.

OK, I went to the theaters and saw Jigsaw. It was a pre-screening, so I thought it might be useful to write a review about this movie since it will be about a month before Jigsaw will be officially released in my area (Finland). A huge thanks to my friend who suggested this pre-screening (despite my dislike for the movie after seeing it).

I have seen the first two Saw movies and watched reviews of rest of them, so I do have a general idea what Saw franchise is about. I might not remember important details, but bare with me. I really liked the first movie, because it was intense without blood spilling every time. It was more like a crime-thriller than "horror" splatter/gore that rest of the Saw movies were. Some say they are torture porn, since Jigsaw and traps are the main reason why people watch it. I'll admit, most of the traps are pretty creative, but also really stupid. If not taken seriously, you might enjoy Saw movies more.

So, 8th Saw movie is now a thing, so how does it compare to previous movies? Not that much. We now have a competent directors, editor, cinematography and decent acting. These don't sound bad, but I just have a huge problem that probably is isn't a problem for you, but let me explain what I mean. Jigsaw lacks it's own identity in some ways. There is no quick editing or camera work that made you feel like you were inside the building with the characters. As much as I think that Saw's style isn't that great, but at least it feel like it had it's own thing for the most part. Too many movies feel like they are made by same people, despite having different people. Maybe it's studios fault? Best words I can use to describe all of this are: standardized and tamed.

In my country, Saw movies were rated 18, but Jigsaw is rated 16, so this is already a warning sign. While Jigsaw had some gore, it was more tame compared to rest of the Saw movies. Maybe I'm just desensitized, but if you seriously are going to make a Saw sequel, don't you think that you should go all in with the gore, since Saw movies usually have poor writing anyway (except for the first Saw). Jigsaw seem to be more focused on CGI than before. Say what ever you about the Saw films, but you have to admit that it had very good practical effects. CGI that it had were alright, but one of the shots were really bad in my opinion. Too many movies nowadays relies on computer effects, which can look so noticeable even if it's not bad.

Speaking of the writing, plot was just as convoluted and silly as the previous movies, but unfortunately not in a good (funny) way. Usually you would laugh at ridiculousness of Saw's plots, but since Jigsaw is more standardized than any other Saw movie, it doesn't create the same effect. This is disappointing, because I honestly wanted to have a laugh. This movie is much more Hollywood than Saw.

I think I shouldn't waste my time with the plot, since this is a spoiler-free review and I'm reviewing a Saw movie, but I should mention a few things. I'm not going to spoil anything, just talking about the idea and you know Jigsaw takes place in a barn. If you are trapped in a barn and you are not running out of time at all, don't you think that trying the break the wall (that is made of planks, WOOD!) could be a smart idea? I mean, it's a big building, so the odds of traps are small (not to mention, that on the outside, there simply couldn't be any complex traps), since Jigsaw simply cannot predict where the victims can escape. The movie shows that there are many tools around the barn. No timer = no hurry. So, why not spend some time trying break the wall? Saw movies usually have situations where victims should explore the area, but previous movies at least had strong walls and blocked doors. Also, if the building is full of traps, it's a stupid idea to check the places with someone, since both of them can be trapped if they trigger something. Scout the place before everyone else goes or use any tools you could have.

OK, I might unfair to this movie, but I honestly didn't enjoy it. I was most of the time bored. Sure, acting was decent, but the characters didn't have anything special or unique about them. Maybe the one character (not Jigsaw) was sort of interesting, but was still a lackluster character. Direction wasn't bad, but again it was too Hollywood like. Plot points were predictable and gore aspects were disappointing.

Bad movies can be enjoyable, but Jigsaw was just "bad" and boring. Competent movie makers can either make a really good movie or just boring ones (yes, there are exceptions too). Incompetent movie makers can make the movie hilarious in unintentional ways.

There simply isn't much to say about Jigsaw other than what I already said. The movie is forgettable. Enjoyment level were 2/10 but giving a 3/10 rating is more fitting, since the movie was "competent" but really boring. I don't recommend Jigsaw. Go watch something else. Anything else that is released in theaters is probably at least slightly better than Jigsaw.
Not worth your time (spoilers)
characters are really underdeveloped,plot twist at the end does not make any single sense

plot twist was really stupid i am not sure,but i think they even made a mistake when it happened,like how did Doctor inspect those patients in present when at the end it is revealed that it has happened 10 years ago,and the doctor is actually taking revenge in present?!So no,the doctor that was inspecting them was not his past self,i just think they made a stupid mistake

it fails to keep attention,the only thing that happens is that they suffer and die,and after five straight minutes of that it just gets boring

i think that the casting was okay

the thing that i liked were the effects,but you can't have a good movie with only good effects and okay casting,can't you?

i actually forgot that i watched the movie after an hour,it was a really forgetful movie.

it had a potential,but the story was garbage. sorry if i made no sense at the plot twist part.
Runs on fumes to give old 'Saw' fans a mild jolt of nostalgia.
I won't lie I was a huge fan of the 'Saw' series during it's heyday in the 00's. It became a Halloween tradition to revisit them and pick apart their secrets. The DVD's were will worn especially the first one. And so seeing 'Jigsaw' was kind of a nostalgic trip... and really it was like revisiting an old friend you've kind of outgrown. That isn't to say I didn't like it because it is essentially the same thing as the previous entries. This is really just for the people who were hardcore fans of 'Saw' nobody else is going to get anything from it mainly because it takes absolutely no risks at all. I know having a lack of ingenuity is not a new criticism for horror films but 'Saw' kept me a little more interested because of Tobin Bell and the depths of his character. That being said it should be no surprise that 'Jigsaw's lack of Tobin Bell results in it being a sub par 'Saw' film.

The thing that kept me coming back to 'Saw' year after year was Tobin Bell. The problem was they eventually killed him (and truth be told 'Saw III' was a perfect ending). In 'Saw IV' they realized you could revisit his character in flashbacks, the effect was that the series time line and chronologically became extremely convoluted. I have to give 'Saw' a little credit as they tried their damnedest to juggle these story threads and try to make some sense of the whole thing as new killers and accomplices were added to Jigsaw's master plans. It sort of worked but in keeping with having this slim sense of semi-credible storytelling Bell's John Kramer was reduced to less and less screen time as the series fizzled out to it's finish. 'Jigsaw's greatest challenge and storytelling conceit is to how they bring back Bell. Leave it to them they do it and it sort of works in a cool way with the 'Saw' tradition of playing with chronological storytelling. Honestly though it probably would have been easier to remake or reboot 'Saw'. I don't see how 'Jigsaw' can bring back the series because an already complicated narrative will become impossible to follow by the seeds planted here.

That's really all there is to say. No other character is going to be as interesting as Bell's John Kramer. The movie can be a chore when he is not on screen(and really his presence is nothing but an extended cameo). Fans of 'Saw's gore and macabre traps and settings are going to be very disappointed in 'Jigsaw'. It is far too clean and sterile looking a movie. Also although not a criticism 'Jigsaw' is very mild, Bryan Fuller's 'Hannibal' had far more explicit gore on network television.

It doesn't really work well but I must admit I did get a wave of horror nostalgia when John Kramer came back. It's a totally unnecessary film but it was worth a cheap Halloween matinée.
For me the film is pretty disappointing.
'JIGSAW': Three Stars (Out of Five)

The eighth installment in the popular slasher flick franchise, which is released seven years after the seventh chapter (which was said to be the last installment). It takes place ten years after the death of the Jigsaw killer, when a new series of brutal murders appear to be the work of the same deceased madman. It was directed by Michael and Peter Spierig (who also helmed the horror movies 'DAYBREAKERS' and 'UNDEAD'), and it was written by Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger (the duo also co-wrote the slasher flicks 'PIRANHA 3D' and 'SORORITY ROW'). The film stars Matt Passmore, Callum Keith Rennie, Cle Bennett, Hannah Emily Anderson and Tobin Bell reprising the title role. I was a big fan of the first three movies in the franchise, but I was less impressed with the later sequels, and I'm even less impressed with this new one.

When new victims of a twisted game begin showing up dead, it appears that the deceased serial killer John Kramer, also known as Jigsaw (Bell), is responsible. Detectives Halloran (Rennie) and Hunt (Bennett) must find out who's really responsible, but all of the evidence keeps pointing to Jigsaw though. A doctor, named Logan Nelson (Passmore), becomes Halloran's prime suspect, but he maintains he's being framed. The whole time new captives desperately try to survive Jigsaw's psychotic game.

The movie is full of brutal violence, and complicated plot twists (like the other 'SAW' films), but none of it seems fresh or clever anymore. The whole movie just seems like something we've already seen many times before, and I really wanted to see a lot more of Jigsaw in it too. For me the film is pretty disappointing, because I was a big fan of the first three movies and I was really hoping this new installment could recapture some of that same feel. It actually turns out to be one of the weaker horror films released this year (which has been a great year for horror actually), and I really wish I didn't have to say that too. Fans of the series will probably be disappointed, if they're anything like me that is, at least.
Saw it and loved it! Definitely tipped off the scales balance of good and evil.
Very enjoyable saw movie with more backstory. Kinda funny at times but still just as sick and twisted with plenty of blood and guts. You gotta love the bucket heads, an instant saw classic trap. Ending was mind blowing as always and I'm glad to see saw going back to it's roots. Cant't wait to see where this new trilogy will go. If you have seen the first seven saw films you definitely have to see this one!
They've still got it!
Even though people rarely admit it, the 'Saw' series has been one of the highest quality horror series ever made. 'Jigsaw' is the eighth entry in the series and there is still yet to be a bad film made amongst them. Some are undoubtedly better than others, but I defy you to point me out one that is inherently bad. I also defy you to show me another horror series (even any type of series at all is rare) that has maintained quality across that many films. That's why I was so happy that 'Jigsaw' was a brilliant movie, because if they had come back seven years later only to put forward a bad film for the sake of making money it would have ruined everything. Luckily that was not the case though.

While this one does follow the formula used in all the past films, it also feels quite unique in a number of ways. The original seven films were all set within a very tight time-frame. This one of course is pushing ten years into the future. This adds layers of intrigue to the proceedings, because how could 'Jigsaw' be committing these crimes when he died all those years back? And you just know they're going to have a brilliant answer to that question.

As far as the traps go in this one, I'm not too sure how I feel. None of them were bad, however none of them really blew me away either. My favourite one (without giving away any spoilers) was actually the most simple one in the film involving a gun. The psychology behind that one is what I loved. I love when these films aren't afraid to be intelligent.

The twist in this one also caught me completely off-guard. I've heard people say they weren't entirely convinced by it and felt that the film cheated, however I disagree. Nothing is off limits coming in a 'Saw' movie. You have to know that going in. Altogether I absolutely loved this film and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is in anyway interested in the genre.
"Let's Play A Game" Again! Jigsaw Pieces Story Instead Of Gore
"Let's Play A Game", those simple words haunted the theaters for years, signaling the start of yet another slasher movie in the Saw series. What started out as a unique twist to the serial killer saga was only the start to a face cringing, spine tingling, sometimes nauseating saga that hooked people in until around the sixth-seventh iteration when it finally ended. That was until this year, where the saga was to be reanimated in hopes of bringing more bucks to the theaters. Will this eighth installment have the ability to defy death like it's protagonist antihero, or is it dead like the poor victims of his games. Only one way to find out and that is read my friends, so let's get started!


Fast-Pace: With all the slow movies I have been seeing, I give props to the Saw series maintaining their consistent pace. From start to finish, the tale keeps moving, sparing no second for unnecessary details or attempts at prolonged character development. The mystery of figuring out the identity of the game master, mixed with the spread-out trials that promise a messy end are well-balanced to keep things going.

Decent Characters: A horror movie often has many brain-dead characters begging to be chainsaw fodder. Fortunately, Saw movies continue to choose players who have a little more complexity and skills than many of the Spring Break teens favored. The tradition lives on, as each player has a little more buried within, still having a few obviously destined corpses, but others who have a shot at making it out. And for those not in the game, but trying to solve the mystery, they too have some layers to them that may or may not be pertinent to the story. It's those engaging elements that are crafted in the story, making them more engaging to follow.

The Presentation: Another component I still like is the presentation of the movie. Many go for the kills, but the better component for me is how they separate the story into two settings. One is still the players trying to escape the closes thing to hell's torture chamber, while the other are the outside characters hunting down the "maniac" that continues to weave his traps. The ability to entangle these two components, balancing their timing to provide clues and hints to the story all while keeping you invested in the game. Such a dynamic presentation provides those checks and balances necessary for a slasher movie, and keeping things as fresh as possible.

Twist: As many of you know, Saw movies are all about the ability to throw that last wrench into the gears to blow your mind. Despite my experience with predicting endings, this one got me. The questions I asked were on the right path, but they were able to drop enough interfering factors to throw me off the trail. Jigsaw once again impresses me with their storytelling, and their mastery of presentation. I can't say much more, but ask the right questions and you might get the answers.


Lazy Deaths: Those first few movies were convoluted in their traps. They had designed devices that were an impressive display of imagination, horror, and engineering that gave everyone a kick in terms of design. While Jigsaw still has the impressive connections and storytelling, it unfortunately fails in the terms of the traps themselves. They are surprisingly simple for the most part, and a little more reserved than I expected in this modern era. Yes, there is still plenty of blood in this battle for moral consequences, but they didn't involve quite as much skin crawling madness.

Acting a little cheesy: Despite the engaging characters, there are times when there are a few inconsistencies in the character's intelligence, or often the case their acting. While decent for the most part, the writers hit some blocks in terms of dialogue or direction they wanted the characters to go. There are those moments the "tension" overwhelms them into hysterical messes that are cheesy rather than believable. In addition, the dialogue sometimes gets lazy, just going into expletives than conducive dialog. A weak dislike yes, but I'm drawing on straws.

The potential for a series: Like the original series, I had hoped for an ending, but then this movie showed up. While I did enjoy it, I am worried that the way this movie ends sets up the potential for a new series to start. Sure, this means more Saw goodness, but it also means the potential to dilute this movie into another run of the mill series that will become a product of lazy producing. Hopefully that won't happen, but these days series are the prize most companies seek.


Jigsaw is the piece of the puzzle that brings quality back to the lovely massacre series. Going back to the roots, the writers were able to bring back a brilliant presentation and characters you can follow. All the nostalgic qualities rush in with the deadly traps, bringing that fast-pace, twisting tale that captivated us all those years ago. While still not the first movie, especially in terms of death design and potential to revive the series, it was a welcome addition to the series. So, if you are looking for the horror movie of the month, Jigsaw is your answer for the theater my friends.

My scores:

Crime/Horror/Mystery: 8.5 Movie Overall: 7.0
"extremely disappointing" is not saying enough
How can you guarantee that your movie will leave as many people disappointed as possible? You create a sequel to what was an amazing franchise and then create something so kitch, so tasteless, a movie that leaves the audience struggling to relate because you put no effort into making anything of the movie even a little bit believable. I strongly believe these kinds of lazy productions should be discouraged. The bar for what gets screened is already way too low as it is.
A nice return for die-hard "Saw" fans!
I have seen the first 3 movies in the series as the reviews of the successors were not good. But I am happy that they made reference to these movies. And this time no flashbacks!

The production design and visuals (gore and blood) were genuine for the viewer to believe. The traps are quite forgettable this time but the twists and turns were very good as I didn't see that coming in the end.

An attempt being made by the directors to make it comparable with the first two installments. Though there are some flaws in the middle, but the ending justified the shortcomings!

Worth your money!
This is a slap to the face of Saw fans
The awfulness of Saw 5,6,7 are one to take notice to but the sure arrogance of there attempt at revamping the franchise that should have died after Saw 3 is one to take notice how to NOT make a successful franchise but the Saw franchise refuses to call it quits and just die this movies manages to be both slow and awful kinda of like one the traps that make no sense in the movie and seriously I have never felt a movie that was so long and drawn out about people I didn't care for and a plot so bizarre even for a Saw movie and the twist that it is 10 years after Johns death but the twist that the traps he was placed are from 10 years ago but then the movie contradicts itself by saying after that game he survived they built a legacy together so the time line makes no sense and also there were no hints that it was 10 years ago with the traps because one the traps has a flat screen TV in it really no one would notice that all in all there are very few good moments and even fewer moments to reward fans of the franchise and unlikable characters and slow plot make a great movie heed my advice don't go to see this movie and as for Saw just stop.
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