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Jurassic Predator
Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Andrew Jones
Darren Swain as Whittaker
Nathan Head as Dominic
Derek Nelson as Stahl
Jason Homewood as Redgrave
Richard Dee-Roberts as Major Harris
Claire Carreno as Professor Myers
Megan Lockhurst as Bonnie
Lee Bane as Hawkins
Storyline: Scientists working at a top secret government research facility are conducting experiments to resurrect a dinosaur using prehistoric DNA. The scientists believe the experiment will lead to fame and fortune but instead it leads to death and destruction when the terrifying T-Rex grows at an accelerated pace. After rampaging through the research centre the fearsome creature escapes into nearby Devil's Creek where families and holidaymakers are enjoying summer vacation. As the government hires a squad of deadly mercenaries to lead a search and destroy mission, the residents of Devil's Creek realize that terror is not extinct as they face the deadly wrath of the Primeval Predator. It's man against the most vicious beast of all time - and neither will survive while the other is alive. Written by North Bank Entertainment
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