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Police Story: Lockdown
Hong Kong, China
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Sheng Ding
Jackie Chan as Zhong Wen
Fu Hai as Tao Zi
Zou Yizheng as Worker
Peiqi Liu as Chief Zhang
Hailong Liu as Pi Song (as Liu Hailong)
Zha Ka as Bin Ge
Xiaoou Zhou as Wei Xiao Fu (as Zhou Xiao'ou)
Tao Yin as Lan Lan
Wei Na as Na Na
Tian Jing as Miao Miao
Lu Cai as A Kun
Yiwei Liu as General Manager Niu
Rongguang Yu as Captain Wu
Ye Liu as Wu Jiang
Storyline: A man looking for the release of a long-time prisoner takes a police officer, his daughter, and a group of strangers hostage.
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Drab, boring, not Jackie Chan style, not funny, very little real action
When I think Jackie Chan, I think cool fight scenes and humor. This movie has one of the former (sort of) and none of the latter. The setting has been switched to mainland China because... soft power campaign? The plot was convoluted and not engaging. This film didn't even keep me engaged enough to finish it.
Wasted potential... could've gotten a Fincher treatment, instead backs out
Starting good, the pros: good writing, good acting, good direction, good character, good action. There is nothing really wrong with this movie(except for a few times where the shaky cam is just too much).

However, it could've turn into an exceptionally amazing film, but the director/writer/producers/studios played safe on the ending. All this movie, the dark, gritty tone and the characters, builds up to the final showdown(gunshot on the train-track). It made me feel the same feeling(kudos to the director and writer) as I did with Se7en's showdown: the moral conflict within the character. Could've gone Se7en's route and leave an emotional impact on the viewer by killing off Chan's character, but they instead backs away, and instead gave us a minor fight and a happy ending.

What a wasted opportunity.
Mixed bag results in Jackie's hostage thriller
POLICE STORY: LOCKDOWN is a mixed bag of a movie for Jackie Chan fans. He gets a lot of screen time here and has a chance to act rather than fight for most of it, but the film itself is quite messy in places and doesn't really convince in its depiction of a hostage scenario. It's never quite suspenseful or exciting enough to succeed.

The setting is an elaborate multi-storey bar in which bad guy Liu Ye, from CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER, and his handful of goons are located. They take Chan and various others hostage for reasons which are made apparent via some cheesy and slightly unbelievable flashbacks. It all feels rather melodramatic when it comes out, however the worst thing about this production is the direction.

My heart sank when I realised this film was from mainland China rather than Hong Kong, as China doesn't have the best movie-making record in recent years. Thankfully the bad CGI is kept to a minimum here but the direction is quite awful and the director's refusal to hold a shot more than a few seconds is more likely to provoke a headache than excitement. The cameraman feels more like a hyperactive child than anything else. Sheng Ding's previous film LITTLE BIG SOLDIER was more impressive than this.

It's also worth noting that this film has no connection to Jackie's previous POLICE STORY movies, all of which are considerably more interesting, well-made, and entertaining. The only connection is that Rongguang Yu is back from NEW POLICE STORY although he and Jackie play different albeit similar characters. Jackie has a family in this one. The action is limited and Jackie is unforgivably doubled for some of the fights, and even worse some of it is shoehorned into the story for no reason (an early fight and car chase are included in flashbacks that turn out to have no relation to the main story). On the plus side, it does have a very fast pace to take your mind off all the problems with the story, and it's fitfully entertaining, just a far cry from the fantastic films that Jackie used to make. He really spoiled us with those.
Amazing film!
I love this movie because it has some great action scenes but the movie is not really oriented on that. It shows more of Jackie's dramatic side and he pulls of the role amazingly in this film. Unlike Jackie's earlier films which are lighter in tone, this one is much more dark. This and Shinjuku Incident are almost the same in terms of seriousness. I really recommended this film to Jackie Chan fans or fans of Action, Thriller, or Drama genre. To clear things up for folks this film is not related to the previous 5 Police Story movies, it is a separate film and should be treated as such. Overall this is an excellent movie, two thumbs up from me!
Jackie is getting too old for this...
Police Story 2013 follows Jackie's character in a Die Hard scenario. A bunch of cage fighting criminals have taken hostages in a fortified building, one of them is JC's daughter and he must find a way to save them all by himself.

The premise itself is pretty interesting but the execution is sloppy. The movie takes forever to begin and spends way too much time on introducing unimportant characters instead of building on Jackie's relationship with his daughter. Then it relies on flashbacks which seems at first as an interesting plot device until you realize that they're there just for show and don't contribute to the plot itself. When finally we discover what the bad guys were after, it seems highly unlikely and ridiculous.

Low production values and lack of action turn this movie into more of a drama, but with Jackie being the only credible actor the result is cringeworthy. This movie, just like last year's CZ 2013 are a sad reminder that Jackie has aged, long gone are the days of crazy stunts and wild fights. Jackie's fights are short, over edited, CGI'd and even it's apparent that he uses stunt doubles. I know that he's not young anymore, but it's apparent that he's still in great shape and could've done a lot more if the crew knew what to do with him.

Overall, an interesting premise that is ruined by a lack of direction and relying too much on cheap tricks as flashbacks, CGI, Slo-Mo and fast cutting. Watch this only if you're a big fan of JC.
It's not as bad as a 6.1 to be honest.
A man looking for the release of a long-time prisoner takes a police officer, his daughter, and a group of strangers hostage. Police Story: Lockdown is once again starring Jackie Chan and it's i think the 5th or 6th film in this Franchise and Chan does what he does best a lot of great stunts and the action is handled really well and there's some pretty good sequences with a lot of tension it's not as good as previous films in this franchise but it's not as cheesy as the first few entries in the Saga and if you're open minded you won't be disappointed by this film. I'll give Police Story: Lockdown an A+ i had fun with the film and i was very surprised by it.
I used to be a huge Jackie Chan fan.
'POLICE STORY: LOCKDOWN': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

A reboot to the popular Chinese action flick series 'POLICE STORY', starring Jackie Chan. In this film, also known as 'POLICE STORY 2013' in China (where it was released two years ago), Chan plays a mainland Chinese police officer (rather than a Hong Kong one); who's trying to protect his rebellious daughter, from a hostage situation at a local bar. The movie was directed and written by Ding Sheng and it costars Liu Ye and Jing Tian. The film is quite a bit darker, and more melodramatic, than other 'POLICE STORY' movies; and for that reason (among others) I didn't enjoy it as much.

Detective Zhong Wen (Chan) is a veteran mainland Chinese detective, who's visiting his daughter, Miao Miao (Tian), at a popular nightclub. Wen is angered to learn that Miao Miao, who hates him, is dating the owner of the bar, Wu Jiang (Ye). After a heated argument, Wen is also troubled to discover that the club has been taken over by terrorists; he's knocked out and held hostage as well. Wen also soon learns that he's part of the criminals' revenge plot. Things become more complicated from there, as Wen desperately tries to save his daughter.

I used to be a huge Jackie Chan fan, when I was younger; I've since grown a little tired of the lack of diversity, and originality, in a lot of his films (I also really don't like him as a person, anymore, or his politics). The first three 'POLICE STORY' movies were some of my favorite martial arts action flicks though, and this installment definitely doesn't do them justice. The action scenes are OK, and Chan does give a good performance in it, but the serious dramatic tone definitely doesn't help the film out; it usually makes it seem a lot more cheesy. I was willing to give the movie a chance, despite my recent disgust for Chan (due to his personal views), but the film is definitely a disappointment; for fans of the series or Chan.

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One trapped cop, and a whole bunch of criminals...
I happened to come across "Police Story: Lockdown" (aka "Ging Chat Goo Si") by sheer random luck while searching for Asian movies on Amazon. And being a fan of Jackie Chan, then it was instantly purchased, of course.

I must admit that this is one of Jackie Chan's more mature and serious movies in a while. There are some like this is seriousness, but it is still quite nice to see Jackie Chan step up and perform in a serious movie such as this.

The story is a fairly generic police vs. bad guys kind, in terms of it being a group of criminals having fortified themselves inside a bar and having taking bar patrons hostage. And it is up to the police to gain entry and save the hostages without casualties. But there is a twist to the story, but I will not give any spoilers. And it was also a nice way that director Ding Sheng had opted to go in terms of how more and more bits of information was revealed to the audience. It was a good way to lure people in and keep your attention focused and determined.

Unlike most other Jackie Chan movies, then there is not the usual slapstick action comedy in "Police Story: Lockdown", so if you sit down to watch this movie hoping for it to be a usual Jackie Chan movie, then you will be disappointed. There is but a bit of humor to this movie, and it is subtle and well-used in the movie.

Jackie Chan performs well in a serious role, and he does so with his usual grace and charisma. And the action sequences are performed with Jackie Chans usual delivery of excellence, grace and unique style.

The title "Police Story: Lockdown", seems somewhat of a cash-in on the previous successful "Police Story" movies, because it is totally different police characters that Jackie Chan portrays. But still, it is wholesome entertaining.

This is a good movie if you enjoy police action dramas, and it doesn't really matter if you are a fan of Jackie Chan or not to enjoy this movie. I am rating it seven out of ten stars.
An Intoxicating, Suspenseful and Dramatic Police Thriller
The opening of the film depicts police office Zhong Wen (Jackie Chan) holding a handgun to his temple, resolving to commit suicide. What could motivate a man, after committing himself to a life of law enforcement, to take his own life? This powerful question is what initially draws the viewer into Police Story 2013, a film about crime and punishment, right and wrong, family and survival. Throughout the duration of the feature, arachnid related imagery that appears in the shape of windows, tattoos, toys, amulets and other like items, heightens the idea of being trapped, with no capacity for escape. During one scene, Zhong is strapped by wires (representative of spider silk) to a chair, depicting a massive web, metaphorically developing the notion that he is caught within its trap.

Mr. Chan is superb in this thrilling police drama, and though he is potentially not in quite as many fights as demonstrated in some of the former features in the Police Story franchise, the maturity and intelligence of the script and the plot, alongside the acting, really immerses the viewer in the experience. Mr. Chan develops a character who is professional, mature and family oriented, allowing the audience to be emotionally vested in his character as we fear for his safety, and those around him, his desire to save everyone being not only his gift, but a curse in equal measure. Despite much humor having been used in previous installments, this element takes a backseat over the course of the production.

Zhong, not long into the movie, finds himself traveling to a bar to meet with his daughter, Miao Miao, who has had minimal contact with him over the past five years, the underlying reason behind this lacking familial bond being explored over the course of the feature, the narrative amazingly tying everything together. After arriving, Zhong, and many of the other patrons, find themselves held hostage at the hands of Wu Jiang (Liu Ye). Though there is no doubting his antagonistic attitude, Wu has a set of principles, and is capable of being negotiated with, the reason for holding Zhong, and the others at gunpoint, being slowly explored.

As it is not immediately revealed, the mystery surrounding the plot engrosses the viewer onwards. The film occasionally travels backwards in time, not being consistently set in chronological order, to reveal what has happened previously. Sometimes this is articulated to provide visual guidance for the audience as characters discuss their version of past events, however, it is never truly known if what they emphasize is in fact the truth, or if they are ensnaring people within their own web of deceit, again, linking back to the arachnid imagery. Although Zhong is being deliberately held by Wu for a purpose, he is not the only one, and though we comprehend how he arrived at the establishment the film is primarily set in, how the other characters arrived voluntarily, or through coercion, is largely unexplored.

The incredibly beautiful Jing Tian moreover, provides, quite possibly, one of her best performances. Though Ms. Tian is not quite as physically active in this feature as she has been in some of her other films, she plays not only as Zhong's daughter, but as a nurse, and in a hostage situation, this role gives her reason and purpose. In some of her other films, it seems Ms. Tian may have been cast due to her unparallelled beauty, rather than her talent, however, in this feature, the audience are equally graced by both. Possessing her father's desire to save everyone, alongside an opinionated character with the willingness to survive, Ms. Tian brilliantly spends almost half of the film suffering traumatic emotional agony.

Accompanying the film is an entertaining musical score that helps immerse the viewer not only into the environment, but the situation's climate. Despite the score also heightening the accompanying action scenes, these moments, which are occasionally explosive, seem to be in the background, rather than the fore, unlike in previous movies staring Mr. Chan. Though a car chase offers viewers nothing they haven't seen before, the fighting that transpires at the bar never feels out of place, fitting purposefully with the setting. However, it is the tension and suspense that really draws the viewer in, the action being more of an added benefit.

From the intensity of the beginning, through to the epic close, Police Story 2013 leaves viewers wondering if there will, in fact, be another sequel, and after the quality performances and storyline exhibited in this feature, the answer, is hopefully, a resounding 'yes'.
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