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Rampage: Capital Punishment
Germany, Canada
Crime, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Uwe Boll
Lochlyn Munro as Chip Parker - The News Anchor
Mike Dopud as Marc
Brendan Fletcher as Bill Williamson
Michaela Mann as Marlene
John Sampson as John
Bruce Blain as The Homeless Guy
Storyline: Violent anti-hero Bill Williamson has a plan to change the world by exacting vengeance on the rich, and ripping Washington apart. He holds a number of people hostage and uses his captives as his political platform to spread his message and awaken humanity. It's time to destroy the system, and change won't happen peacefully.
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Almost as great as the first movie...
I enjoyed the first "Rampage" movie for the senseless mayhem and violence that Uwe Boll had unleashed upon the world, and I was thrilled to find out about this sequel.

And now having had the chance to sit down and watch it, I must admit that I was entertained. And I still don't get the fuss about Uwe Boll being a bad director is all about. I enjoy his movies, because they are filled with action, got some interesting political and social aspects that are usually not seen in other movies. I mean, the way that "Rampage: Capital Punishment" ended with a very young girl walking down the street with a gun after having been told to use it on her parents and then on herself, that is not something you see every day, most certainly not from the American cinema.

"Rampage: Capital Punishment" was almost as great as the first movie, but where as the first movie was more based on random violence and senseless killing of random people, the sequel does take up a more political statement about the laws of guns in USA and the results of such laws.

Sure, there wasn't as high a body count in the sequel compared to the first movie, but the dialogue in the sequel was more intense, and there was a lot more thought put behind it. So this movie have potential to get people worked up about the gun laws and the result of people having easy access to firearms.

Once again Brendan Fletcher steals the screen in the role of Bill Williamson, and he does it with flying colors. He really carries the movie quite nicely, and he is actually a nice actor. It seemed that he was really committed to the particular role.

And I must say that I am looking forward to a third movie in the "Rampage" series, if one is to be made.

The reason I am rating the sequel 7 out of 10 stars, and not 8 as I did with the first movie, is because I had expected more action and violence from the movie. But what it lacked in that department, it made up for with a well-thought through storyline with some interesting social and political statements.
Errr... Should I really give a positive review to an Uwe Boll?
Well I guess, I shouldn't review it as an usual Uwe Boll movie... I hate the guy, I hate what he did to some of my favorite video-game franchises... (Check my voting history for a proof) but I've to admit that what he did with Rampage in 2009 was quite a shock, I don't consider Rampage as a movie with a message, or maybe there was...but a negative one... still it was a good movie...

And now we have Rampage: Capital Punishment... I seriously don't know what to say about it... The ending leaves me perplex... I liked the idea of transferring a universal message to a broader audience.

Sure there is the Greater Good message... But it's quite ambiguous... I accept the idea that like a great percentage of world population, including me, Uwe Boll is against violence, the treatment of the population by the world governments, the spying, etc.

But at the same time, we have science helping us advance, and that's the message missing in the movie. Violence doesn't resolve everything...

With the recent events about ISIS, I've the feeling that some people watching the movie would take it as a positive message for mass recruitment for some terrorist organization.

Believe me, I liked the movie, still can't believe it's directed by Uwe Boll... But you've to be open minded, not just anti-Obama or for the liberals anti-Bush.

Make your own opinion.

And Mr. Boll, Thanks (Can't believe again I said that)
This movie is like 'Man Bites Dog' (1992) on speed
I would describe this movie as 'Man Bites Dog' (1992) on speed, just not that professionally executed.

After watching both Rampage movies, I had only one question - was there an idea or even a basic plot in this movie or was it just another wild breed of a slasher ('slashooter') genre? IMO, a bit of both, however the idea of this movie does not match with such of the main character.

What Uwe has shown is that how a modern society can create such a 'hero' that is uneducated, with no aspirations in his life, uninterested in anything that surrounds him and so antisocial, that he would be prepared to murder more than 100 more or less random people thinking that this would change society that created him. Basically because these people does not meet his 'high standards'.

Hiring Brendan Fletcher as the main actor was a very good choice. The way Brendan portrayed the image of a deeply troubled psychopath was surprisingly well done. He smiled where he shouldn't and his facial expressions actually looked very disturbing. Any sympathy you may experience to man's ideas are quickly wiped out when he starts murdering hostages by torturing and abusing them first. This best is shown when he is confronted by a woman who's sister he murdered in the first part because she was 'a really crappy waitress'.

The whole movie was shot quite well with a few holes in a story line, but trust me you probably will not even notice them.
Boll at his Best
Who is Uwe Boll really? Is he like Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez (stuck in adolescence, has a mindless gore-fest fetish, indulges in shock value) without the talent, vision or innovation? Is he smarter than we give him credit for, using just a few dollars to crank out movies that can actually be seen in theaters? Has he simply risen to the level of his own incompetence? The fact that he cannot be ignored, that he refuses to crumble under the weight of his own perversion and badness (in fact, thrives on it) and keeps getting produced over and over and over and over again (and we keep watching) makes me believe I am missing something. Something that maybe, just maybe, just might be good (that is, of cultural value). He is in a way the trashy pulp fiction of movie directors (and holds a doctorate in literature) who surprisingly churns out a pretty good piece of celluloid every now and then. There is so much crap though (such as the BloodRayne series), and yet...we need him. He's like a crime scene clean up guy. Nobody wants that job, but somebody has to do it. Not many want to dedicate their life to making movies about how depraved, sadistic and evil humanity can be, but we still need them. We need them to help us not to forget (Auschwitz for example--if you though Schindler's List was horrifying, think again). Also, unlike the vast majority of Hollywood directors and producers, Boll, love him or hate him, is authentic. He does not cower behind the pen, but confronts his critics head on (even inviting them to box him). And he is absolutely passionate about making movies. I doubt a scene goes where he isn't actually creaming his tightie whities. But the maddening thing is, Boll refuses to learn, refuses to integrate feedback, and this is why his films never get better (sometimes Narcissism is too much of a good thing), and perhaps could be the reason he so often calls people "retards" (where did he get that doctorate again?). He refuses to back down, to be Michael Bay. And I hate Hollywood just enough to like Boll for that reason alone. In his newest movie, Rampage, Boll shows great courage in exposing atrocity as well as the sickness of corporate greed, manipulation and control. The movie isn't in and of itself that awesome (I liked 2009's Rampage much better) it's still vaguely intriguing and watchable, especially if you are a fan of extreme violence. Like I said, we "need" Boll.
Seriously Underrated!!!!
I gave the movie 10 stars not because i feel it's the best, but just to get up the overall average rating of the movie.So that everyone should see the movie. I myself only saw it after my friend recommended it to me. I honestly believe that the movie is underrated and everyone should watch it once at least. Opinion about the message that movie gave is a different issue. Everybody is entitled to have there opinion on what director wants to say with the move or is it really good or bad. I myself think of the movie is worth watching. I haven't seen the first movie, but I think I will watch it soon . This was my first movie of uwe boll and me myself and other people are really surprised,because other movies of uwe boll are not that good i guess.
how to get the brain-dead to think
I have to admit, i did enjoy the senseless slaughter, in the way i enjoy watching Rambo and all those other movies where you see bang-bang for no reason at all. But the real reason i think they added the violence is to force idiots, who don't care and don't want to think, to actually think about the message. Although the message sometimes feels like brainwash and goes a bit fast, it gets through if you can keep up. in my opinion they should have slowed down a bit and take more breaks in between of his ranting (which could be filled with more shooting). I totally agree with his views, and we do have to fight over-population. but just killing isn't the solution, we should think about something else. sure politicians should be hanged for their crimes, but maybe we can make a prison colony and put em there, like how Australia used to be, but this time put the real criminals there. at last i do think this movie might inspire people to rise up in a violent way, and that would be bad. although we cant change the world without sacrifice, we should try to keep things a bit civilized. i hope no-one will go on killing spree after seeing this, no matter how * off you are.
I really enjoyed it.
I know what you're thinking. "Uwe Boll? Really?" And yeah, really. We all know Uwe Boll is king of crappy films when it comes to movies. and yet, somehow, he keeps being able to make them. How? Why? Because even a broken clock can be right two times a day. And after making so many mistakes, he finally got it. in 2009, he partnered up with two of my favorite Canadian actors, Brendan Fletcher and Katharine Isabelle, for a film most found so beyond politically incorrect. But it worked. It had all the right elements and was one hell of a film. Today, right now, a sequel has happened.

After co-producing the first film, a project he believed in, this time around Brendan sat down with Uwe and pitched idea for a follow-up. If there is a way to do a continuation, what is the most true way to do it? The answer is Capital Punishment. Not only is is a well done written, acted, and directed film on it's own terms. But it's exactly what a sequel should be. Enough call backs to the original (and in very creative ways, not just "Here's your flashback!") and yet it still stands on it's own feet, and hits you with such dangerous, unpredictable plot points.

You think a film called "Rampage" condones violence, when it doesn't. No more than films like "The Purge" tell it's audience "this crime is for a good cause." When the point the character himself makes in the film is that he's doing what he does, simply because he can, because he's allowed to. And if it's not him that does it, it will be someone else. And it's scary how true that is, about society and our government and everything. The world is a corrupt place to live in, and this character's statements about social commentary may not make his violence acceptable, but, dare I say, it makes it pretty scarily understandable? We've seen real guys like this character, and we're going to see more. It's the way the world works, sadly. There will always be violence, and movies, television (FICTION) music or video games (ENTERTAINMENT) are never going to be what causes it. Whether it exists or not, the government, people feeling screwed over by this country especially, always will continue to happen.

As much as people speak out about being against violence and crime or "mean people," they still make news and are watched by millions. It's our morbid curiosities on the matter. We don't wish harm or violence to occur, but when it does? Yeah, we'll take a peek. How many people watched the beheading video that was leaked back in 2001? More recently, how many of you watched Tony Stewart kill that racer? We shouldn't watch it, we shouldn't even want to... But we still do. And to me that's what Rampage is commentary about. About a guy who has no shame or guilt in admitting that curiosity, or confronting his lust. He does what he wants to do, because it's what people want him to do. They don't want to be involved, sure enough, but at the end of the day, his story will be the one they're watching on TV. And we're the ones watching a fictionalized movie based on such an idea.

Don't think of it as "an Uwe Boll film." It'd be like if Tommy Wiseau suddenly came out with another movie that by all means was actually good, but due to The Room's reputation, people would go in expecting it to be horrible. I hate Uwe Boll's work, okay? I couldn't even sit through Bloodrayne or House of the dead. But this film is so far away from that. Watch it. Watch both. You know you want to.
Uwe Boll's Unabomber-Manifesto
I really don't understand the Boll phenomenon. His movies are greeted with universal mockery and jeer by critics and entertainment seekers alike. Still he is emitting one Boll-work after the other. How does he manage to do that? It defies common logic. Does he have good friends in very high places? Is he a superior being, far beyond the grasp of normal men? It's probably not a good idea to criticize him or his movies.

But "Rampage: Capital Punishment" isn't really a movie, it's something completely different. The heavily armed and armored Bill, Bolls alter ego, takes a dozen hostages at a TV Station and forces the station's boss to broadcast his revolutionary proclamation, which can be summed up with "Kill the rich!". Not Boll-rich, but billionaires. Not TV bosses, but bank bosses. Actually, you can find similar ideas all over the internet, there are quite a few like-minded souls. We are treated with this rant in it's entirety (5 minutes), while the TV station's boss, played by Boll himself, comments: "The guy is totally right, you know?"

While the movie itself is completely forgettable, this stunt elevates it high above similar airtime fillers. It has to be seen to believe it. Instead of forcing TV Stations to broadcast his message, he wraps it up in a little movie, with much talk, some shootouts and explosions and they'll even pay money to send the Boll-manifesto. The nerve of that guy!

"Revolution NOW!" - Jawoll, Herr Boll!
I know what you're thinking...
An Uwe Boll movie with a rating over 6 stars (currently anyways)? You must be asking yourself if the planets have aligned just right to give this guy some competence? Is the Armageddon approaching? Don't fear though, even the biggest idiots say something smart at least once in their lifetime right?

I watch Uwe Boll films to have a good laugh, don't we all? This one was a little different (although I did let out a few hardy chortles at Uwe's acting in this film).

Now, this is no masterpiece of film-making, but i'd say it's still worth a watch. I can't believe i'm saying this about a Boll film... I must be losing my mind.

The film has a pretty clear, in your face, kind of message (maybe a little preachy). I think the message can be taken all kinds of ways, and it might alienate some of the audience. However, if you just take it for what it is, and go along for the ride it is pretty fun.

Every single movie has flaws, even critically acclaimed masterpieces. In bad movies it's easy to spot the flaws because you aren't invested in the story. Good movies, with engrossing stories distract you (at least the first time watching) from all the mistakes, minor plot holes, camera-work, and things of that nature.

This movie had me fully invested in the story. I think Brendan Fletcher's performance is what kept me invested. I mean damn, he is a extremely talented actor. It really is thanks to him that this movie was so fun to watch. You can tell he really gave a s*** about his role and put a lot into it. I believed his character every single step of the way. I'd recommend watching it just to see him act.

Now this movie is violent (I mean it's called Rampage for Christ's sake) but it isn't full of gore and it give you a break from the violence every once in awhile.

Again, it's got a pretty clear message and I don't think its really saying anything different or new, but Fletcher's performance does make the message pretty powerful (to me anyways).

Look, Uwe Boll blows dogs for quarters, but he took a break from doing that and actually made something decent. Check it out, even if it's just to watch a very talented actor put a lot of hard work into a performance.

I always appreciate it when you can tell someone really had a lot of passion for their role. That someone actually cared about a vision they were trying to bring to the public. Brendan Fletcher does just that.
Despite a wonderful performance from Brendan Fletcher, "Rampage: Capital Punishment" suffers a preachy, aimless, faulty script and a nauseatingly poor production...
I have to say I'm quite shocked by the generally positive fan- reception of Uwe Boll's latest cinematic opus- the sequel "Rampage 2: Capital Punishment." Frankly, because I thought this film marked a step back for Boll after the problematic-but-oddly-satisfying original. Yes, to me, this film felt much like Boll's more infamous early work ("House of the Dead", "BloodRayne", etc.) in that it came off as far too cheap, seems obviously quickly thrown together as a cash-grab, and suffers some bizarrely poor writing.

But hey, to each his own, I guess.

The film follows the continuing exploits of the mass murderer Bill Williamson (Brendan Fletcher in a phenomenal performance... especially for the sub- par material), a man whose world-weariness has caused him to go rogue and attempt to educate the world of its many social and political, all while making dramatic examples by killing off random people in his titular rampages. This time Bill's goal is to raid and take over a television news station, in order to publicly broadcast a personal recording and live interview so he can reach new audiences with his "messages" and ideals.

And while this does sound like a promising set-up, the film quickly implodes under the weight of its cheap production and writer/director Boll's laughable attempts at writing socio-political material.

To start, this film is extremely hard to watch. Not due to graphic violence or shocking content, mind you. No, it's hard to watch because it's just so poorly made. Production value and general mood are non-existent with an obvious lack of budget and and even bigger lack of creativity. The film is predominately confined to a single location (the television studio), which presents a good opportunity to build a sense of dread through isolation and claustrophobia, but the boring shaky-cam camera-work and haphazard guidance of Boll do nothing to build off of this. It's just clearly being thrown together without much thought, outside of "let's shake and zoom the camera every 2 seconds to try and falsely manufacture a sense of grit."

The fact that the scope is drastically reduced does also betray the material, especially after the larger, more "important" and impacting feel of the original. And the bizarre over-use of stock- footage (I would estimate up to 30% of the film is just repeated flashbacks of the original) makes it feel all the more cheap and thrown-together for the sake of a quick cash-in on the minor success of the first film. It's pretty bankrupt from a creative standpoint, and shows a lack of thought or planning.

The writing takes a rather large drastic plunge as well. While I did have some issues with the first film's messy narrative, it worked within the confines of the story that Boll was trying to tell. Here, everything is just so... forced, contrived and preachy, it feels less like an honest effort from a filmmaker, and more like the pretentious ramblings of a first-year film-student's thesis work. Dialog ranges from laughable to groan-inducing, the social-political messages are forced in with all the subtlety of a brick-to-the-face, and the aimless writing will give you whiplash with how horrible it goes through shifts in focus.

The most cringe-worthy scene being a bizarre sequence in which Bill (who Boll is clearly trying to build up as an anti-hero) goes on a bizarrely contrived rant against yoga of all things, making tenuous random thought-connections in order to justify violence against an innocent woman. Seriously Boll... you're so bitter against the world, you now have to attack yoga as though it's a death-sentence worthy crime? Not to mention, this scene and others like it undermine the entire message of the film by making everything that comes out of Bill's mouth sound like psychotic ravings, instead of intelligent thought. So congratulations, Boll... you invalidated your own darned film and everything it's trying to say.

The only saving grace here- indeed the only reason you may want to consider watching the film- is for the amazing performance of Brendan Fletcher. Fletcher is obviously having a great deal of fun with the material, and seems to have a lot of faith in the concept. This is an award-worthy role for Fletcher, and it's a shame he's so devoting himself to such bad filmmaking.

This is a tragic mess by any stretch of the imagination. It's cheap, forced, aimless and displays some truly poor examples of filmmaking.

And for that, I am giving "Rampage 2: Capital Punishment" a very poor 3 out of 10.
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