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Shifting Gears
Action, Comedy, Family, Sport
IMDB rating:
Jason Winn
John Ratzenberger as Conrad Baines
Robert Crayton as Derwyn
James Alcorn as Gas-station Cheer-wine Spectator / Dirt Track Spectator
Cole Bernstein as Charlie
Michael Abbott Jr. as Carl Highburn
C. Thomas Howell as Jenkins
Brooke Langton as Carol Williamson
Adam Hicks as Jeremy Williamson
M.C. Gainey as D. H. - Dirty Harry Hawkins
Storyline: Tom, an over-worked husband and father, abandons his dead-end job to follow his dream of owning his own business. The only problem: he invested everything in a mechanic shop that has a lien in favor of his arch enemy and must now enter a dirt track race to win the prize money and save his family from ruin.
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