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Single White Female
Drama, Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Barbet Schroeder
Stephen Tobolowsky as Mitch Myerson
Christiana Capetillo as Exotic Applicant
Michele Farr as Myerson's Assistant
Amelia Campbell as Check Cashier
Tara Karsian as Mannish Applicant
Renée Estevez as Perfect Applicant (as Rene Estevez)
Kenneth Tobey as Desk Clerk (as Ken Tobey)
Jessica Lundy as Talkative Applicant
Frances Bay as Elderly Neighbor
Bridget Fonda as Allison 'Allie' Jones
Steven Weber as Sam Rawson
Peter Friedman as Graham Knox
Jennifer Jason Leigh as Hedra 'Hedy' Carlson
Storyline: When a 'Single White Female' places an ad in the press for a similar woman to rent a room (to replace the boyfriend she's just left), all the applicants seem weird. Then along comes a level headed woman who seems to be just right. The new lodger has a secret past which haunts her. Written by Rob Hartill
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Pretty good thriller, unnecessary nudity.
I have seen this movie many times and I never seem to tire of it. Bridget Fonda is good as the beautiful, confident yet totally naive heroine - why does nobody check references these days?! Jennifer Jason Leigh is frighteningly convincing as her psychotic roommate.

Fonda as Allie dumps her two-timing boyfriend and is looking for a new roommate within something like a fortnight - OK, first of all this is way too soon. I agree with Hedra when she asks 'Is there any chance you guys might patch things up? Because I don't want to move in and have things change.' She had no business getting a roommate whilst she was still getting over Sam. Her neighbour Gram says after the breakup 'You can always call him, Allie.' To which she replies, 'Not if I have a roommate.'

Therefore (I know it is mean of me) I sometimes find it difficult to empathise fully with Fonda's character, and find myself sympathising with Heddie at times.I blame the writers for this. Allie seemed to be annoyed with Heddie that she was around when Sam moved back in, but she was forgetting that she was responsible for putting Heddie in that situation. Three may be a crowd but Allie made that crowd. Similarly, Allie seemed to virtually ignore Heddie when her boyfriend was there, pretending she didn't exist which is really mean, whoever you are. Especially after treating Heddie like her best friend. When Allie turned her back on her roommate, Heddie didn't know where she stood.

I'm not justifying Heddie's actions, nor am I saying that Allie brought it upon herself. All I'm saying is, she should have been more careful and more considerate and more thoughtful in her actions. With this type of thriller, you pity the villainess rather than truly hate her, which I think is interesting. Although I don't see how all the nudity had any bearing on the story whatsoever!
Psycholgical thriller or high-flown slasher movie...either way it isn't very entertaining
Tasteless piece of Grand Guignol from Barbet Schroeder, a director who should've known better. Independent New York businesswoman Bridget Fonda, having just broken up with her fiancé, advertises for a female roommate and feels an immediate kinship with Jennifer Jason Leigh, a straggly, down-to-earth young applicant who may not be exactly what she seems. Film begins with razor-like precision, including an eerie prologue, but becomes increasingly outlandish, queasy, predictable and ridiculous as the plot thickens. By the overbaked finale, with Fonda swinging down from the rafters, the movie has all but imploded, leaving a depressing pile-up of bodies in its wake. *1/2 from ****
Friends? No! Its much more then that!
This is a tense thriller about an obsessive woman who becomes too enthralled in someone else's life, and even gets herself mixed up in lies, deceit and other bad activities, and the cycle of problems just gets more momentum. The basic plot is that Allison (Bridget Fonda) gets a roommate for her Manhattan apartment (has anyone ever seen an apartment this large in NYC??) after her skirt-crazy live-in lover Sam (played by "Wings" star Steven Weber) runs around on her. It's Headra "Hedy" (Jennifer Jason Leigh) to the rescue! This is one of my favorite suspense films. The setting is amazing, an old spooky apartment building but a gorgeous sparsely furnished apartment within. There really isn't a lot of violence in this movie, mainly just at the end. It's a good suspense movie, though, which builds and builds. The film is stylish, thanks to Luciano Tovoli (Suspiria) cinematography. Fonda and Leigh give strong performances in this movie. This is an underrated thriller, which is surprisingly clever movie.

Overall rating: 8 out of 10.
The (Scarily) Naughty Nineties ...
Along with "The Hand that Rocks the Cradle" and "Misery", "Single White Female" is one of these 90's thrillers whose ordinary setting and minimalist casting are transcended by the aura of a next-door villain, modern and feminine metaphor of the wolf on sheep's clothes, in a time where post-modernist alienation rhymed with isolation. The isolation is only psychological, the villain could be anyone's neighbor and the extents of her craze would make you wish to live as far as possible from her.

And Jennifer Jason-Leigh is perfectly cast as the girl-next-door villain, Hedra, the word next- door taking all its promisingly horrific meaning since she plays the roommate, the one who shares the apartment, the titular "single white female" being Allison played by a lovely Bridget Fonda. Allison lives alone in one of these large, old apartments with an ominous Polanski feel, where walls have ears, and doors these old-fashioned invitations for peeping, the voyeurism induced by the apartment is clearly established in the opening sequence, but more than a simple gimmick, it will give it a subtle Hitchcockian touch.

The film borrows many elements, plot-wise, from the Master of Suspense. Allison lives is a sort of 90's Marion Crane, living alone in her apartment, having an illegitimate relationship with Sam (Sam Weber), she eventually breaks up after she finds out he's still with his ex-wife, and then finds comfort in friendship with Graham, the upper neighbor, an aspiring actor. Her profession? She's a fashion designer working in freelance with Meyerson (Stephen Toblowsky), whose goofiness effectively hides some unprofessional interests on Allison. Anyway, to go through her own isolation, she posts an ad in the press for a roommate. The house is big enough to welcome two person and it's the cute Hedra who catches her eye.

Basically, Hedra fits the requirements because Allison wants a woman like her, single, white… the title says it all, carrying the second Hitchcockian: the dual personality, when one dominates another. And gradually, we witness a reverse of roles. Since "Play Misty for Me" and "Misery", mental characters like Hedra can't fool anyone. She starts as a very fragile and sensitive creature, traits accentuated by Leigh's natural looks, even Fonda looks dominant compared to her. But progressively, she shows signs of possessiveness, she erases mails from Sam, she buys a little puppy to compensate Allie's loneliness, she talks about an obscure twin she lost before, of course, a survivor's guilt undermined her life. Finally, it's Allison feeling an emotional gap in Hedra's life.

The only problem with this kind of film is that you see where it's getting at very quickly if you're familiar enough with psychological thrillers. I remember when I saw it the first time, at 15, I already mourned the puppy as soon as I saw him, at least he didn't suffer from boiling water and had a quick death. I knew from watching another film that when someone finds the victim tied up and get rid of the villain, he's too busy 'playing the hero' to notice what comes behind him … I must admit I felt sorrier for poor nerdy Toblowsky for dying such a straight- to-the-point death while he played his character somewhat à la Ned Ryarson from "Groundhog Day", so as predictable as his death was, I was still in shock.

This is the power of "Single White Female", its use of clichés doesn't deprive them from so many horrific bits of unpredictability. To give you an example, you know someone's got to die in an attempt to save the heroine, or someone dear to the hero to show how evil the villain is. In "Misery", it was the poor sympathetic Sheriff, who died just like that when he found Paul Sheldon, in "The Hand that Rocks the Cradle", well, no spoiler, but you know who got the horrific glasses treatment. So in "Single White Female", there had to be a horrific death, and I must say, I didn't saw that one coming, and neither did Sam whose last shot caught by his eye was a stiletto heel coming to it. And guess what, this is a third connection with Hitchcock, the banal object, a clothing item like scissors in "Dial M for Murder" or a tie like in "Frenzy" serving as a deadly weapon.

The stiletto heel death is indeed the film's trademark, the bit everyone remembers, carefully set up by a scene of oral sex performing. Oh yeah I forgot to mention the film is an erotic thriller but never is the use of sex gratuitous. It provided an atmosphere, a texture of sin and depravity making all the players of that comedy, except 'Allie', cheaters. Barbet Scrhoeder injects some style to what could have been a one-dimensional slasher film, something like the dreadful "The Good Son" with Macaulay Culkin as a kid who was just bad for the sake of it, or to be a breakthrough role for his young star. While "Single White Female" centers on characters that are unnecessarily good or evil, Allie is sweet, comprehensive and patient with Hedra and their mutual affection never quite fade out.

Some bits could have been better handled, why wouldn't Hedra kill Graham instead of keeping him in the bathroom, how wouldn't we expect him to be a last-minute savior? Maybe Hedra would only kill those who tried to hurt Allison, but she was about to kill her anyway. Still, despite some flaws, the film's descent to hellish madness is efficient and the hit-or-miss part, the climax is perfectly done because if your heart shouts "hurray" when the villain gets the last blow… and yet for some reason, you feel sorry for her… you know the erotic thriller served its purpose, and now, it's finally time to catch your breath.

"Single White Female" is based on a simple premise, and provides the perfect requirements of the genre with a sumptuously designed sexy atmosphere. And yes, it's delightfully Hitchcockian.
SWF ISO better resolution
Single White Female begins innocuously, delves into something dark and fascinating, then resorts to a typical slasher-style ending. I was ultimately disappointed with the film, as the deaths incurred here were predictable. But SWF is still an interesting character study about two roommates, seemingly opposite, who eventually look like twins when Hedra/Ellie desperately changes herself to become Allie's double. She is possessive, insecure, lonely, and destructive. I thought this was the real focus of the story, and I wish the ending would have dealt more specifically with that instead of the expected battle. I find this movie especially disconcerting since I am soon to be in college and confined to a very small room with someone I know nothing about. Needless to say, SWF struck a rather sinister nerve.
A real chiller!
This horror thriller directed by Barbet Schroeder is fairly tightly wound with some interesting psychology around an apartment and a ménage à trois. Jennifer Jason Leigh is the mousy, and somewhat dykish, new roommate (and such a beauty she used to be! almost a clone of Elisabeth Shue) interested in Bridget Fonda and Steven Weber (Fonda's semi-cheating fiancé). What we have is women's sex/fear fantasy and titillation with the obligatory "all men are dogs" theme thoroughly worked in. Leigh actually says "men are pigs," which amounts to the same thing, although I guess we could say women are pigs and men are dogs and call it even.

There's some male titillation as well, of course, but Schroeder is primarily interested in spilling blood and out-dyking the dykes. Fonda is kind of cute and sexy, which is why I was able to watch the whole thing. She is, by the way, another one of those children of a star, like Liza Minelli, who would never but never have made it except for the family's stardom, yet achieved a certain appeal through hard work, minimal talent, and a certain audaciousness. She can be striking in a stark, animalistic sort of way. In some sense, her performance here anticipates her role as an America la femme Nikita in Point of No Return (1993) which came out the following year.

Single White Female was considered a controversial sensation when it was released in the early nineties because of the gross sex and violence displayed, but I suspect future generations will see it as high camp and laugh out loud at how it panders to some of our baser instincts. The knock-down, drag-out, blood-flying fight between Leigh and Fonda near the end can be seen as hilarious in its absurdity, and kind of campish as a burlesque of Hollywood's increasingly desperate appeal to blood lust in order to sell tickets. The crude violence and sex was moronically combined with a politically correct portrayal of Fonda as an unsympathetic career girl, fighting the good fight in a world filled with sexist men and sexual harassment. She was in effect the woman as male Hollywood hero. The only thing about her that was all wrong was the hideous, short red hair. Fashion EMERGENCY!


1992 107 minutes Rated: R CC.
Why no soundtrack???
I saw this movie twice, once in its original release in theaters and once recently again on DVD. I enjoyed seeing it again on the DVD and realize I still like this movie. But I always wanted to get the soundtrack for the closing song by Chrissie Hynde. I inquired about getting it and it is not available. I don't believe a soundtrack was ever released for this film. Maybe in the future? Aside from that, I had forgotten just how explicit this film is in some scenes with violence and/or sex. There were many scenes I did not remember. I would say JJ Leigh and Bridget Fonda were both very good, but Leigh in particular I did not even recognize when first viewing the DVD, even though I knew it was her. She looked incredibly different from other roles I knew her from. And she was genuinely scary in this one.
Double missing female (web)
First, I wanted to watch it because of Bridget, but after watching recently DC and FB, I felt it was worthy too because of Jennifer. So their meeting should be engaging and it has been in fact more than that because the movie challenged me in addition on several personal items.

Because I live in one of the poshest area of Paris but in a monk or prisoner cell size studio, I'm highly sensitive to stories that focus on houses (like Dark Water). Here, the place is fantastic because this is an old NYC building, with no modern appliances, high ceilings, maze rooms, and individualistic neighbors… The other development that speaks to me is the twin factor as I'm indeed one. I think it's a heavy factor to build own's personality because it's hard to tie and it's always comparison. In a way, you don't exist by yourself as you are always stuck with your twin. So I could understand the troubles Jenny could feel and her parasitic mood. The last part of the movie is maybe less believable but it's interesting as it's a sort of Misery but in a city! Usually we can think that abductees are hidden in recluse country locations but cities are like a wild jungle and with blind and mind their own business neighbors, this can happen right next door!

So the expected meeting was really captivating, gripping, moving and scary as Bridget is really this cool, smiling, careless and helping girl and Jenny is rather this fragile, determined, brooding one….
A pretty good movie.
Bridget Fonda and J.J. Leigh are roommates but Jennifer is a psychotic weirdo who not only wants Bridget's tampons but her life.IT's a good movie and I enjoy watching it.If there's nothing new or good to rent get Single White Female. You'll be suprised how good Jennifer Jason Leigh and Bridget Fonda mix.
Good movie
This was a pretty good movie but kind of unrealistic. Two things about the movie that bother me the most: 1) Dogs aren't dumb. They don't just jump out from windows and commit suicide. They have their "dog instincts" which protect them from danger. How could Allie not suspect that Hedy threw the dog out the window? 2) So, Allie's neighbors can hear loud music (which didn't even sound that loud) from their own apartment, but they can't hear 2 gunshots and Allie's screams? Hmmm... There are a few other things that bug me about the movie, but they're insignificant. Overall, it's a good movie. Viewer discretion is advised.
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