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Star Trek Into Darkness
Thriller, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
J.J. Abrams
John Cho as Hikaru Sulu
Amanda Foreman as Ensign Brackett
Noel Clarke as Thomas Harewood
Jon Lee Brody as Enterprise Crew Security
Elly Kaye as Star Fleet Officer
Felicity Wren as Starfleet Officer
Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan (rumored)
Anton Yelchin as Pavel Chekov
Chris Pine as James T. Kirk
Leonard Nimoy as Spock Prime
Bruce Greenwood as Christopher Pike
Karl Urban as Bones
Zoe Saldana as Nyota Uhura
Simon Pegg as Scotty
Storyline: When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis. With a personal score to settle, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one-man weapon of mass destruction. As our heroes are propelled into an epic chess game of life and death, love will be challenged, friendships will be torn apart, and sacrifices must be made for the only family Kirk has left: his crew.
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Watch it and ignore the critics!
We watched ' Star Trek - Into the Darkness this afternoon (May 9th 2013).

I am not going to reveal specific details because this film is so new that I am aware that many people still have not had the opportunity to watch it, and I do not wish to ruin their experience.

Having read the points raised in the 'maddog' review I just wanted to say that we found it to be a truly absorbing and brilliant film, and our views are so diametrically opposed to 'maddog' that I genuinely wonder if he/or she actually watched the same film - or slept through it and took a wild guess as to its quality.

Star Trek - Into the Darkness is mainly a fast paced action film interspersed with scenes of human interest which facilitates the deeper development of the main characters and their inter-relationships. The phrase 'bonding under fire seems appropriate.

I would urge people not to be dissuaded from watching this film because a reviewer cannot see the link between Gene Roddenberry's much vaunted ideals and therefore trashes J.J. Abrams work. Let me just say that as I am in my 66th year, I have watched ALL the Star Trek series and films and can advise that this film combines a serious reflection of William Shatner's portrayal of James T. Kirk but also matures Chris Pine as the film progresses. As Roddenberry was closely involved with original Star Trek series I therefore believe that he would approve the direction that Abrams is taking the latest incarnation of Star Trek.

Star Trek - Into the Darkness is aptly named. It is rich in plot detail and exciting to watch. It will have many people sitting on the edge of their seats, willing those embroiled in battle to succeed. Even the villain (stunningly portrayed by Benedict Cumberpatch) warrants a certain amount of sympathy from all fair minded people.

My advice - Go, Watch - and be thrilled by a brilliant film. We will go and see it again!!

Our thanks to all those involved in bringing this to our screen - great job!
Boldly Going Where It shouldn't
The film has lots of special effects; lens flares (again?!), odd camera angles, new props, and lots of loud noise. What the film lacks is a script that makes any sense and scenes that are offensive, useless, and contradict previous scenes minutes earlier. It is obvious that JJ Abrams and the writers don't care about the franchise as anything other than a way to make money. I won't give away any of the plot, because there really isn't one in this film. It rips off two other Star Trek films from the 1980s and is very badly written throughout the entire time the film is running. I won't be seeing any more films by this director, as he appears to believe and has stated that he wants this Star Trek to be remembered over the others. Believe me, this is one person who will remember the 2009 and 2013 films as being the worst ever made in the history of Star Trek. Save your money, don't see this film and don't buy the DVD.
A complicated case of uncomplicated story
It is really a bit difficult for me to comment on this movie, because the people I joined in watching it all thought it was excellent. I did not, and I think I know the reason: I love "The Wrath of Khan". For a few hours after watching it, I was sort of preoccupied with the question if knowing the old movie(s) should somehow improve your experience of "Into Darkness". By now I am sure: It doesn't.

"Into Darkness" is a modern action movie with great fighting scenes, effects and a near to perfect acting performance by Benedict Cumberbatch. That proved to be enough to yield a great cinematic experience in the past, if well done, and it should be here. If you do not know Star Trek or what it stands (stood) for.

Things started to get out of hand once I noticed that the plot was some alternative timeline to the Khan-events. But they somehow managed to take out nearly all the aspect making "The Wrath of Khan" a great movie, in my opinion. "The Wrath of Khan" was sort of a chamber drama, mainly starring Kirk, getting older, and Khan, being riven by grief and his wrath. It was intense, Khan hating Kirk from all his heart, and Kirk using all his wits to defeat his foe. It had some clearly defined, evolving characters, but mainly focused on Kirk and his opponent. It had philosophy, and a (though maybe too obvious) meaning. All in all, it was Star Trek.

Now how about "Into Darkness"? If we just forget about Khan for a moment, every dialogue seemed to be devised to either a) have an action scene as a consequence or b) provide comic relief. There was, for example, no depth in Uhura and Spock discussing their relationship or Spock's thoughts about feeling. There could not have been any, because there was no time to elaborate and reflect. It was a fast roller-coaster trip on multiple routes. In other words: The golden thread, so obvious in "The Wrath of Khan", was either lacking or I simply missed it. (If it was just a simple "friendship is great", uh, well...).

Was the repetition of dialogues from "The Wrath of Khan" with different speakers something like a humorous reference to the past? It seems so, because I cannot derive any sensible meaning from, for example, exchanging Kirk and Spock and so on. Carol Marcus? She did not add anything of interest to the plot (just some boobs...). I would have expected a bit more from the woman supposed to be the mother of Kirks son.

As a side note, am I the only one thinking that it is odd that star fleet officers, even captains, sort of behave like schoolboys? I would have thought it would take more maturity to be in command of a spaceship...

In summary, I would have like this movie as an action movie. Maybe even loved it. Maybe I could have accepted it being named "Star Trek" if it had not referred to "The Wrath of Khan" and the other timeline in general too often. But as it is, I do not manage to like it. Sorry.
Star Trek Into DUMBNESS
*** SPOILERS ***

Star Trek Into DUMBNESS is action packed. Stop reading now if you loved the film because that's the nicest thing I will say. Chris Pine has pretty blue eyes. (Last chance to stop.)

Roger Ebert is looking down from heaven wishing he were still alive so that he could rip Star Trek Into Dumbness to shreds. (God bless you, Roger. And while you're up there, send my sympathies to Gene Roddenberry. It's all gone to Sh--, Gene.)

Star Trek Into Dumbness will gross a mountain of money because of its solid special effects and frenetic and constant action that has apparently put many viewers' brains on stun. But make no mistake, this high octane Red Bull film is flat out bad.

Star Trek The Reboot "jumps the shark" in the very first sequence here. Spock goes into a volcano, the Enterprise is now a submarine... The only way it could have been more abominable is if Jar Jar Binks had shown up.

Actually the Enterprise in the water is a symbol – this movie is a turd. A giant stinking floating turd. Very sad.

(Um, note to technical folks: "Cold Fusion" has nothing to do with actual coldness and cannot freeze super-hot molten lava. But, of course, bad science does not a bad film make – a bad script does that.)

The deftly made first film in the franchise rebirth perfectly handled the origins of multiple characters yet managed to be a rip roaring good time - a feat all in itself. It should have been downhill, smooth sailing all the way after that for gents with such talent. But me thinks now our director and screenwriters are spreading themselves a little too thin with too many gigs.

The film brings back an old and beloved original series villain and in doing so serves to remind fans how good Wrath of Khan really was.

Into Dumbness is a convoluted mess.

The characters have completely devolved into caricatures.

There are too many jokes by too many characters – a misstep which also strips the drama away with misplaced humor. (Pity our future if everyone's making jokes when big bad things start to happen.)

The whole Kirk-Spock "I am your friend" stuff just doesn't work because the filmmakers have not built the friendship in a meaningful way between these two in the 120 minutes that precede it.

There is in fact no relationship building for any of these characters (unless you consider the insufferable Spock and Uhura teen romance squabbles an example of relationship building).

Plot and character have been sacrificed for action, with expository speeches in the final act used in an attempt to patch all the holes (and beg viewers for forgiveness if they were still paying attention).

I still can't figure out the narrative. Something about explosions I think. Oh, the Klingons were in the film too pretty early on but they were forgotten along the way. We're at war with them now – or so we are TOLD I think. Can't really remember; I may have have gotten an early jump on my 2013 tax returns by that point in the screening.

Nice to see RoboCop getting work though – even if it was a one-note role far beneath his talents.

Thank the Great God of Cinema that J.J. is just directing the next Star Wars movie and that the reins of that franchise are in other hands. There still may be hope.
Star Trek: Into Cr*pness!
What a mess. Chases, jumps, explosions, more jumps, terrorism, deaths, resurrections, more explosions, microwaved reheated old enemies, old scenes, clichéd starship battles, reversals of old scenes, demotions, promotions, bikini-xploitation scenes, 9/11 exploitation scenes.

Designed by cynical marketing auto-writing bots for the OCD-suffering crowds apparently.

But: no trek, no mystery, no humanity, no thrill, no wonder, no pacing, no build up of tension, no suspense, no originality, no character development...

Star Wars fans:

Brace yourselves for your turn. The JJAbramsgernot is coming for you...
A Death By Any Other Name
This movie has its strengths and its weaknesses. Building friendships, and staying true to them, it a fundamental theme of Star Trek. This movie did fine in that, though had it not, it would have been a huge betrayal of the franchise.

What this story is in its essence is a cover band singing an old classic song. Others have raved about its newness, its fresh look on characters and relationships, but I am compelled to give this movie failing marks as both a critical lover of all movies and as a fan of the Star Trek franchise. It lacks originality.

Alright, I wanted to go on and on about the failings of this one, but ultimately what I hate is Abrams camera style, the incessant need to have characters killed by way of being sucked into space, but more towards the writers: at least the first movie tastelessly obliterated the Star Trek universe with a new character, but to re-do a movie (the second movie at that) with Khan was sickly stupid.

To their credit, the actors were fine. However, there seems to me something wrong with Chris Pine's face. His lips and nose look really puffy. And while I am at it, the new spin on Kirk's attitude seems like is was written by a teenage girl who just started getting her period.

Because this movie borrowed way too much, turned Kirk into a ditsy bumbler, and tried to cover it up with music that is actually from the original movie -- seeing these things -- I pay for new and original thinking, good writing, material that works without the need for shaky camera work, quick cuts, and loads-o-special effects. And, I would say this for the Original Series as well. While at it, the Original Motion Picture was not that great, so there. But, at least it was original.
For ST Fans, a big disappointment
The new STID is a big disappointment to ST fans: no ST, no new exciting unexplored worlds, no new exciting aliens, flat ST characters, and an infantile script. In fact, most of the "action" is in office buildings and shopping malls on earth.

It is a non-stop mindless mayhem and violence characteristic of today's Hollywood garbage, with nothing of the nobility and uplifting spirit of ST and its characters, the feeling of a ST "family", or the exciting, open minded culture or Rodenberry's inspiring vision of the future.

Instead, we have 2 hours of gratuitous killing, killing, and more killing, with lots of special effects substituting for plot or acting. I feel sorry for the talented ST actors who are debased in this cheap, worthless imitation of ST; while Mr. Abrams might make lots of money with it catering to the masses lowest common denominator, to the ST aficionados, INMHO it is an abomination.

Don't waste your time on it.
Character Review
I was 10 when the first Star Trek series came on TV. I've watch all of the originals, all of Next Generation, all of the movies, a large percentage of the other series, and read several of the books. Regrettably, this movie did not at all feel like Star Trek to me.

I'll review the characters rather than the story:


Bones (Karl Urban): Urban's depiction of Bones was played perfectly. He provided the only banter usually seen among Kirk, Spock, and Bones.

Scotty (Simon Pegg): I'm sure James Doohan would have approved and enjoyed the humor.

Uhura (Zoe Saldana): Saldana's part wasn't up to her acting abilities.

The Klingons: Why would anyone cover up a Klingon's face with a full helmet?

The Enterprise (yes, she is a character): She's a Star Ship not a submarine! That was not Engineering I've ever seen on any star ship in the Star Trek universe – it was a stunt set for running.

Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch): unfortunately a great actor can't go beyond the script. Two major character mistakes in the script: (1) Khan Noonien Singh is too much a living tribute to Machiavelli's The Prince to cry - it's just not in his character. (2) Not a single quote from classical literature to flaunt his "superior" intellect, not one. No Melville, no Shakespeare, no Milton…nothing. Where was Khan's venom, "…from Hell's heart, I stab at thee! For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee!"

Kirk (Chris Pine): Pine is a good actor, but he (and the writers) need to remember that the character Kirk always knows more than everyone else (you can see it in his eyes), always holds something back, and always lets the audience know that he's several steps ahead of everyone else.

Spock (Zachary Quinto): A very good depiction of Spock, but I feel as if something is missing – something subtle about the internal struggle between his Human and Vulcan self. Spock is played too young (he's suppose to be about 40 years older than Kirk) in his attitude and his actions. I don't believe he could break down the barriers of decades of Vulcan training and express the emotions he has in the time-line of this movie – especially not any public displays of affection. And he hasn't had time to explore the concept of friendship with Kirk.

The one place that Star Trek has out-shined all other science fiction (especially Star Wars) is in the sheer body of its stories and characters. That's why the die-hard fans refer to a "Star Trek Universe." That volume of work gives the characters depth.

When Spock died in the original Wrath of Khan the impact was a tremendous and heart-wrenching because it felt true, because it's what Spock would have done, because Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner had created their friendship over time, because we knew the characters. And the words "I have been and always shall be your friend" were spoken to the audience as well as the character Kirk.

Unfortunately the new franchise does not have that depth yet – two stories do not make a deep friendship and this Kirk and Spock cannot transfer that emotional connection from the original stories, so try as they might, the actors just couldn't make Kirk's death work nearly as well. The new franchise has not given its Kirk enough time to even be acquainted to Spock and his crew, so the sacrifice does not have the same impact.

I hope the franchise last long enough, and turn away from "Action" enough, to give this new generation of fans that type of character depth.
Plot holes, plot holes, and even more plot holes galore. Awfully unintelligent.
I'm truly ridiculed by the high ratings this movie got. An 8.2??? It clearly pays to air absolute ridiculous dribble with a whole lot of even more ridiculous 100%-non-stop-action in it, and the masses just love it. I'm no Trekkie and I actually enjoyed the previous movie, but this one feeds you utter and complete crap and just requires you to completely abandon your brain on entry to be able to enjoy it, let alone log in here to rate it highly. This movie is an utter insult to anyone with an IQ above 80 willing to think for just mere seconds at a time. And I'm not even kidding with that.

Just a few questions highlighting the ridiculous plot and even more ridiculous plot holes:


- Why the *piieep* does Kirk hide the Enterprise within the ocean of an undeveloped planet? He could have just orbited it. Since when do Enterprise class *space*ships also have a *submarine* function by the way?

- How does Khan get a top level Starfleet officer to blow up himself plus his super top secret Starfleet agency AFTER saving his daughter? By asking nicely?

- After the blowing up of the archive, how does Khan get flying to a top secret Starfleet (MILITARY!!) meeting with ALL TOP DOGS present.. completely unnoticed, with the perimeter completely *unguarded and defenseless*? Are you kidding me??

- Instead of simply using a missile which would have killed anyone present instantly Khan uses some kind of phaser machine gun on the room, gunning for minutes but leaving many alive and even unharmed? Art thou joking or something?

- After his ship gets blown up by Kirk with a fire extinguisher (is that a joke or what?) how the *piieep* does Khan beam out with a standard issue *portable* beamdevice to a Klingon planet *lightyears* away? While just before an *Enterprise-class* beamdevice can't even get a normal fix on Spock in a volcano a few *miles* away? Please.

- How the hell does Khan get access to his 72 man crew, putting them in 72 torpedoes, while exactly that crew was used by the admiral to blackmail him in the first place? Why the hell would Khan put them in torpedoes in the first place if he had access to them, in stead of just defreezing them?

- Why would the admiral load all 72 super top secret torpedoes created onto Enterprise, while only 1 or 2 would be needed for the mission? Apparently with the bloody things never even *tested*?? And no-one made the "hey 72 torpedoes -> 72 Khan crew missing" connection?

- Why would the torpedoes created by Khan to save his crew be set sharp to explode 'on touch' in the first place? You'd expect Khan to disable them? And ofcouse just blindly janking out some part of it by some blonde babe that knows nothing about them miraculously stops the detonation 1 second before blow-up..

- Since when do Startrek hand communicators have the ability to communicate over Lightyears distance from the Klingon planet Chronos allllll the way to earth? And at the same time the Enterprise radio can't reach earth for a distress call that they're being shot up by the Big Bad Admiral when it's as close to it as being pulled in by earth's gravity?

- How does the Enterprise mechanic get into an ultra top secret base with a standard issue Starfleet Shuttle unnoticed? How did he even get his hands on the shuttle in the first place, since he resigned his position/function?

- How (and WHY actually?) does the Enterprise mechanic get into an ultra top secret highly secured battleship? How does he get into a minutes long conversation with an undoubtedly commando-class crewman while being found AFTER disabling the ship with EVERYONE looking for an intruder with the order to put him down IMMEDIATELY, giving The Good Mechanic the chance to open the airlock for Kirk to get in?

And so on and so forth. And I'm not even touching character interaction yet.

I have no idea where the writers of this nonsensical dribble learned to write a plot but I'd suggest them to pick up another job. Cleaning toilets or something would be a great start. But oh well, the drone masses just love it, so we'll surely have more of this kind of crap to deal with unfortunately...
Worst Star Trek Movie made
What is happening to movies lately? Its all good graphics and no story. Where is the charm of the Star Trek franchise in this movie?

This is the worst Star Trek movie made.

The franchise itself has become a joke. It is all about how much audience it will get, and how much profit it will achieve. It has become a race who does better special effects.

I hope that it comes back to what it was. Exploration...fantasy...a world that thrives to improve, people that work together...and live together without money, and rather focus on improvement of the species.

3 out of 10, just because I'm a fan of the series.

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