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Step Sisters
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Charles Stone III
Robert Curtis Brown as Dean Berman
Aaron Matthews as Phillip
Destiny Lopez as Enthusiastic Guest
Brian Kayode-Patrick Johnson as Youthful college professor
BreeAnna Marie as Theta Sorority Sister
Eden Sher as Beth
Lyndon Smith as Danielle
Matt McGorry as Dane
L. Warren Young as Langston Bishop
Storyline: Jamilah has her whole life figured out. She's the president of her sorority, captain of their champion step dance crew, is student liaison to the college dean, and her next move is on to Harvard Law School. She's got it all, right? But when the hard-partying white girls from Sigma Beta Beta embarrass the school, Jamilah is ordered to come to the rescue. Her mission is to not only teach the rhythmically-challenged girls how to step dance, but to win the Steptacular, the most competitive of dance competitions. With the SBBs reputations and charter on the line, and Jamilah's dream of attending Harvard in jeopardy, these outcast screw-ups and their unlikely teacher stumble through one hilarious misstep after another. Cultures clash, romance blossoms, and sisterhood prevails as everyone steps out of their comfort zones.
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