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USA, UK, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland
Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Simon Pegg as Bill
Paul Reynolds as Doctor
Les Loveday as Young Clinton
Margot Robbie as Annie
Katarina Cas as Chloe Merryweather
Matthew Lewis as Lenny
Max Irons as Alfred
Thomas Turgoose as Raymond
Jay Simpson as Danny
Mike Myers as Clinton / Mr. Franklyn
Nick Moran as Illing
Storyline: In the dark heart of a sprawling, anonymous city, TERMINAL follows the twisting tales of two assassins carrying out a sinister mission, a teacher battling a fatal illness, an enigmatic janitor and a curious waitress leading a dangerous double life. Murderous consequences unravel in the dead of night as their lives all intertwine at the hands of a mysterious criminal mastermind hell-bent on revenge.
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