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The Fast and the Fierce
Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Ron Thornton
Monique Parent as Harriet
Mimi Davila as Donna
Zach Steffey as Benji
Moose Ali Khan as Khalib
Jannica Olin as Alexis
Quinn Knox as Frankie
Kyle Butenhoff as Agent Michaels
Shamar Philippe as Matthew
Sophia Thomas as Stevie
Dominique Swain as Juliette
Adrian Paul as Coleman
Jason Tobias as Kurt
Jes Selane as Henry
Storyline: When terrorists plant a bomb on a commercial flight, the passengers aboard the plane must fight to keep the plane in the air and all the passengers alive: the bomb is rigged to detonate whenever the plane dips below 800 feet.
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A throwback thriller with great lines
Okay, First of all the CG although kind of funny and cool, was not top notch. But was entertaining. Great story, the best one-liners I have heard in a long time. The Acting was solid, Adrian Paul was exceptional, as well as many of the supporting characters were very entertaining, I wanted a little more out of the terrorist who didn't provide much of a transition or turn of his character, he kind of was who he was, but the other characters had some really great moments. The Action took a little too long to get to, most of it is near the end, if you are an ADD type watcher, you might not have the patience to try to think through it. Although I expected more action from the title, I was pleasantly surprised with the story and the best one liners ever.
Very bad movie..
The scenario of the movie may take 5 star. However, the screenplay of the movie takes zero star. While, i was not bored when i were watching the movie, at the end of the movie, i felt like i wasted 90 minutes of my life. I prefer nobody to watch this movie. It seemed to be a kind of 1980s movies.
Definitely a 1 out of 10 as you can't give a big fat zero. All the other reviewers seem to have summed up the film in it's entirety, well except the first review, but as that is from someone who 'stars' in the film then it's not really surprising is it......... Watch it if you want to waste 90 minutes of your life!!
What did I watch
There are no cars in this movie. I didn't see a single car. I saw the interior of car and like half a fire truck but nothing the took me for a bumpy ride. Air speed should have been the title. This movie was useless like a Pogo stick in quick sand. Grappling hooks, bald chicks, racism are all in this movie.
What a load of....
The poster is very misleading. Intending to make it look like something akin to The Fast and The Furious. The plane, the passengers, the crew, the captain, all nonsense. The plane flying between buildings you wouldn't even find in a computer game! And the acting is mostly bad, the plot doesn't make sense, and the last minute is also dumb, dumb. Give it a miss, I really mean it!
Another Asylum production; Don't waste your time!
They try piggybacking on famous blockbusters, with cheap and untalented scriptwriters, cheap production and the most untalented people on the set. Just seeing before watching, that this is an Asylum production, will from now on make me stay away from wasting my time watching any production from this production company!
Why not to see this movie.
Why not to see this movie.

First of all. Realt awful to use similar film poster as the furious series and the same font. Second of alla is that i watched it for 40minutes and all i was was inside a cabin and the plane acting fuzzy in the air. Really really awful movie.

Can i say i didn't finish watching it? First time i commented here and i wanted to do this review so no other person have to waste their time.

on the plus side though, i got to eat creeme cheese and crackers. but that was the only good thing about it.

Don't see it. promise winnie the pooh on a Friday night is funnier.
Not 1-star terrible
Despite the 1 star reviews given by other reviewers, this film has entertainment value. The acting and CGI isn't terrible, I've certainly seen far worse.

What this film does suffer from is liberalism. Like every recent film (which unfortunately come from the left more often than not), it's used as a propaganda platform with the same repetitive tropes.

Typical of leftist projectionism, every white person who is on screen at any time is of course

- Racist

- Evil

- Greedy

- Corrupt

- Cowardly

- Suffering from anger problems

The middle eastern pilot and the black and gay Asian cabin crew are the only good guys.

And of course the only white person who isn't completely evil is a cafe- dwelling hipster with a laptop. But even he is painted as having a grey moral code and skipping out on his own honeymoon.

If you can look past the inherently-racist socialist propaganda then this is a good film for a lazy afternoon, reminiscent of the aeroplane-emergency type films from the 80s
90 minutes of my life wasted
Truly a dire waste of time. 90 minutes of my life I shall not get back. I should have realised from reading the synopsis that it would be a very poor copy of "Speed". Both the acting and scenic effects leave a lot to be desired. Not sure if even watching this film whilst drunk would make any difference to the overall experience.
If we can't get along, the terrorists win.
This is an Asylum production. Director Ron Thornton passed while making it or shorty there after. The mock buster title has nothing to do with the race car on the cover nor does it have "B" actors having stunt doubles drive fast cars with CG effects so they can violate every law of physics.

Benji (Zach Steffey) is one of few people who has access to the "Genesis 7" code which will...well we never know that plot point but we know it is important. He is coerced by Harriet (Monique Parent) into giving her the code. If he doesn't his wife Donna (Mimi Davila), who is in a plane, will die and he will also be paid $10 million dollars which to me would have been a deal closer. Harriet is a bad impersonation of Elle Driver. The plane will become uncontrollable if it does certain try to land. Donna befriends Kurt (Jason Tobias) and calls him Justin for much of the film.

The film has one dramatic riff that it plays over and over. Not to give too much away, but what is a Middle Eastern-American is the hero and in the end a guy with a skin head apologizes for his views. The acting was horrible as I managed to breathe through my mouth for much of the feature. It also had lines like, "As useful as a Pogo stick in quicksand" and "Trickier then trying to get a mule to mate with a sheepdog." These lines would have worked better in "Airplane IV." There are no Volcanoes, meteors, or ice storms to throw this into an Asylum, "so bad it is good" category, but it tries.

Guide: 1 F-word. No sex or nudity.
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