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The Green Inferno
USA, Chile
Adventure, Horror
IMDB rating:
Eli Roth
Sky Ferreira as Kaycee
Antonieta Pari as The Village Elder
Aaron Burns as Jonah
Sally Rose as Teacher
Matías López as Carlos
Ramón Llao as The Bald Headhunter
Ariel Levy as Alejandro
Lorenza Izzo as Justine
Daryl Sabara as Lars
Magda Apanowicz as Samantha
Richard Burgi as Charles
Storyline: A group of student activists travels to the Amazon to save the rain forest and soon discover that they are not alone, and that no good deed goes unpunished.
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Remarkably lame
I'd hoped for something - maybe a more clearly horrifying, less trashy-exploitative reinterpretation of the 70's Italian shocker that Mr. Roth was faithfully emulating. There WAS something unnerving (and elusive) to "Cannibal Holocaust,"as grubby and amateur an effort that it was. Sadly however, "The Green Inferno" misses whatever that quality was by such a huge margin, one wonders what on earth the filmmaker was thinking. Did he even understand what made that earlier film work?

Cardboard characters with cliché feelings, motivations so caricatured they border on contempt for the audience. We don't care that these characters may perish. Neither the story nor the filmmakers take them very seriously beyond their value as flesh, a miscalculation on several levels.

The internet has conditioned or calloused us to footage of dismemberment, beheading and viscera. This subject was taboo and terrifying in the 70's when one could only see it on the rare videotape - the secretive quality made it so much more forbidden. Today, we actually need more context to be horrified.

The primitive natives could have played a wonderful contrast to the American/European characters, but they were treated with even less interest beyond their basic caricature. A simple look at "Apocalypto" might have given Mr. Roth some pointers about how an alien culture can be horrifying with violence. But there is nothing that lofty here. What the natives do is given the aura of "yikes" rather than dread or horror.

"What is it that makes cannibalism horrifying?" is a question which isn't even asked in this film. The filmmaker takes it for granted that it IS horrifying and leaves it there. There is no exploration beyond the visual; what we do get in terms of exploration feels tame since there is no awareness of why it even needs to be understood.

Horror is not an easy genre to master, we are skeptical about the nature of manipulation. We are more aware than ever about psychology, media, character motivations and what makes stories compelling; it's the reason why TV and film has rapidly become so much more sophisticated. Death requires more context to induce terror - horror movies cannot take anything for granted. Mr Roth's successful efforts concentrate on the issues of sadism/torture and/or the fear of pain. This one takes the subject of cannibalism and doesn't explore it beyond it's basic mechanism.

This is a sad, bland film which is sadder given how much the intent was to be shocking and ghastly. It achieves neither.
Eli Roth, known for Hostel, Grindhouse & Cabin Fever, as always tries his best in his own movie genre, which can only be described as splatter parody.
That's one ridiculous movie indeed. Eli Roth, known for Hostel, Grindhouse & Cabin Fever, as always tries his best in his own movie genre, which can only be described as splatter parody.Be prepared for a few crazy splatter scenes, along with some utterly ludicrous ones. This movie will probably be remembered in the future as a B' movie, but I have to tell you that the script is well worked (ecological thoughts mixed with criticism on western life, but at the same time a dose of racism is necessary for Eli Roth's parodies) and the cinematography is perfect. Needless to say do NOT choose this movie for your first date (unless you want to troll her). Choose your most immature buddy instead. The Green Inferno will have you rolling on the floor laughing a few times.

Grade: C+
This cannibal movie did serve the audience something to chew over, but it was a bit of a gory cold shoulder
Inspired by Italian cannibal films of the late 1970s and early '80s, including the 1980's Cannibal Holocaust. This Mondo horror film from director Eli Roth, had a troublesome production since it was filmed in the deep jungles of Peru. Actors almost died, there, due to yellow fever, venomous snakes, and flooding. Things got more delay, when money issues arise, with the production company, Worldview Entertainment. While, the movie was made for a 2013 release date. It wasn't until fall 2015, that the movie got shown to audiences. That's really a bad sign. It didn't help that the general emphasis of this film focuses on various forms of shocking, often graphic acts of violence such as torture, rape, and cruelty mutilated. Many of this dark subject matter was often, a turn-off to the general audiences. So it was no surprise that this movie kinda went, under the radar to most people. I just happen to saw it, on a dime. The movie tells the story of a group of student activists travels to the Amazon to save an ancient native tribe from being wipe out. Only to find themselves, being fed to them, when they're mistaken for the enemy. Without spoiling the movie, too much; my opinion on it, is the same as the other films in the genre. I like, how the movie has themes of anti-imperialism and third world oppression. However, I found, bits of the film discussion, a bit annoying. I really didn't care, for a most of Eli Roth was trying to spill. A lot of the things, he was trying to make, a statement for or against; didn't make sense. Honestly, how does the small group of college students go from being a social activism organization for worker rights in the United States to environmentalism and protecting Indigenous peoples in South America? That's a large jump! I don't think, that's how social activism groups work. Also, its takes forever for the film to establish them, in Peru. Did we really need to spent, so much, time to see if the main actor, Justine (Lorenza Izzo) would join or not? Also, if Justine, only join to the organization to stop female genital mutilation in other countries; why could she care for a tribe that practice such rituals? It gets worst, toward the end of the film, when she still, has no problem, against the tribe, even after, they kill, nearly all her friends! Honestly, this doesn't make, much sense! Also, it's really hard to believe, that anybody would, follow, the leader of the group, Alejandro (Ariel Levy) to such extremes. He wasn't charismatic, or seem smart at all. Honorably, everything, he says, doesn't make a lick of sense. A good example is when he compare their fraudulent to an inside job, during 9/11. Wow, that's sound really jarring. I know, the movie wants to make him, as unlikeable as possible, but gees, scenes like, where is jerking himself off, or preventing their escape; really does seem out of character, even for him. The actor that played him, was horrible as well. I can barely understand, what he's saying, under his thick atrocious Latin American accent. The rest of the cast, while, mostly likable and well-acted, are still paper-thin stereotypes or caricatures. They are made to fit certain archetypes, such as the virgin, the whore, the stoner, the smart guy and last, the token black guy who dies first. They were somewhat impressive, but greatly misused. The cannibalism tribe, in the film was also, memorable. They were a real ingenious tribe in Peru that Eli Roth and crew met, while location scouting. They only agree to star as extras, when Eli Roth and the crew, agree to offer them, free food & supplies. Despite most of them had no concept of what a movie was, or how to act. For the most part, the non-cannibal tribe, did, their best. After all, Eli Roth did show them, a few cannibalism movies as example. The film is often criticism for its racial depiction of indigenous tribes, but in my opinion, is that just what exploitation films like this, does, best. After all, it's not a movie made for a political correction. While, the movie is bit, notorious for its violence. It's somewhat tamer than the older cannibalism movies. Yes, the movie starts out somewhat scary with its brutality sacrifice gory scene. However, the film get really, somewhat cheesy and clumsy, toward the middle, when the film felt like it, needed to lighten up. It starts to show, more, off-screen kills and more gimmicky, non-bloody deaths. It also started to get, really dumb. Scenes like where the tribe get super-baked, people getting cartoony done- explosive diarrhea, and out of place, dream-like jump screams were really stupid. It really took me, out of the film, due to how unrealistic, it was. At least, there wasn't any real animals being killed here, like Cannibal Holocaust. The film's links to Cannibal Holocaust are numerous. In addition to being one of Eli Roth's favorite horror films and the one that inspired his directing career. "The Green Inferno" title was actually the working title for Ruggero Deodato. However, this movie can't match the films that it paying homage to. Overall: This movie is a hard to chew film that most people will most likely, not like. For the very few, it might be worth-watching, but for me, it's wasn't that entertaining. It's not worth, looking at the Amazon, for.
WTF happened to Eli Roth?
Possibly I was very young when I watched both Eli Roth-directed Hostel films because, honestly, I found both very nice horror pieces... Whereas Green Inferno is a piece of crap. OK, it is gory. But that is pretty much it.

Before watching it I had watched Roth's new feature, "Knock Knock", which is even crappier (as it is equally stupid but even more embarrassing and way less graphic), but I had decided give Green Inferno a try since I like the Hostel franchise and I respected Roth's work as a horror filmmaker, and because the previews seem promising... but I shouldn't have.

It is disguised as a tribute to cannibal films but it is too not charming. It makes me wanna watch Hostel films again so I can be sure whether Eli Roth was a shitty director all along, and therefore I was too young to have noticed it, or his first features were just beginner's luck.
Bloody Atrocious
Eli Roth's The Green Inferno has premiered at several film festivals over the past two years before finally getting a wide release in the United States. The Green Inferno is about a group of college activists who visit Peru in hopes of stopping the destruction of the indigenous people's land. The group soon finds themselves at the mercy of these indigenous people and their cannibalistic nature. Eli Roth's filmography has been very hit or miss for me. His directorial debut Cabin Fever is a great, campy horror movie, but I'm not a huge fan of his Hostel movies. The Green Inferno and its terrible script is more disturbing than any of the film's gory visuals and left me wondering the intended audience for this atrocious film.

Justine (Lorenza Izzo) is the lead in The Green Inferno, and she looks like an Oscar caliber actress among the other terrible performances. While poorly acted, the characters have no depth and all are generic characters you've come to expect in horror movies. These include, but are not limited to, the nice guy, the loose girl, the stoner, etc. The indigenous people give the best performances in the entire film. They are actual villagers on the Amazon, and because of that, they feel very authentic.

There are so many things in the story that are silly and don't make any sense. One way I can sum this up is by using a mild spoiler as an example so SPOILER ALERT. At one point when the group is captured, they put a small bag of weed inside a dead body as part of an escape plan. So when the cannibals begin to cook this body, the weeds burns, and gets the tribe high. This knocks out a large group of them so the group can begin their escape. END SPOILER ALERT.

Knowing what to show and what not to show is very important when it comes to movies in general, even more so with horror movies. The Green Inferno relies on gross-out visuals for a majority of its runtime, and after an onslaught of gore and violence, I became numb to it. Sometimes less is more, and I found myself tuning out after a certain amount of the relentless visuals. A lot of the violence is filmed in this hand-held, shaky style, and this gets old very quickly.

The special effects are not very good either. Some of the blood is practical, but the blood and other effects added in post-production leave a lot to be desired. A CGI panther is the worst offender and looks like it was pulled from a SyFy original movie.

Eli Roth is known for his strange humor in his movies, and he again attempts to break up the violence with laughs. The dark comedy amidst people eating other people doesn't mesh or make sense tonally.

All the generic characters, silly script, gross-out gore, and comedic misfires really make me wonder if this film is for anybody. Hardcore horror and gore fans will be put off by the shaky style of filmmaking, and your average movie fan will be sick to their stomach seeing the film's gross-out visuals. Which makes this even crazier is that this movie has received a wide release. I hope Eli Roth rebounds from this, but until then, he should just stick to Shark Week.

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Unique, but not Necessarily Great
I didn't know what to expect from this one but I finally saw it on a whim. The trailers were all mysterious and left me wondering what it was going to be about. Well, after watching the movie I can safely say that the movie doesn't really have any purpose but to gross us out, which, to be fair, it accomplishes quite well actually. I can't say that I'm a huge Eli Roth fan since his movies usually have weak stories and this film is no exception. It has a few entertaining parts but only if you're into some of the bloody stuff.

The story focuses around a young woman named Justine (Lorenza Izzo). Justine has joined an activist group at her college to try to make a difference in other people's lives. She and her classmates head to the Amazon to stop some demolition work in the rain forest. They succeed in doing this but the return trip doesn't go quite as planned when their plane crashes and they're found by a tribe of cannibals. Yeah, it's not going to be a very good trip...

I'm going to be honest. I don't know who any of these actors and actresses are in this movie and I'm not really impressed with what I saw from any of them. These characters remind me of the exact same characters that I've seen in almost every slasher film that I've ever laid eyes on. Izzo plays the sweet and naive Justine that believes everything will be alright and that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. She does portray fear pretty well, which is good since that's the primary emotion we see Justine portray in the film. She's more likable than the others so it's easy to root for her but I still wasn't impressed by her acting ability. The only other character that stands out in my mind is a character called Alejandro that's played by Ariel Levy. This guy is one of the douchiest characters I've seen in all of cinema, which is saying a lot actually. This guy is pure scum and he's the only one of the entire group that you want to see get it in the end but his final fate is left ambiguous. The acting is largely forgettable but there are a few highlights.

The actual rain forest that the film takes place in is actually gorgeous and evokes many different emotions. It's hard not to appreciate the beauty of the place and we don't want to see it destroyed but there's also a sense of mystery and brutality that permeates everything we see there. The animals are frightening enough but then we see the actual human inhabitants and this beautiful place becomes a living Hell. The actors and actresses playing the parts of the cannibals did a decent job of portraying a bunch of brutal killers. From what I understand, these people weren't trained thespians at all but I felt like they did a better job than the actual actors. This part of the film is easily the most entertaining but that's because of the shock value. The story is severely lacking but the gross ways that the characters are murdered and eaten is at least something we don't often see in the movies.

Despite the relative uniqueness of the film in the movies of today, the weak story and characters keep it from being a truly great film. It's worth a watch if you're into horror films and the ever elusive sub-genre of cannibal films but I believe most movie goers probably won't enjoy the film a great deal. I'm a bit ambiguous since there are a few things that I liked but the poor story and unlikable characters make it hard for me to really get into. The gory scenes didn't bother me as much as they did some others I knew but they didn't really do anything for me either. I was curious at times if Roth was willing to do what I thought was about to happen and it turns out he's more than willing to 'go there'. If you don't have anything else to watch then I'd say go for it. Just don't expect anything too extraordinary.
the green inferno raises several red flags
First of all, I have no doubt in my mind Eli Roth is a talented man. I think his work has great potential to be, as kind words can put it, great entertainment. So why is it, every time, something is executed with his name branded to it, it's flawed every single time? Even Hostel was a bit uneven, although I will admit, it had great cinematography. The Green Inferno is almost impossible to watch. And when I say impossible to watch, do not take this warning lightly, because I don't say this about too many films. Some movies, I believe, are disturbing to watch, maybe unbareable to watch, and some are just plain mediocre to watch. When I say impossible, let me back up my theory and break this film down for you. It is divided into two parts. The first part, if you make it past the snooze fest, is long, boring, talking sequences...almost feels like a documentary. A few fun facts, give or take, but...THAT'S IT! It becomes clear that this is just a bunch of fat on the meat and potatoes of the film. And what is the meat and potatoes? Well, let's face it, you know what you're getting yourself into when you watch anything by Eli, so brace yourself for the second half...which is a parade of seemingly endless, unnecessary acts of violence and cannabilism. What I cannot get past, with this movie, is the fact that all the victims in the film, are axed off for a good cause. They are trying to save a rain forest! The meaning behind this sends mixed signals for me, which we abandon our dreams of trying to do something for a good cause, because some insane tribe may try to eat my innards for breakfast? There is a disturbing scene where a girl opens her own jugglar vein to escape the madness. I don't know, I just did not like it. At all. In fact, I would safely assume that Eli Roth has burnt a bridge with me. The scene when a man holds up a severed head, I almost laughed at how phallic it can almost see the splinters on the wood...HA HA! Again, this is not for me, I think it's a gore hounds movie only.
What happened Eli?
First off, this wasn't anything close to the so called remake of Cannibal Holocaust. Why did it take forever for them to get to the Amazon? Why was the acting forced? Why did it seem like everything was user scripted? The tribe was kind of cool I will say that. You can tell they did it on location, but even the militia people looked and acted fake too. I mean, come on people. Eli Roth should have known better than kicking his fan base in the teeth and laughing at us the whole ways to the bank. God it was just bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad. The gore was bad. I was very upset with it. Then that ending, what the heck was that? Lucky to get 3 out of 10 honestly!
The Green Inferno 5/10
After the mainstream's short-term interest in the torture horror phase, there are very few writers and directors who are trying to keep that sub-genre relevant. Eli Roth is one of those brave folks who are still taking stabs at his beloved sub-genre with the ability to produce a film for a wide release. Roth's The Green Inferno had a lot of people talking but never did take off with good reviews or a cult following. I'll give Roth credit that cannibal movies and scenes are really disturbing for some reason, way worse than when a zombie feeds. However, unsettling gore sequences aren't going to create tone or a creepy atmosphere. More had to be done with character development, finesse dialogue and finer editing. The Green Inferno had none of these attributes and included an unrealistic storyline, laughable poor acting and a lack of mystery. The Green Inferno has its moment's midway through the film but falls totally flat where it should be at its most dynamic.
Repulsive with a Capital R
Ever since I saw "Cabin Fever," I always pictured Eli Roth to be a very odd duck. I myself am an odd duck but he has some rather interesting tastes when it comes to making movies, tastes that put mine to shame. From what I read about him, he does not like the sight of real blood but has no problems with fake blood. By itself, that part makes no sense. What kind of movie maker (particularly one who makes horror movies) can be so squeamish about the sight of real blood?

Anyway, I digress. Going into this, I had no real high hopes for it. I just wanted to see what it was like and nothing more. True to form, it was typical Eli Roth, the king of shock value. When I watched this (it was late at night and I thanked God I had an empty stomach), it definitely grossed me out...and it takes a lot to do that, by the way.

A group of college environmentalists take a plane ride into the jungle and end up being involved in a cliché plane crash that leaves a number dead and others injured after the fact. Those who survive then have to fight through the dangers of the jungle in order to survive and end up being on the wrong end of a cannibalistic tribe with all sorts of weapons and techniques at their disposal.

There was never a moment in the movie where I didn't squirm in my chair...and, to repeat, I almost rarely do that. If Eli was trying to do an homage to the 1970's cannibal movies by making this filth, he failed miserably. In true survival horror movie fashion, only one of the survivors walks away and heads back to the real world, forever scarred by the horrors that she went through in the jungle.

I have never truly been a fan of Eli Roth. I've seen "Aftershock," which is just as revolting. I've seen "Cabin Fever," which is decent enough for a few scares. Now there's "The Green Inferno," a nonsensical waste of time that should have never been made. There is a reason why those types of movies were made in that time: you were more likely to be scared during the 1970's than you are now, where you become more numb than anything.

I wouldn't even recommend watching this on a bet, not even by yourself or with friends...that is, unless they're friends that you don't ever want to talk to ever again. Watch something else other than this. Your stomach and your friends may thank you.
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