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The New Girlfriend
IMDB rating:
François Ozon
Aurore Clément as Liz, la mère de Laura
Zita Hanrot as Serveuse restaurant
Anna Monedière as Claire 7 ans
Jonathan Louis as Un homme en soirée
Pierre Fabiani as Homme salon de thé
Jean-Claude Bolle-Reddat as Robert, le père de Laura
Anita Gillier as Infirmière
Alex Fondja as Aide-soignant
Claudine Chatel as La nounou
Bruno Pérard as Eva Carlton
Romain Duris as David / Virginia
Storyline: Claire and Laura have been friends since primary school. Now, in their adult lives, with each happily married, to Gilles and David respectively, they are as close as ever. Then Laura dies after an illness and Claire's world is suddenly very empty. Being the godmother of Laura's child, Lucie, Claire visits David and Lucie, only to discover he has a startling secret...
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each theme and solution, scene and flavor, cliché and provocation from the Francois Ozon 's circle is present in The New Girlfriend. the game/joke skin of story, the seductive song, the gay sparkles. result - a kind of comedy. because , and it is not a really surprise, the director presents a large scene without precise direction. and that spring story has the sin to not explore, in the fair manner, the potential of story, the art of actors - Romain Duris is better than the ambiguous sketch from movie and Raphael Personnaz is not only the gray-shadow man . but, sure, for the fans of Ozon, the film could be a delight.
I loved it.
After going over the film list for TIFF 2014 this movie seemed to stand out to me. Based on what I was reading it was actually different from what I expected. I suppose my imagination is just not very creative lol.

I did see this movie with a female friend and she really enjoyed it as well. What I do remember if that within a few minutes of starting the whole theatre was in tears. And then a few minutes later we were all laughing so hard we were crying. That is all I will so so as not to spoil it. We did enjoy the acting, the lighting, the costumes etc. The ending was also very suspenseful and the way tings finished were very interesting. I guess you have to see it for yourself and make your own judgement.

I strongly urge you to watch it and come back with your comments, recommendations, suggestions.
People are strange, and that's OK
To avoid spoilers I won't discuss the plot. I'll just say that the movie is about people, in all their strangeness, and you'll come to understand and care about even the oddest among them. It's an enjoyable movie. It contains some tasteful but very hot sex scenes that mean it's not for the kids.
Interesting themes, but doesn't quite hit the mark
Claire and Laura have been friends since primary school. Now, in their adult lives, with each happily married, to Gilles and David respectively, they are as close as ever. Then Laura dies after an illness and Claire's world is suddenly very empty. Being the godmother of Laura's child, Lucie, Claire visits David and Lucie, only to discover he has a startling secret...

Interesting, and very contemporary, themes, but doesn't quite hit the mark. The "secret" and its consequences were very intriguing and director Francois Ozon developed the theme well. We see how Claire adapts to it, welcomes it and even likes and encourages it. We also see David turn from regarding it as something to be hidden to something to be celebrated.

So far, so good. However, from a point Ozon doesn't know where to go with this and how to wrap it all up. We have a few false starts and red herrings.

The conclusion is a bit too neat and isn't entirely consistent with what went before. While incredibly novel, and even a bit funny, it massively oversimplifies the issues and ideas that were raised in the movie. It also feels rushed. After slowly and methodically developing the themes in the first 2/3rds of the movie, we skip some necessary plot development and get straight to the ending.

Ultimately, so-so, on the margin between okay and meh.
Honestly this film is a disgrace to Cinema (from a long standing cinephile)
It was just an appalling film. I wasn't even sure what genre it didn't have the intensity needed to be a drama, no real psychological tension to be a thriller, nor was it a comedy - not at all funny, awkward, flat, poorly acted...or perhaps just horribly directed, but perhaps above all it was just an absurd melodrama that left me uncomfortable, very shady and so offensive: homophobic, transphobic and so disrespectful...and done so one such a subtle level, allowing characters to throw such casual lines as: "Lucy has been having a hard time...she lost her mom and now she has got a gay dad".... not a joke, not a sarcasm, but the general and naturally unchallenged and so easily it seems digestible thought by film's positive, and charming and exemplary character..and there was nothing in the script for Anaïs character to react this was absolutely flat..just bizarre. I felt more and more uncomfortable about this film, by how completely unbelievable and cliché its story and twists were, how stereotypical and superficial the main issue of the film was portrayed, I was embarrassed to sit and witness it, with its cliché showcase of glamour and rich life which was infused with meaninglessness that is celebrated as some sort of revelation in character's transformational journey - I mean it has to be the worst transgender film in the history of the film - no trans person could identify with this film, it's demeaning, disrespectful, doesn't do no justice and if anything darkens people's knowledge of what trans people actually go through, it creates nothing but a more shallow stereotypical outlook handed as an 'entertainment' inviting everyone to laugh AT the main character rather than WITH. Sadly, we got this instead of a film which stimulates an actual much needed dialogue and awareness with integrity, tenderness and raw material. I am so upset with this film, there were a few people who left before me and my biggest regret is that I didn't leave before them. I resent Ozon and I am not sure if I will ever go watch his another film....and I am disappointed that such delicately and subtly insulting film is being blindly screened....a sad day for a cinema.
What a beautiful film!

This movie is definitely one I will recommend if asked. I enjoyed watching the plot unfold and was never bored. The visual experience is comfortable since there are many calm scenes shot in beautiful places and soft light.

Considering the subject of this film I want to point out that it might not be a movie that trans* individuals find themselves relating to a lot, but rather one that is educational for people who wish to get an impression of what changes this kind of realization brings about in a person and their relationships.

The first statement I made because David, as he undergoes his transition to Virginia, faces just enough problems to give outsiders an idea of what it must be like to find ones whole life changed in such a way while also establishing a background for her that means that her transition is mostly the only thing she has to worry about.

She is privileged in many ways and thus never faces the additional problems a lot of trans* individuals do, simply because they have to work and/or have limited funds at their disposal. Virginia is laughed at by a man in public, but other than that does not appear to live in a part of the world where she needs to fear for her safety leaving the house as herself. She is fortunate in that way, too. This is not the norm, and movie-goers should keep that in mind.

It was very good to see that there was no fuss made about the little child the main character has. Her ability to be a parent is not brought in relation with her gender identity.

Trans* individuals hoping to find themselves in Virginia might be disappointed because this movie focuses less on the worldly everyday troubles that tend to dictate a life and much more on Virginia's relationships and how they evolve together with her identity, so many conversations are specific to her situation. Cis individuals will definitely recognize their own reactions in those of Virginias friend Claire, as one tends to have them in the exact same moments as she does throughout the movie.

If by the end of this visually pleasing, beautifully underscored movie one finds oneself ashamed for having sympathized with Claire when she told Virginia that her behaviour was 'ridiculous' and that she needed to 'stop this', then one would be right to feel that way.
Wonderful Film
This film was a wonderful surprise, a treasure found by accident. I'd never heard of this film, but knowing that Romain Duris and Anais Demoustier were in it was enough to draw me in. I've always enjoyed Duris' work. He has great range as an actor and goes all out in almost everything he does and Demoustier is a beauty whom I first saw in BIRD PEOPLE made only a year earlier.

So, the first ten minutes or so went by rather slowly, and I was only half paying attention to the film. But once we see Duris' character David transform into Virginia, and see Demoustier's character Claire react to the transformation, the film begins to flow in the most wonderful way. You're heart really goes out to David/Virginia as judgments fall by the wayside. You see the struggle, the vulnerability, and the joy all at once in Duris' performance, and how it draws Claire in. Demoustier's performance is so subtle and so beautiful in this film and balances with Duris' so effortlessly.

The dance these two do, and myriad of topics introduced, gender identity, sexual identity, moral identity, friendship, family all tackled in such a fresh way, i.e. not making too big a deal about it. Also, I found this film to be fun and funny and had a smile on my face throughout. I love the fact that the jokes, the laughs were derived from the shear joy and surprise of the scenes and not made at the expense of any of the characters or groups portrayed in the film. In the end, I felt not only entertained, but enlightened. I love films that create their own world, their own moral universe of codes and standards, their own ideas of what is right and wrong. This film stretched a little of my universe. It surprised me not only with its subject matter and its wonderful details, but offered me a chance to surprise myself with my own feelings towards them
Can your BFF be a man?
The French film Une nouvelle amie was shown in the U.S. with the title The New Girlfriend. It was written and directed by François Ozon.

Claire and Laura were best friends for life. Tragically, Laura dies suddenly, leaving her husband David and their infant daughter bereft of wife and mother. Claire (Anaïs Demoustier) visits David (Romain Duris) unannounced, and she is amazed that he is wearing Laura's clothes. We learn that David enjoys cross-dressing, and he (as Virginia) and Claire become BFF's.

That means there's a triangle, or quadrangle, depending on your point of view. We have Clare and her husband, and David, and/or Virginia. The rest of the movie plays out around these relationships.

As I write this review, the film has an IMDb rating of only 6.6. I think it's much better than that, and I hope potential viewers won't be turned away by the underrating of this film.

We saw Une nouvelle amie on the large screen as part of the great ImageOut, the Rochester LGBTQ Film Festival. It will work very well on the small screen. Find it and see it!
A young woman makes a surprising discovery about the husband of her late best friend
In the summary, I'm only quoting IMDb's storyline for this film. This is all you need to know about its plot.

I just like Ozon's films. I have my favourites, but in all of them I find what I found on Une nouvelle amie: Good story, provocative, even thrilling; good script; well filmed; very nice cinematography; excellent performances. Both Romain Duris and Anaïs Demoustier fit perfectly in their roles. I'd already seen Duris in a couple of films where he provided very good and convincing performances (I now recall De battre mon coeur s'est arrêté; very nice), thus I was happy to find him again (I watched the film only knowing it was by Ozon; that's all I needed to know) and, at the same time, quite surprised about his role. I knew nothing about Anaïs Demoustier and just loved her. Not only she gave a very nice performance but she is also beautiful.

If you are a Ozon fan, like myself, you cannot miss this film.

If you just like plain good cinema, give this film a try. You will enjoy it.
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