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The Pianist
UK, Germany, France, Poland
Drama, Biography, History, War
IMDB rating:
Roman Polanski
Adrien Brody as Wladyslaw Szpilman
Thomas Kretschmann as Captain Wilm Hosenfeld
Frank Finlay as Father
Maureen Lipman as Mother
Emilia Fox as Dorota
Ed Stoppard as Henryk
Julia Rayner as Regina
Wanja Mues as SS Slapping Father
Richard Ridings as Mr. Lipa
Nomi Sharron as Feather Woman
Anthony Milner as Man Waiting to Cross
Lucy Skeaping as Street Musician
Roddy Skeaping as Street Musician
Ben Harlan as Street Musician
Storyline: A brilliant pianist, a Polish Jew, witnesses the restrictions Nazis place on Jews in the Polish capital, from restricted access to the building of the Warsaw ghetto. As his family is rounded up to be shipped off to the Nazi labor camps, he escapes deportation and eludes capture by living in the ruins of Warsaw.
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The Pianist: A Cinematic Masterpiece about an Inspirational Man
The Pianist is about the Polish Jewish musician Wlad Spielzman, who struggles to survive the destruction of the Warsaw ghetto in World War II. The Nazis began by stripping the most basic rights of Jews, and became more malicious as the movie progressed. The Jews were later put into the Warsaw ghetto, where powerful scenes depict Jews lying dead in the streets and stronger people stealing food from weaker people just to survive. The Nazis took away the Jews' humanity, and the Warsaw ghetto followed the law of the jungle, where only the strongest survive.

From the Nazi revolution, Wlad Spielzman's reputation as local hero was swiftly reduced to a prisoner of war. He only survived from the kindness of his friends and his strangers. He doesn't have the heroic characteristics of seeking revenge against the Nazis for possibly murdering his family. Rather, he's a simple civilian who merely struggles to survive in the difficult Holocaust.

He relies on the music playing in his mind and channelling into his fingers to keep his sanity everyday he spent in hiding. His musical gift saved his life at the end of the movie, where the Nazi soldier spared his life because of the beautiful piano music he played.

The plot line in The Pianist is riveting, and Wlad Spielzman's story is truly inspiring. The Pianist is definitely a cinematic masterpiece, and is more than worthy of a 10/10 rating.
I'm physically upset
I knew Roman Polanski's talent but was not prepared to this descent to Hell, described in painstaking detail. I'm physically upset after watching this film. The sense of disgust is real. How awful. How awful.

I could not help identifying myself with the Jewish Poles in Varsovia. I couldn't help thinking that the paralytic old man thrown down the window could be my grandfather. Couldn't help thinking that the kid savagely pulled through the wall could be my brother. Couldn't help thinking that the girl asking the SS-guard the wrong question and being killed just for that, could be myself.

The film describes beastly destruction of any dignity, and yet the struggle for surviving despite everything, even if rationally you realise that, perhaps, it would be even better to end it all at once. It describes the dishonesty of people profiting of this situation to make business out of your misery. It describes your need of believing the words of men NOT of their word, if they promise you life. And affection and courage surviving despite all this.

This film could make a good pair with "der Untergang" with Bruno Ganz, which is also such a masterpiece that you may risk feeling sympathetic with the Nazi. Have you had this temptation? Watch "The Pianist".
How courage and hope prevails in the face of adversity
Unfortunately, my review contains a spoiler. The Pianist took place when people were being killed because of their nationality, and it tells the story of how Germany carried out the hatred felt toward the Jews almost like Hiltler did in The Holocaust. It is amazing to think of how Roman Polanski must have felt as he produced this film due to the fact that he actually experienced some of the same horrors that are seen in this film. While viewing The Pianist, I got to feel the emotional pain and turmoil that Wladyslaw Szpilman played by Adrien Brody felt as he experienced the worst time of his life. The look of total despair, anguish and pain that grips the face of Wladyslaw throughout the movie makes it hard not to have empathy for his character. The film depicts the life of a man who has a passion for playing the piano watches his life unravel before him. Even though Wladyslaw was faced with various obstacles and life changing experiences he never lost his love for playing the piano. As Wladyslaw faces life's uncertainties, he can never forget his days of playing the piano. It is only through courage, endurance and tenacity that Wladyslaw Szpilman is able to become victorious against all odds. The heroic gestures of people willing to risk their own lives in hopes of saving someone else are the backbone of this gruesome film that takes place in Poland during a period when wars were on the rise. Some of the same social injustices that were prevalent back in the early 1900's still take place in various cultures around the world today which makes The Pianist such a magnificent film. People can relate to the different aspects of the film because of the humanness it portrays. The angle in which Adrien Brody's face was shot as he faced the worst years of his life when everyone and everything around him was becoming a figment of his imagination allowed me to sympathize and connect with the desolation and anguish he must have felt in the later part of his life. The lighting used to display Wladyslaw's fingers as he played his beloved piano allowed me to focus on how passionately he felt about what he does as he delicately strokes each key of the piano with such grace and poise. The piano that Wladyslaw loved so much helped his life gain new meaning as he triumphed over the agony and despair he endured in his life with great courage.
Good film!
This is the kind of magnificent filmmaking that shows a director not only being as true to the story given to him (that of Painist Szpilman, based on his autobiography) but to his past as well- Roman Polanksi faced similar conditions as a boy in the early 40's, and has found the best line to show, never crossed or mis-stepped, in representing the characters and the period. There aren't any hints of tightened suspense, no clues as to where the film could veer to, it just is. The big difference to be seen between a film like this and Schindler's List is not just in the people and situations (Schindler's List was a film about two people, Schindler and Goeth, in the foreground while the Pianist is a total first person tale), yet also in the filmmaking qualities being here surely European. And while the accents on the Polish-Jewish actors sounds a bit too British, that is quite forgivable considering the scope of the project (thank heavens he didn't put in English speaking Germans).
Greatest movie I've ever seen!
This is the best movie that I've ever watched. I definitely recommend you watching this. Adrian Brody, perfect acting. The directors made such a great job, you can enjoy it until the last scene and.... love it until the end. I don't think there will be a better movie coming out.. Go watch this amazing piece of art, you will be satisfied and very happy.
A Graduate Course In Human Cruelty
Spoilers Ahead:

This film equals or surpasses Schindler's List. It is on the micro or individual level versus the macro or group level of Schindler's. Brody gives such a powerful, quiet, understated performance and Polanski shows why if he applied his considerable gift towards less supernatural films we would all be quite richer. Polanski's signature in this movie is showing little snippets of individual cruelty; he let's us project outwards the large sum of all these acts of evil. Slapping the father for walking on the sidewalk, making the Jews dance with each other, and my favorite taking the grandfather, in the wheelchair, lifting him over the balcony and dropping him several stories. I prefer this movie to Schindler's because the cruelty in taken down to the everyday, human level. Schindler's was so large, the liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto, you get lost in the sheer numbers of the horror you are witnessing. Here, you get to look out it close up. Polanski does not paint all of his countrymen as saints, notice how one slob abandons Brody, using his name to collect money for his care, pocketing it and not caring what happens to Szpilman.

Brody really draws us in with his quiet, slight unimposing manner; we run with him as he is forced to flee from one piece of safety to another. Who will forget him making the racket and the big Nazi cow bellowing Jew! Jew! as he runs away. The horrors of working for these insects how any trip or mistake is punished with severe beatings. Book burning, corpulent, stupid, Bratwurst eating fatheads yelling and beating. I love the scene where they have to line up, the tall pig picks people out at random, makes them lay down and shoots them. Watch for the poor last guy when the swine runs out of bullets and calmly reloads while the man waits to die. What Polanski did is blend inextricably the beautiful classical music Brody plays with the images of human cruelty. Spielberg did the same with a scene in Schindler's where while they are machine gunning hiding stragglers at night, in the buildings, the machine gun reports blend with some Nazi playing Bach; the idiot listening calls it Mozart demonstrating his ethics equal his musical knowledge.

The point of the synthesis is a lesson in misanthropy. When you hear that beautiful music, remember what the humans who generated it are also capable of doing to their fellow man. We see this replicated at the end where the Nazi who catches Brody, demands the starving, shaking, emaciated man play the piano for him like a performing monkey. Some people felt sorry when his mercenary kindness to Brody doesn't bear fruit later when the Russians capture him; I was not one of those people. He got just what he deserved. The movie is so gently done, except for a few scenes of the Warshaw Uprising, there really are not big macro moments. Yet, that is its beauty; we experience is all through Brody's eyes. This harmless, tiny man who plays the piano with great beauty; this juxtaposition, the beauty with the ugliness is why Roman Polanski is such a great director. It is not a movie, it is an experience you will take with you the rest of your days. They still haven't released it on Blu Ray for some stupid reason; how they could have missed this great film for conversion to HD escapes me. A Great Film From A Brilliant Man.

"A man selling stolen goods and the other paying with counterfeit money; that is your picture of human nature." Mark Twain
One of the best pictures I have ever seen in my life. Despite the sadness in the story I have seen this piece more times that I can count, because it's so beautiful. Adrien Brody here was at his best, really making us live the story through him. It's a very quiet movie in my opinion, doesn't have many chaotic moments which I think it's fine cause the real objective is to show the war by his perspective, the guy who has to hide away in order to stay alive. Just perfect.
Touches so many emotions
I want to say the pianist, Spillman, forces commiseration and pathos throughout the whole movie. I don't think you can really finish this movie and not feel sorry for him. The last scenes with his family are so poignant, with just a few lines of dialogue, the director touched on the essence of saying good bye. His love of music, and not being able to play personally touches the audience. As music is his life and passion, not exercising that talent only drives sorrow to the extreme-degree. The look throughout all the scenes of the film express the dread of his character so clearly: the look of holding back tears and not giving up. This only adds to his dignity as someone trying to survive and bring the humanity out of others.
Lacks a bit of character development and not as powerful as I expected it to be
This is a well crafted movie that deserves some praise, but I still felt the film is a bit overrated. I guess it's cause I was expecting a phenomenal and amazing movie, but what I got was a pretty good movie. It just wasn't as powerful or compelling as I thought it would be. Adrien Brody was almost perfect for this role, his transition from being a prideful musician to a broken down man was done really well. This film just wasn't all that challenging, the plot is basically based on a true story of Władysław Szpilman(Adrien Brody). And his struggle to survive during the Holocaust. The thing is the whole thing seems a bit conventional a lot of aspect of this movie just seemed to narrow at times and straightforward which isn't necessarily a good thing and lack depth. The film also seemed to drag a bit because of the direction it kept going, it's a good movie and I agree with some of the positive feedback this film has been getting. It just isn't a powerful or amazing film I was looking forward to seeing, not one of those movies I feel I need to see again someday after it's finished. It really isn't a masterpiece like come critics claim it to be.

Excellent effects, authentic display of Nazi-violence, but lacks otherwise
(no spoilers) This movie displays very detailed the cruelty and inhumane treatment particularly of Jews in Poland during the Nazi regime. The special effects in the movie are as brilliant as you would expect them to be after having seen movies like Saving Private Ryan, for example.

However, when it comes to a logical and interesting story-line the movie really would not have suffered from improvements. I mean, displaying Nazi cruelties has been previously well shown in other WWII movies (Schindler's list for example) and alone it doesn't represent anything original and neither does it add up nicely to an interesting plot. Although it might have been very important to Polanski to stress the war crimes committed, a pure listing of horrifying events does surely not make a good movie, it rather fills you with disgust.

The pianist's love towards music, the emotions during the loss of beloved ones and during separation in addition to those horrifying scenes of cruelty and in general more plausible acting rather than a mere run-and-hide movie would have made this movie less boring (if you can describe horrifying scenes as boring).

During the first 45 minutes I wondered if I actually wanted to watch this movie at all. Later in the movie I felt better, though. In general, the movie shouldn't need to be that long.
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