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Une rencontre
Drama, Romance
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Lisa Azuelos
Storyline: A family man's encounter with a beautiful woman develops into a mutual fascination.
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Nice, Shallow and Boring
The actors are doing their job, but not more. The feelings are only on the surface and never take off. Lot's of nice looking and unconvincing footage swirls by showing very little of how these people are supposed feel. Anaemic to say the least.

The main characters themselves and their story is boring to follow. Even the music picks are devoid of real emotion, except maybe the end track. There is only one plot twist or some kind of surprise and it's not convincing. The best scenes were when the main character's relationships to their children were in focus, where I found them more believable than in their relationship with each other.

If you want a French bland feel good love story I guess this will be all right, but there is little inspiration to be found and very little if anything to reflect over. I wish I hadn't wasted my time on this one.
A true romance
So brilliant.

I am not a french romance films lover, I prefer hard and brutal crime flicks. But this film is very amazing, brilliant, smart and so awesome, in terms of acting. I don't really like Cluzet, he annoys me, but he is nevertheless a great actor, and not so Young. He started in the early eighties, so did Sophie Marceau, who is also here at her peak. She has never been so beautiful. At nearly fifty years old, she seems twenty years younger. I think she is one of the most gorgeous actress in the world. And not because she is french...

The story itself is the oldest scheme in the world: a man meets a woman. But it is so beautifully made. With a touch of sweet bitterness.

A little masterpiece for this kind of topic.
I did not like this film. Nauseatingly boring, predictable, clichés, poor acting, miscast. Yeah, Sophie Marceau is hot, but was not impressed with her performance. Francois Cluzet did not quite fit for this role, especially after seeing him in The Intouchables. Did not feel real chemistry between them. All children in this film were acting poorly. "What if" passages were rather annoying. Everything seemed so pretentious in this film. Lots of empty dialogues. Another recent french cinema disappointment was Un homme au pair (2013). I hope they do not start following Hollywood path of making real garbage, just like Un homme au pair.
Gallic Hollywood rom-com by numbers
I chose to give this film a go, for the simple reason that Sophie Marceau is a beautiful woman and I like her acting. I find Cluzet rather repugnant though, he has that same ick factor as Dustin Hoffman, always looks dirty and swarthy. Nevertheless the story begins well, with the two of them meeting, and having that immediate spark. They become accomplices in a search for scoring cigarette paper from someone, at a party full of boring upper middle class professionals, so that they can roll a joint and get high together. Unfortunately as the film evolves, they turn out to be rather boring orthodox minded professionals themselves.

Sophie's character disappoints because her children are the typical spoilt, mobile addicted, media jaded kids whose French (language) is atrocious - very aggressive sounding, in stark contrast to the beauty of well spoken French. Cluzot's character can't break away from a dull marriage and although he is supposed to be a smart lawyer does not have the guts and / or intelligence to discuss this with his wife and just break up and begin afresh with his new love.

I thought that since it's a French film, the extra-marital love tryst would be a bit more rebellious and unconventional, and not end in the same moralistic tone as do most Hollywood rom coms. What a difference from the 80s French films where society's values were turned upside down completely and alternative solutions were presented.

Another pet peeve of mine, films that are spiked with songs, to the point where every other scene is underscored by one, as an easy way of conveying a sentiment to the viewer, when a director doesn't know how to bring this about by using his actors and allowing them to use the full range of their skills without lots of noise and chaos polluting their performance.
Forbidden love
I caught myself thinking, what is the character of Sophie Marceau doing with that older guy? And then I realized that the age gap, might not be as big as it "appears" to be. Sophie Marceaus looks are that incredible that they fooled me for a second. But it's not only about looks here. It's about much more.

The acting is on great level here and everyone involved really gets behind the story. A really good one, that has the central "what if" as a main point. You live your life and suddenly something (or in this case someone) comes up and throws you out of your usual "loop". As the movie says, you cannot be at all places at any time (or something to that effect), but where do you decide to be then? That's up to you (or the characters in that case) ... a different kind of love story, with a fresh take, which is good to see
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