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USA, Canada
Fantasy, Comedy, Family
IMDB rating:
Peter DeLuise
Nicholas Lydiate as Tall Dork Dancer
Conner Cowie as Zach
Zachary Gibson as Short Dork Dancer
Chanelle Peloso as Rachel Todds
Adam DiMarco as Adam Thompson
Emilia McCarthy as Taylor Dean
Spencer Boldman as Jackson Kale
Lucia Walters as Jeannie Stevens
Christine Willes as Principal Mumford
Storyline: Sixteen-year-old Zoey Stevens, a skilled dancer and straight-A student, is having a hard time adjusting to a new high school, a new and klutzy dance squad, a new step-dad, three new rowdy step-brothers and an unruly dog, but things change when a dog training app on her smart phone begins to somehow control all the boys around her.
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Everything Is So Typical
I watched this film out of curiosity just to see what it was like and it was the worst film ever, it was rather offensive to me. A magical phone app that controls boys in the hands of a teenage girl who apparently refused to accept boys for who they are, even if they have flaws. They tried to make it seem like all girls were perfect and boys were the cause of all problems but it showed that girls are not all that perfect as they claim to be and that they blame boys for their personal problems that boys are not the cause of. The mean girl in the film, she actually annoys me, she's proves that when she has the phone with the magical app that she's a criminal, well, she only acts like one and her friend, although not as mean as her but even the mean girl is mean to her.

But this whole film is demeaning to all boys, I'm a boy and I found this to be the idea of a woman, even though it was a man who directed it. This whole film seems to be screaming the term "Man-Haters" all over it. Zendaya as usual had to dance, the acting in this was horrible, the plot and story was nothing but garbage and insulting to boys. The whole time I watched it, I couldn't be more offended and I felt like hated every minute of it and everything about it. I find it demeaning and insulting to boys, I actually couldn't stop talking back to the film and the characters in it. I'm surprised this film didn't bomb. Although the thing about this film that satisfied me was that the girls in this finally learned that all boys are innocent and the girls were guilty of every evil thing through the whole plot and story. This film should never seen the light of day the minute they thought of it. I never hated any film in my whole life and this film is hateful to all boys and I think this film deserves to be hated for being the worst film ever and demeaning to boys. This film is nothing but an attack on boys and it screams "Man-Haters" all over.
The most gynocentric movie I've seen.
Objectification and misogyny are some of the buzz words that feminists use to describe men's attitude towards women. Feminists complain about objectification all the time, but at least women are venerated by men when they are done so; they become a valued ornament thus, in reality, there is no misogyny. The "objectified" males in this movie are compared to dogs; they are stupid, hyper, and slobs. Therefore the hatred towards men is very clear and, in this case, misandry and objectification are highly intertwined. As a man, I cannot help but to feel that this is the worldview through a women's eye when I watch this movie; a gynocentric lens of the world through a woman's passive aggressive hatred of men. And when they describe misogyny, it's actually a Freudian slip of their own opinion of the opposite gender.

The first quarter of this movie describes how the main character is hampered by careless, stupid guys, and socially defamed by other girls who somehow, and unrealistically, have social notoriety over her. The girl is concerned with superficial events and looks and... it's basically a teen movie for girls. But where this movie goes too far is how men are portrayed. It's no surprising that this a TV movie, since most males dropped television in favor for the internet and video games almost two decades ago, and the only people left watching television are women and girls. The rating demographics speak for itself. Anyone rating this more than a 5 is a radical feminist, or one in the making. The only thing good about this movie is the production value is fairly high for a TV movie and the people are attractive.
Do you like Zendaya?

That's all you need to know. Zendaya is in this movie. If you like Zendaya, then you'll like the movie. If you don't like Zendaya, then... wait. Everyone likes Zendaya.

This has every essential ingredient of a teen movie: the new girl in school, the loner guy who seems aloof and doesn't care about high school hallway politics and popularity contests, the mean girl who for no reason at all takes a strong disliking to the new girl, the odd friend, the challenge, the moral lesson... It's all there. You could watch any teen movie from the 80s, and it's not much different except for the smart phone.

There is dancing in this movie, and it's pretty good. Z's character tries out for the school dance team, and the mean girl tries to prevent Z from making the team, but she hooks up with the JV dance team and competes against the elites.

At the end of the day, there's not a whole lot about this movie to make you want to give up an hour and a half of your life except Zendaya.
A tad cliché.
Wow. Really, Disney channel had to do this? When I saw the commercial for zapped i was pretty excited to see the movie, full of dancing and girls ruling the school ;). But that's the opposite of zapped. Summary--- Zoey's mom is marrying a man who was three sons and a huge dog and poor zoey is stuck in the middle. But when she finally moves in, the boys are nasty and drive Zoey crazy. Once she gets to school, she gets up close with the annoying, immature farting boys (Cliché ALERT) Then, she meets a nerd,of course..(Cliché ALERT) who helps her avoid the boys. She accidentally ends up in the wrong place and the teacher asks the cute guy to helps her find the class. Oy Vey. Then, it's heard from the lead popular girl that thats her ex- boyfriend. Must I go on?
This movie was TERRIBLE!
I wasn't expecting much from this since the trailer and commercials didn't look very good but I sure wasn't expecting something THIS bad. The whole movie is wrapped around in a cheesy feminism bubble with it's "OMG I WILL MAKE BOYS ACT LIKE GENTLEMEN BECAUSE THEY SIMPLY ANNOY ME." plot and that's not even the worst part. The acting is simply atrocious from everyone. Chanelle Peloso who plays Rachel is one of the most annoying characters put in a DCOM and her voice is almost ear-piercing.

Spencer Boldman plays the cheesy type-cast "good looking guy" who's only job is to make 12 year old girls and boys get excited when he's on screen. He has the expression and depth of a wooden slate. Zendaya is not a good actress and Disney needs to stop trying to make her into something. Overall, this movie was stupid, unfunny, atrocious, and just all around poor in every regard - acting, script, jokes, and plot.

Zendaya and Spencer Boldman have absolutely no chemistry. We got the bitchy mean girl of the school and her airhead sidekick who obeys her. The way they stereotype boys save for the love interest is atrocious. Of course they have to have Zendaya dance. Acting, script, and the jokes suck. ONE OF THE WORST DCOM's EVER. Did not deserve the 5.7 million viewers it got.
I think it is good movie for teen girls and Disney channel fans.
This was my first movie of Zendaya, actually she is quite good. It is a fantasy movie about a girl whose mother get married to a man with a three boys and her problems begin when she tries to co-operate with new family. Especially being around with the men and her problem continues in her school. I enjoyed the movie. Some of the comedies were awesome. The movie was short an sweet.
most sexist movie ever
this movie is so sexist it call boys dogs and stupid and it say boys ruined everything this is a the worst movie ever and I'm so surprise that Disney make this as a male is so offend of this movie this a bad movie this movie is a flop i hate this movie this movie should be ban forever they shouldn't be so sexist this is a low for Disney . i think no one should watch it this is such a bad movie and the acting is bad zendaya was good but everyone else was bad and the plot was bad an app that control boys but not girls also really Disney that even more sexist the app should had control everyone this movie was thee most sexist movie ever i hate this movie you should not watch this movie ever
Honestly, this was like the weirdest thing ever..
It was so bad it was weird. Whoever wrote this movie had a really bad story plot. It was just really awful along with the acting - definitely don't waste your time and i only watched like a few minutes and it wasn't so great. Shaking barking and sitting like a dog um it was just awkward. i do not even know why they created this movie. I mean i don't hate on Zendaya or Boldman but this movie does not do much for them. It was bad writing in general - the plot was pretty dumb. Lets face it if you watch this movie you'll likely get the same reaction. My sister who just graduated high school and with a brother starting junior year also thought it was weird so if your age is around that range it is not worth seeing. Its just a joke like the Teen Beach Movie.
I Like The Series, and a Bit of an Episode Idea I have maybe someone will contact me asking for the rest, its written, I am just not posting it all here.
It is an OK Strange Weird Series, but I do think there are 4 episodes available Right Now, I hope that if there is a season 2 they do better if the makers do a Season 2, But it does have its own strange Audience – or – Oddience, so go for making a Season 2 since hitting an Over Populated Oddience is really Rare, these days, they have gotten really good at Planning What Movie's & Series Will Do Best & At Catching the Broadest Spectrum of Viewers, and they plan it down to the tiniest bit of What Action Figures to Release and When To Release any part of any of a shows story line or anything, Its nice to see a series that was made to Look Like The Producers Are Saying WTF lets make something so strangely Ignorant it just has to either Fail Miserably or Become Shockingly Popular Simply Due to the Completely Off the Wall Lack of Any Direction Other Than Mess With The Silly Human From Earp, yea I meant Earth but Hey Earp Seems To More Closely Resemble What The F**k is Happening in The Real World These Days, So Why Not have a Series Where I am Beginning to Expect an Episode of This to have Several People Running Around Exclaiming Amuck, .Amuck, Amuck, and the Earthling asking the Bar Tender What are they doing, with his Reply What You've Never Seen People Running Amuck Before, I have Written Lots More of this Idea, But I will Stop Here Reality Is Calling Me, Like the Show Though
How could anyone have thought this could turn out well?
Where do I begin? I have no idea where to start with this. Perhaps, I should look at the biggest problem with this movie.

It's sexist. Very sexist. It makes boys look really nerdy or really gross or another over-the-top cliché and makes the girls look perfect or at least better than the boys.

The acting is bad, especially Zendaya. Zendaya is so untalented. She's not a good singer or actor, so why is she known for those things? The actors don't even seem like they're trying to put any effort in.

The premise is dumb. She downloads an app that is supposed to help control dogs, but she does something and the phone then goes through a weird series of events that make the phone.... control boys? That's... random. It's not like the process it went through had anything to do with boys. It doesn't make a lot of sense.

Basically, it's a sexist film with a dumb premise and terrible actors. I don't understand how anyone would think that was a good idea.
Download Fantasy, Comedy, Family Zapped movie USA, Canada with english subtitles DVD-rip mpeg4 avi & mp4, download Zapped (2014) 1080p h264 mkv, iPhone xvid mov & mpeg4 mp4, Aleks Paunovic, Nicholas Lydiate, Conner Cowie, Louriza Tronco, William Ainscough, Zachary Gibson, Chanelle Peloso, Jedidiah Goodacre, Adam DiMarco, Emilia McCarthy, Samuel Patrick Chu, Spencer Boldman, Lucia Walters, Christine Willes, Zendaya.