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Zombie Resurrection
IMDB rating:
Jake Hawkins, Andy Phelps
Joe Rainbow as Gibson
Jamie Frampton as Soldier
Andy Bazire as Jeep driver
Rupert Phelps as Messiah
Jade Colucci as Harden
Danny Brown as Beaumont
Simon Burbage as Gandhi
Kate Korbel as Hostage
Eric Colvin as Sykes
Storyline: Fifteen months after the zombie apocalypse, and a group of survivors are forced to take refuge in an abandoned school, where they discover a mysterious zombie with the power to bring the undead back to life.
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A thousand souls destined for damnation
A diverse group of travelers during the zombie apocalypse come across a school and decide to bed down. Their leader is missing a foot and is cared for by a criminal in an orange jump suit. We discover the reason for the group's diversity was that they were at a compound and opted to leave the "retards" behind. While at the school, they discover the zombies are turning back to cured people...only to be killed and eaten again. This anomaly provides curiosity that needs further investigation and the reason for the outbreak is also revealed.

The first part of the film is light and humorous. This is replaced by dark humor with religious overtones, although I would argue the characters provided that overtone themselves based on their beliefs and it was not the intended theme of the film. I liked the first half better than the last half.

Guide: F-word. Brief sex. No nudity.
A swing, a groan and a miss...
I purchased this movie from Amazon, where it had a three out of five star rating, so I thought that I would be in for some adequate entertainment. However, I had not noticed the bottom-scraping rating that the movie had managed to score here on IMDb. And I did check IMDb just prior to sitting down to watch the movie. Which shattered my hopes of watching anything worthwhile.

I managed to get 45 minutes into "Zombie Resurrection" before I had to give up out of sheer and utter boredom. This movie had nothing of a storyline that could take hold and instill any kind of interest. As such, then my focus was fast dwindling.

There were some nice enough zombie make-up and effects to be seen here and there. But it was all drowned out in an overwhelming flood of poorly written storyline, scripted execution and less than mediocre acting performances.

There was a single performance in "Zombie Resurrection" which stood out from the other, and that was the performance of Jim Sweeney (playing Mac).

Anything even remotely zombie and I am there. But many a times do I end up with a disappointment, as many of the zombie movies are stinkers; pardon the pun.

As such, then I have no intention of returning to finish "Zombie Resurrection", because it just lacked conviction and entertainment value.
Original Horror Film Envisions Something Truly Frightening: A Zombie Apocalypse
Highly original motion picture with quite a fresh take on the threat that zombies represent to humanity. The director and screen writer have created a world where a massive zombie apocalypse has occurred and brought mankind to its very knees. The horror is intense as a group of survivors, fighting for their lives and seeking safety, find shelter weeks or months after the catastrophic rising of the dead first took place. The imagery is some of the most haunting ever put on film and the suspense in almost unendurable. The unrelenting tension and constant threat of attack by the flesh eating deceased is overwhelming and the thrills come fast and furiously. A tremendous cast give superb performances, truly capturing the unholy fear and incredibly courage of this valiant group as they face the stunning savagery of countless evil mobs. No one who sees this film will soon forget the unmitigated horror and inspiring valor that is Zombie Resurrection.
Group of survivors are lost in a zombie movie that has lost it's way
The movie opens with a scene--which is unrelated to the actual movie--of a spec ops soldier moving through the forest. The shot is presented through impressive variations of first person and third person perspectives. The commando sneaks up on an enemy camp. He dispatches three enemy soldiers and begins to collect intelligence when he, surprisingly, discovers a woman held captive. While trying to cut her free, he accidentally slices his own hand, causing a change within himself; a few moments later, 28 Days Later-ish, he has morphed into a zombie and attacks the woman.

The above scene is immediately followed by an animated title sequence which was actually really well done and worth watching a few times. But, it feels like it should be used as the opening credits for a syndicated Zombie television series.

Up to this point, five minutes in, the movie is looking to be a promising zombie flick. Unfortunately, it appears that the scene, described above, must have been a bait and switch. I certainly feel like I was duped. One can only imagine that they used the half decent opener to present to potential investors in an attempt to generate financial support for a full length movie... because what comes next is a catastrophe of a film.

Four hundred and fifty some days after a zombie apocalypse, a group of survivors are being escorted by a pair of "military" personnel through the country, toward one of the last havens of humanity. Some place called "Imperium" or something. I loosely use the word "military" because these two jackholes are merely caricatures of their roles. They remind me of the soldiers, in charge, in the underground bunker in Romero's Day of the Dead.

Along with the soldiers, there's an overly protective Father with his 20-something, naive, daughter. There's a horny young man, trying to get into the daughter's pants, a Christian zealot, pygmy, pregnant, raped, black woman, and a young attractive foul-mouthed brunette who, for inexplicable reasons, is letting the middle aged father plow her, whenever and wherever they get the chance.

Also, there's a prisoner, orange jumpsuit and all, who I mustn't forget, because he is the protagonist of the story. Apparently, he is one of the scientists responsible for the zombie plague. The apocalypse was caused by a vaccination, went wrong, that they had developed in the lab.

So... they're bringing this guy, in chains, across a zombie ridden land, back to Imperium... so they can execute him. I know, this sounds pretty dumb: probably because it is. The only person who knows how to get there is Major Gibson, who couldn't lead a platoon of men out of a wet paper bag.

I'll note, here, that up to this point I seriously thought that the movie was trying to be a comedy, like Zombieland or Shaun of the Dead. The character's antics were highlighted by the plucky strumming of stringed instruments, like something straight out of a Looney Tunes cartoon. Major Gibson, while hunting a rabbit, does a perfect Elmer Fudd impersonation: "Shhhhhh.... I'm hunting a wabbit!"

The Father and the slut are banging in the woods. He's railing her from behind, when the two are interrupted, and he loses his erection, to her disgust. I nearly blew cola out of my nose. Someone decided that it would be cool to add a sound effect of his "pull out". Which ended up being a wet, sloppy sucking noise, pretty much the same as you'd expect to hear in a scene with zombies digging through the intestinal tract of a recent kill.

Not-at-all related to the abundance of dumb-f**kery, of pretty much every person in the group, an unfortunate incident, with the Major, involving a bear trap, a zombie, and a machete, causes them to decide to seek shelter in a nearby abandoned school.

From here forward, the movie takes a decided turn toward actual horror. The party gets attacked, by a lone zombie, after they've barricaded themselves up in the school chapel. They decide that the "freshness" of the monster could mean that there are other survivors nearby, or at the very least, other zombies. As such, they go out to explore the school and find themselves facing an auditorium filled with the creatures. But something obviously queer is going on: one of the zombies has the power to bring the undead back to life. Of course, they decide to abduct this 'messiah' zombie, who could potentially be the cure for the plague.

Now the film becomes muddled again with only about fifteen to twenty minutes to go, there's no clear path as to what they ought to do. The Major, who is the only one who knows the way to civilization, recently turned zombie from his injury, could be made un-undead. But that path, in the story, is quickly tabled when the daughter, for no explainable reason, blows the Major's head off at the moment he has just been resurrected.

So... they (the writers) decided to just end it all in a typical downward spiral of chaos that ultimately has the film coming to conclusion with everyone dead, except for the scientist, who has pretty much given up, and appears poised to throw himself into a herd of zombies, cause he would rather be dead than "living amongst the dead."
Better than expected
When I first started the movie, the scenes started with a bit of shooter perspective games so I thought I was in for that type of movie (which I'm not real keen on). It quickly moved along to the opening credits along with cheesy animated still cartoons. If it didn't get any better the movie would be scrapped fairly soon. The movie starts with the main characters - and from the get go there's some laughs. There's really not much of a story other than a group of survivors trying to get to a destination, while dragging a prisoner (who happens to be the doctor responsible for the catastrophe). Along the way they shoot, bludgeon and stab zombies until they get to an ex-refuge that happens to contain said Messiah zombie who can bring Zombies back to life. While not the best zombie flick I've seen, it was watchable up to about 60 min, then really lost the plot. Most likely because the Scottish Sargent providing the humor exits himself. The acting isn't great, but that's half the humor for me. It's got some nice slice and dice, pretty decent zombie makeup and quite a bit of humor. Although I liked it, this ones a renter as you'd only watch it once. If you liked Cockney's Vs Zombies you'd like this.
Interesting zombie take.
I expected this to be a very low budget production, with nothing to show but a weak poster and the most typical of horror movies subject today: zombies!

Strangely enough, this isn't a horror but a black comedy, at least for better than half you do giggle a lot as the script is funny to be honest. Did not expect that, came in as a nice surprise. And as the movie progresses you do get to see a little zombie action too, not too gory, not too deadly, overall, the usual I guess. So I won't go bashing this one, as I initially expected but am gonna rate it as a nice surprise, nothing to recommend but I for one am glad I got to put my eyes on it. I've seen worse, a lot worse, thus, I can only appreciate it to its normal value.

You do have to consider the budget firstly, the genre, the location and at the end of the analysis I think "Zombie Resurrection" is just an OK movie!

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